Resolutions 1997

Download the 1997 Resolutions (PDF).

Listing of Resolutions

  • 97-01 A Resolution supporting the sitting in Pahrump of community college of southern Nevada's new rural education center
  • 97-01 Armargosa Town Advisory Board Resolution supporting the sitting in Pahrump of Community College of Southern Nevada's new rural computer education center
  • 97-02 Enacting a business license ordinance
  • 97-03 Budget for the business license fund for 1997 to 1998
  • 97-04 Resolution to Governor Miller on how the Town Board wishes to fill a Town Board vacancy
  • 97-05 Resolution to increase the extent and quality of citizen participation in governance
  • 97-06 Pahrump cemetery, which is managed by the Town of Pahrump, is located in the aboriginal lands of the Southern Paiutes
  • 97-07 Petition to senator harry reed for BLM parcels for town growth
  • 97-08 The Pahrump Town Board approved the following budgets for the cemetery fund and the cemetery perpetual care fund of the town at a meeting on august 12, 1997
  • 97-09 Resolution of appreciation to the city of West Wendover, State of Nevada, for their gracious hospitality during the Nevada league of cities 38th annual conference, held August 14 through16, 1997
  • 97-10 Resolution to augment the 1997-98 budget of Pahrump Town
  • 97-11 Planning and development of the Town of Pahrump cemetery