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April 8, 9, 10, 2009 - Special Budget Hearing

WEDNESDAY – April 8, 2009
THURSDAY – April 9, 2009
FRIDAY – April 10, 2009
6:00 P.M



There is no agenda posted for this meeting.



BOARD PRESENT:                       
Nicole Shupp                   
Bill Dolan                                        
Vicky Parker                                    
Mike Darby                                        
Bill Kohbarger
Chief Scott Lewis
Michael Sullivan
Matt Luis
Carla Yoder

Frank Maurizio           
1.    Call to order
Chairman Nicole Shupp called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.

2.    Discussion, and possible decision regarding fiscal year 2009-2010 preliminary Town of Pahrump and Pahrump Swimming Pool District budget.   (Action)
Bill Kohbarger asked for permission to sign a contract for the July 3rd, 2009 fireworks with Zambelli for $25,000.  The Board asked that this item be placed on the next Town Board agenda.  

Michael Sullivan explained the information package provided.  Mr. Sullivan explained the four categories to be discussed that go to the State; total wages, total benefits, total materials and supplies, and total capital outlay.  This is a preliminary draft.  Michael Sullivan explained how the Consolidated Taxes are collected and distributed.  

A Resolution has been prepared and will be on the agenda for the next Town Board meeting on April 14 for approval.  

A Summary page was provided showing beginning fund balances, revenues, and expenditures.  The final column of the summary shows the ending fund balances.

Chief Lewis reviewed his budget for Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service (PVFRS) on page 11 of the budget worksheets.  He also reviewed the budget for the Ambulance Enterprise Fund (page 16).  Radios, apparatus, legal fees, medical exams, wages, billing collections and software, and brothel fees were discussed.  

Matt Luis reviewed the budget for Building and Grounds department (page 9).  Michael Sullivan noted a change that was scheduled for Blosser Park that would now be going to
Special Town Board Meeting
Tentative Budget
April 8, 2009

the Kellogg Park improvements.  There were discussions regarding why there is a line item for social security.  There was discussion concerning repairs and maintenance of current buildings, shade covers over play equipment at parks, and sidewalks at Petrack Park.  Water rights for Kellogg Park were talked about.

Michael Sullivan reviewed the General Fund – Administration (beginning on page 6).  There was discussion about new software, memberships and dues, professional services, website services, and PERS.

Page 13 in the General Fund Arena is for operating supplies, and has no salaries and wages.   Maintenance is done by Matt Luis’ team.

General Fund Television (page 14) was explained by Mr. Sullivan.  

Transfers made (page 15) to other funds from the General Fund were explained by Mr. Sullivan.  

Mr. Sullivan explained the summary of Special Revenue Funds (page 21) which include Business Licenses, Swimming Pool, Tourism, State, Parks, Economic Development, Arena, Fairgrounds, Cemetery, Cemetery Perpetual, Road Tax, Airport Grant, Fall Festival, and Fire and Parks Impact Fees.

Michael Sullivan explained that the Road Tax Fund is a tax collected from Fuel Tax and is returned to the County under an inter-governmental agreement for road maintenance.

Business License Fund was reviewed, and revenues were discussed.

Cemetery Fund (page 44) was reviewed and the transferring of funds to this fund was explained, as well as the Cemetery Perpetual Fund (page 46).

Room Tax Funds; Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Arena, Tourism, State, and Fairgrounds were explained and discussed.  

The Swimming Pool Fund (page 24) was explained and the swimming pool deck was discussed, as well as programs planned, staffing, and pool fees.  

Fairgrounds Room Tax (page 40) was discussed and it was noted that there are grants pending from the County from PETT money, and three congressional earmark grants that are being held due to the Tortoise Plan.  Water rights acquisitions were explained, as well as infrastructure for the fairgrounds.  Profits from this fund (3%) were to be divided with half to the Fairgrounds and half to Parks.  Funds are accumulating in this fund.  Projections are dated at this point.
Special Town Board Meeting
Tentative Budget
April 8, 2009

Airport Fund (page 49) was explained briefly and Charlie Gronda noted that the Environmental Assessment Plan is being done.  Information will be presented to the Board in the near future.  

Fall Festival Fund (page 50) is a fund which shows the activity of the funding.

Impact Fee Funds (page 55) include the Fire Impact Fee, and Parks Impact Fee.  Mr. Sullivan noted that there is nothing coming in at this time.  There was discussion on what Impact Fees can be used for.  

The summary of Capital Project Funds which include the General Fund, Special Ad Valorem, Arena, TV, and Vehicle Fire were reviewed.  It was explained that proposed projects are for internal use and not sent to the State.  Projects will be brought to the Board before they begin for approval of Capital Projects.

Mr. Sullivan concluded noting that any questions the Board may have can be emailed to him.  

The Board agreed there would be no meetings on Thursday or Friday as posted as business was concluded at this meeting.

3.    Public comment.
Vicky Parker announced there would be a memorial service for Bob Swadell on April 26th.

4.    Adjournment.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicky Parker, Clerk
Pahrump Town Board





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