Agendas & Minutes

December 14, 2004

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
DECEMBER 14, 2004



1.    Call to order.

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion regarding agenda items.

3.    Presentation of the fiscal year 2003/04 audit and discussion, action and decision regarding acceptance of the annual audit report.   Dan McArthur

4.    Announcements.

5.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

6.    “Good News” regarding people, events, awards, celebrations or occasions that reflects positively for those within the community.

7.    Discussion, action and decision regarding request for grant from the Pahrump Arts Council.  Loretta Lindell

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding accepting State Taxation Department Ladder Truck Financing Approval.  Town Manager

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding authorizing financing bids for aerial platform fire apparatus.  Town Manager

10.    Discussion, action and decision regarding sole source purchase of a used aerial platform fire apparatus from Advantage Apparatus, LLC. – Resolution #2004-14.  Town Manager

11.    Discussion, action and decision regarding confirmation of $15,000 loan payment to USDA – Resolution #2004-17.  Town Manager

12.    Discussion, action and decision regarding delivery of Odyssey Rapid Response vehicles.  Paul Willis

13.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Resolution to prohibit truck traffic in Calvada Unit #1 – Resolution #2004-19.  Town Manager

14.    Discussion, action and decision regarding possible adoption of a paper recycling program for the Town of Pahrump.  Jeanna Howard

15.    Discussion, action and decision regarding authorization for water rights bids.  Town Manager

16.    Third and final reading of an amendment to Pahrump Town Ordinance #45 authorizing the Fire Chief to write burn violation citations and Discussion, action and decision of same amendment.  Town Manager

17.    Town Manager’s Report

18.    Advisory Board Reports

19.    Discussion, action and decision regarding resignations of PVFRS Task Force members, Scott Culshaw, Paul Willis, Allan Parker and Bill Pyzyna.  Town Board

20.    Discussion, action and decision regarding request from Fairgrounds Advisory Board to Nye County to purchase water rights for the Nye County/Pahrump Fairgrounds.  Lou Holveck

21.    Discussion, action and decision regarding referral of PVFRS Task Force presentation and recommendations to Nye County Commissioners.  Paul Willis

22.    Discussion, action and decision regarding reimbursement up to $800 for Alice Eychaner and Kari Frilot for expenses incurred to attend the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, December 6 – 8, 2004 from Tourism Room Tax Funds.  Karen Spalding

23.    Discussion, action and decision regarding going to bid for pool roof replacement.  Building and Grounds

24.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Town Board Policy update.  Town Attorney

25.    Discussion, action and decision regarding authorization to advertise Business License Enforcement position.  Town Manager

26.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Community Center Reservation Policy – Resolution #2004-20.  Town Manager

27.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Christmas Party funding.  Paula Glidden

28.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Building and Grounds job descriptions.  Town Manager

29.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Building and Grounds merit increases.  Town Manager

30.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Assistant Town Manager merit increase.  Town Manager

31.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – payment of Town Vouchers
B.    Action – Approval of Town Board meeting minutes of November 9, 2004.
C.    Action – Approval of Special Town Board meeting minutes of November 17, 2004
D.    Action – Ambulance billing write offs.

32.    Discussion, action and decision regarding closed session to discuss the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental health of a Town  employee.

33.    Closed meeting pursuant to NRS 241.030, NRS 241.033 and NRS 288.220(4).

34.    Discussion, action and decision regarding matters discussed in closed session.

35.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request



PRESENT:                        ABSENT:
Paula Glidden                        Richard Billman
Ed Bishop
Jeanna Howard
Paul Willis
Cristina Hinds, Attorney


Chairman Paula Glidden called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  Ms. Glidden welcomed all those in attendance.  


Paula Glidden recommended removing the following items:
Item #7 – Discussion, action and decision regarding request for grant from the Pahrump Arts
Item #20 – Discussion, action and decision regarding request from Fairgrounds Advisory Board to Nye County to purchase water rights for the Nye County/Pahrump Fairgrounds
Item #29 – Discussion, action and decision regarding Building and Grounds merit increases
Item #30 – Discussion, action and decision regarding Assistant Town Manager merit increase

Paul Willis asked that Item #19 (Discussion, action and decision regarding resignations of PVFRS Task Force members, Scott Culshaw, Paul Willis, Allan Parker and Bill Pyzyna) be tabled as he would like to contact those members as it relates to another agenda item.

There were no other requests and no objections to those listed.


Dan McArthur began his presentation referencing page #7 of the Financial Statement pointing out that this is the Independent Auditor’s Report on the finances for the Town for year ending June 20, 2004.  Mr. McArthur noted that they have issued an opinion that would be deemed a
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

“clean audit opinion.”  The fourth paragraph reports the implementation of a new financial reporting model.  The Town has put into place a new way of reporting referred to as the GASB 34.  It is a new way to present the financial statements.

Mr. McArthur continued by noting that on pages 9 – 16 of the report are new items which were not included in previous years.  This is part of the new requirement and new format.  These pages are to be a summary of all the other pages of the report.  

Dan McArthur referring to pages #17 and #18 stated that this is a new financial statement based on the new financial reporting model.  This is the information of a governmental entity and transform it to make it appear as a for profit business.  Mr. McArthur pointed that the total net assets for fiscal year ending June 2004 is $9,366,020 which includes land, buildings and hard assets of the Town but those numbers are at estimated cost based on the year the items were either donated or purchased.  This is the historical cost not the market value.  

Mr. McArthur explained that on page #19 is a statement based on the format used for budgeting purposes.  There is an indication of five major funds which are deemed significant to the Town where the bulk of all activity or assets reside.  Another fund, Other Governmental Funds, refers to 14 smaller funds that the Town uses to account for assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.  Dan McArthur explained the Fund Balance.  

Dan McArthur noted that pages 53 and 54 shows the comparison of the activity inside the General Fund for 2003/04.  

Mr. McArthur referred to pages 66 and 67 consisting of the Ambulance Enterprise Fund.  Dan McArthur noted that he is aware of changes that have been made since the end of the year which will change some of the numbers as the Town moves into the future.  Page 66 shows the activity for the ambulance for 2003/04.  Page 67 shows the cash flows the net decreases in cash.  

Continuing the report on page 107, Dan McArthur explained the Auditor’s Report on Compliance as it relates to statutes.  Based on the testing he found no material instances of non- compliance.  Mr. McArthur noted that budget compliance was appropriate and that fixed assets compliance was appropriate.  In other areas tested there were no areas found to be deemed to be noted in the financial statement.  

Dan McArthur explained the letter of Management Compliance.  Mr. McArthur noted that the intent of these comments are not to find fault but a suggestion of things for operations to run smoother or may financially benefit the Town.  Dan McArthur stated that the State requires that after 30 days that the Town respond to the suggestions noted in the Management Compliance letter.  

Mr. McArthur stated that there is a mechanism within the statutes to allow the Town to open a fund called a Stabilization Fund where money can be set aside, also referred to as a rainy day
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

fund.  This is where money can be earmarked so if something negative would happen in the future there is a place to go to and pull money out.  There are limitations such only being allowed to place up to 10% of the expenditures of the General Fund in this fund.  Access can be gotten if a natural disaster occurs or if budgeted revenues come in lower than anticipated.  The purpose is to allow governments to stabilize there operations.  This should be considered during the upcoming budget process.  Dan McArthur explained the rest of the comments within the letter as it concerns Ambulance Cash Flow, Fixed Assets, Accounting Software, and Ambulance Capital Budget.  Mr. McArthur continued his comments regarding internal controls with regard to the Ambulance Run Reconciliation, Business Licenses, and the Petty Cash Account.  Dan McArthur also commented on Segregation of Accounting Duties, and Ambulance Billing Software.

Mr. McArthur concluded that he has discussed these issues with Town management and appear to be amiable to most items discussed.  

Dan McArthur summarized that the Town was issued a clean audit opinion and the Town is making forward and positive progress.  Mr. McArthur commented that the new GASB34 financial model is good thing for the Town.  There are no compliance issues to be dealt with.

Ed Bishop Motioned to accept the Annual Audit Report.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Ed Bishop announced the following:

    Pahrump Regional Planning Commission will meet at 6:00 p.m. on December 15
    in the Community Center Hall;
    The Fairgrounds Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on December 15 at 7:00 p.m.
    in Room A;
Tri-Core will be holding a public hearing on December 16 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
    concerning Impact Fees at the Community Center;
Fall Festival Rodeo Committee will meet on December 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Shop;
Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board will meet on December 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Annex;
The Nye County Commissioners will be meeting in Pahrump on December 21 and 22 beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Community Center;
The Pahrump Town Office will be closed on December 24 for the Christmas Holiday and on December 31 for the New Year Holiday;
A Special Town Board meeting is scheduled for January 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the Hall.  This will be to discuss the PVFRS Task Force recommendations;
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Public Lands Advisory Board will meet on January 5 at 7:00 p.m. in Room B;
Tourism Advisory Board will meet on January 6 at 8:00 a.m. in the Town Annex;
Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board will meet on January 6 at 7:00 p.m. in Room A;
Fall Festival Entertainment Committee will meet on January 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the Annex;
Sheriff Tony DeMeo will conduct his Sheriff’s Forum on January 9 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the Hall;
Fall Festival Executive Committee will meet on January 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Annex;
The next meeting of the Pahrump Town Board will be on January 11, 2005.

Paula Glidden announced that there would be cake for all approximately midway through the agenda.


Ed Bishop announced that the EDEN (Economic Development for Esmeralda and Nye) representative for the Town has resigned.  Mr. Bishop noted that the position is vacant and explained that for the past several years the liaison from Town has not been a Town Board member and would like to place on the next agenda an item to vote for a resolution to the County Commissioners requiring that the Town liaison to EDEN be a Town Board member with the intention of Mr. Bishop being that liaison.  

Paula Glidden said this can be placed on the next agenda and voted on at the next meeting.

Bill King noted that he was not present at the last meeting where the Town Board decided to terminate the Parks and Recreation Board.  Mr. King stated that none of those members were notified to be at that meeting to defend themselves.  Bill King explained that there is a grassroots group forming called the Nevada Parks Alliance which has about 30 members and would through discussions with this group, Mr. King said they would like to start a new parks and recreation board.  There is also a mountain biking club that is interested in the Spring Mountain Trails being prepared.  They said they would be willing to improve the parks and trails in Pahrump.  

Paula Glidden stated that this was an issue that needed to move forward at the time.  Ms. Glidden suggested that Mr. King talk with Dave Richards to get back on the agenda so the Board could review the situation.  

There was more discussion between Mr. King and Ms. Glidden regarding getting this back on an agenda.  

Charlie Gronda commented that he has no association with the Sunrise Citihood Association.  Mr. Gronda stated that he is not a part of their Board as suggested on a local website.  Jeanna Howard stated that she too has been accused of being on the citihood association.  
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Mr. Gronda noted that he will be placing an item on the agenda for January 11 regarding forming an aviation technical advisory committee which is part of the grant requirements.   

Chad Broadhead, President of Southern Nevada Rabbit Breeders Association, commented that he was present to discuss an article stating they would no longer be allowed to use the Community Center to hold their rabbit shows.  Mr. Broadhead asked why and where they can have the shows in the community.  Chad Broadhead noted that people from across the United States attends these shows which bring in money to Pahrump to the tune of $6,000 to $10,000 per month in revenue.  

Ed Bishop noted that Public Comment is for items not on the agenda.  Paula Glidden agreed that there will be an item later on the agenda to discuss usage of the Community Center.

Richard Reniewicki, CMA Communications, commented that his company has purchased the operations of Eagle West Cable.  Mr. Reniewicki introduced himself and spoke of some of the work his company has been doing in the community.  An office will be located in Pahrump in the near future.  


Bill King spoke of his recent situation involving a fire at his residence.  Mr. King commended the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service on the job they did saving what they could of his home.

Jeanna Howard added that she commends Mr. King for thinking of thanking the fire service after all he has been through and stated she was thankful that he was safe.  


Dave Richards explained that approval was received from the State on November 12, 2004 regarding the Town’s request to issue debt in an amount not to exceed $375,000.  A copy of the letter has been provided with the back up.  Mr. Richards noted that the State requires that the Town recognize receipt of the letter.  Dave Richards stated that Resolution 2004-15 does that.

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Resolution #2004-15.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that in the back up is a notice of invitation to bid for a 10 year medium term note financing for a remanufactured aerial platform fire apparatus.  This is a request to
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

accept bids and authorize staff to advertise and contact the firms that specialize in this type of financing.  Mr. Richards stated that once bids are accepted, it will be brought back to the Board with a recommendation for accepting the bids.  This is for authorization to bid.

Jeanna Howard Motioned to approve going to bid for aerial platform apparatus.  Ed Bishop asked for a repeat of the motion and asked Mr. Richards if he was asking for a motion to go out for bids for the money to purchase the apparatus.  Dave Richards agreed.

Jeanna Howard Motioned to approve going to bid for aerial platform apparatus financing.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.

Ed Maznicki asked why the Town would arrange for financing if the next item is going to be for the sole source for used equipment.  Mr. Maznicki said it appears the items refer to two different pieces of equipment.  Dave Richards replied that the discussion is for financing for the equipment noted in item #10.  

Jeanna Howard explained that the Board first accepted approval of the financing and the next agenda item is to go to bid for the financial bid for it.  

Ed Bishop further explained that this item is to go to various funding institutions for the money to find out where the Town can get the best rate.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards noted that this is a resolution authorizing the sole source purchase of a used aerial platform fire truck from Advantage Apparatus, LLC.  Mr. Richards pointed out that the Fire Chief has provided a written recommendation regarding the purchase of the vehicle.  There is also a written opinion from the Attorney regarding the purchase of the apparatus from this company.  Dave Richards said that Advantage Apparatus has provided a written agreement setting forth the terms of sale dated November 19, 2004 and is attached to the back up.  Mr. Richards noted that the purchase price has been increased by $22,000 as a result of the dip in the value of the dollar versus the Canadian dollar.  Dave Richards stated that Advantage has made arrangements to mitigate the slide of the dollar if it should continue and has guaranteed the price at $370,000.  Mr. Richards said it was his recommendation that this resolution be approved.

Paul Willis Motioned to approve the sole source purchase of a used aerial platform fire apparatus from Advantage Apparatus, LLC.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Paula Glidden asked if the change in money occurred because it took longer, or did the Town know it was coming.  Dave Richards replied that he feels that nobody fore saw the slide in the dollar.  

Ed Maznicki commented that the Board authorized financing for bids, now the discussion is for a sole source.  This is a different ballgame.  Paula explained that the discussion is for bidding for financing on the previous item.  Mr. Maznicki asked why the Town is now authorizing a sole source purchase.  Paula Glidden explained that the bid has already gone out on the equipment and Advantage was the best of the bids received.  The Town must now go out for bids for the financing.

Cristina Hinds explained that the bids will be published and to clarify that the Town will not be contacting anyone.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Resolution #2004-17.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Ed Bishop explained that the Board agreed to sell two ambulances that were no longer in service for $30,000.  Included in the motion to authorize the sale was a requirement that half of the proceeds would be put toward paying off the loan. This is the authorization to spend that half of the proceeds.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Paul Willis stated that after reviewing the decision to accept delivery and have Town personal transport the apparatus, he had reservations on the decision.  Mr. Willis said he feels that the liability and risk, along with not having the staff available to do the transporting, would not be an acceptable liability.

Paul Willis Motioned to accept the delivery of the Odysseys in Pahrump by the dealer or manufacturer as opposed to picking them up and transporting ourselves.  Jeanna Howard seconded for discussion.  

Jeanna Howard asked if the recommendation of Mr. Willis is the opposite of the recommendation of the Fire Chief.  Paul Willis said that was correct.  Ms. Howard noted that the projection by the Fire Chief shows a cost saving of approximately $1,600.  Mr. Willis said that it
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

would save the Town up front but the costs could well exceed that if anything would happen during the transport.  Paul Willis stated that unforeseen events could be a possibility.

Ed Bishop added that not only personal liability would be an issue but vehicle liability as well.  

One other issue brought up by Mr. Bishop was the issue of the Chief being away for a week.

George Gingell commented that he agreed with Paul Willis because of the liability and asked where is the point of manufacture?  Mr. Willis replied New Jersey.

Annette Barlow asked Mr. Willis if he had contacted the manufacturer to see what the cost would be for them to transport the Odysseys.  Paul Willis replied that it was included in the bid.  The estimate was $3,000 and the expensed for the Town would be $1,353 which would realize a savings of $1,646, but feels the liabilities and risks outweigh saving $1,600.  Ms. Barlow asked if the manufacturers warranty has been verified on them transporting the vehicles.  Will they be covering damage by road hazards or will the Town be liable?  Mr. Willis responded that until they bring them to Pahrump and accept delivery they are liable.  Ms. Barlow asked if that had been confirmed.  Paul Willis said it was his impression by what the Chief had spoken at the last meeting.

Jeanna Howard pointed out that the Fire Chief will be taking a trip to the location to do a final inspection on site regardless of who transports the vehicles.  Ms. Howard noted that it is usual and customary practice for the purchaser to do the transport themselves.  
Paula Glidden asked why the inspection must be done on site.  Ms. Howard explained that someone must inspect the vehicles to make sure all of the specifications have been followed according to the bid.  Jeanna Howard noted that this has been done with every vehicle that has been purchased to date.  It is standard practice to inspect the vehicles prior to delivery.  Mr. Willis stated that he has no problems with the Chief checking the vehicles out.

Vote passed 3 – 1.  Jeanna Howard voted nay.


Dave Richards explained that this resolution urges the Nye County Commissioners to approve a resolution pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 405.010, setting limits on load and weight and prescribing penalties for violation for streets contained in Calvada Unit #1.  A map was attached to the back up materials.  Mr. Richards noted that it includes a number of streets in Unit #1.  Trucks would be prohibited as a matter of routine and the resolution lists the trucks that would be allowed.  Dave Richards explained that trucks were previously using Malibou as a shortcut now they are using the other streets.  The streets have been newly chip sealed and are not built for

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

heavy truck traffic.  This ordinance would request that the County Commissioners prohibit the truck traffic in the entire Unit #1.  

Ed Bishop explained that he will be abstaining on this vote due to partial ownership between himself and several family members on a piece of property in this area.  

Paula Glidden stated that this is an issue and noticed that the trucks have switched streets and formed a new travel plan.  Ms. Glidden said this is the Town’s way of saying we want this act stopped and is only the first step.  Paula Glidden added that the County has to take the rest of the steps.  This would leave the streets of Gamebird and Homestead for the trucks to use which is the commercial route.  

Paula Glidden Motioned to prohibit truck traffic in Calvada Unit #1 and accept Resolution #2004-19.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Wendy Ergene commented that she lives on National, one street over from Malibou.  Ms. Ergene noted that when the trucks stopped using Malibou they now use National as a shortcut.  Wendy Ergene presented a petition signed by 27 of the 36 residents on National asked that trucks be prohibited on National.  

Jeanna Howard noted that the Town Board has done what it can within their power and will be forwarding the resolution to the County.  

Paula Glidden commented that it will not be a quick thing but the ball is rolling now.  

Charlie Anzalone asked for clarification if Gamebird from Homestead going west is included.  Paula Glidden replied that it does not include Gamebird or Homestead.  

County Commissioner Candice Trummell commented that the Town Board efforts may be best spent with having an overview.  Ms. Trummell suggested the Board have a workshop to do a complete overview of all the routes in the Town to make a complete recommendation of what routes the Board feels is appropriate and those that are inappropriate.  Candice Trummell suggested getting input from those driving the trucks and from the citizens and better defines what truck means.  Ms. Trummell commented that the agenda item was not well defined.  On the County Commission level, Ms. Trummell said she would like to see a more comprehensive plan rather than piece meal.  

Jeanna Howard concurred with Commissioner Trummell noting that when this was brought forward originally it was discussed that this would be an issue on other streets as well.

Laurayne Murray commented that the recommendation indicates that the County Commissioners resolve the limits on the loads and the weight which would define what is referred to as a truck.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Ms. Murray noted that in the exception, that #4 has concerns about what the term building materials in the item and that gravel trucks could be considered building materials.  

Dave Richards explained that this is the resolution used that was used to accomplish prohibiting trucks on Malibou.

Cristina Hinds thought she recalled a comprehensive ordinance that the Board passed defining trucks and exemptions.  

Paula Glidden noted that the reason for Unit #1 being targeted is that the gravel pit is near the area.  

Jeanna Howard commended the citizens for coming together as a collective voice.  

John Pierce commented that the streets in the area are all newly chip sealed and it will take a while for the County to come up with an ordinance to set up rules and regulations.  Mr. Pierce asked if it would be feasible to take the signs down, put the trucks back on the road that is equipped to handle the load.  Paula Glidden asked for a clarification of the intent of this suggestion.  Mr. Pierce noted that the hard surfaced street could be used temporarily until the resolution (ordinance) is in place.  Ms. Glidden said that would be a backward motion and does not believe this would be an advantage.  Jeanna pointed out that by taking the signs down as suggested it would be against the citizens’ safety.  

There was more discussion regarding the use of the streets in Unit #1 and a traffic light on Homestead.

Vote passed 3 – 0 - 1.  Ed Bishop abstained.


Jeanna Howard explained that previously John Shea met with her to discuss setting up a recycling program for the community.  Because there are many components to doing this it will take some time.  Ms. Howard noted that while previously surfing websites, she found a company that will set up bins in certain locations for paper.  Jeanna Howard commented on the amount of paper discarded from the Town Board and Commissioner meetings.  Ms. Howard thought it would be advantageous to place a unit outside the community center.  This company places a receptacle at a location; they return, weigh the contents and pay for the paper.  Ms. Howard explained that she met with Mr. Shea and feels this can begin at this level.

John Shea added that his company is in the process of developing a recycling program for the entire community.  It is more involved than Mr. Shea had expected as there are many phases to this program.  Mr. Shea stated that he would like to do it right the first time with is causing the
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

program to be delayed.  John Shea said he is meeting with people that design the recycling program on Monday and he feels this will come to fruition soon.  

Mr. Shea noted that one of the components of his program is to do what Ms. Howard is bringing forward.  This can begin right away if the Town so wishes.  John Shea said he could meet with Jeanna Howard to discuss details on how to begin this project, which would include Mr. Richards in the meetings.  This can be done within the next few weeks.

Ms. Howard explained that she would prefer not to wait for a community wide program at this time.  Jeanna Howard said she would like to take no action at this time and meet with Mr. Shea before bringing this issue back to the Board for approval with additional information.

Jeanna Howard Motioned to table this item.  Paula Glidden seconded the motion.

Alice Eychner asked if the program would include all paper, including magazines and slick paper.  John Shea replied that initially it would include newspapers and office paper.  The larger program would include plastic, cardboard, glass, magazines, aluminum, tin, etc.  Mr. Shea pointed out that currently there is a container outside the community center for the collection of phone books.  Locations include the one at the community center and there is one at the post office as well.

Jeanna Howard reported that there is a higher return on the recycling programs is the office type paper.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that this is a request for authorization to advertise for bids for water rights.  Mr. Richards noted that the Town has an offer to sell that cannot be accepted without advertising for bids.  This offer is firm and the Town would like to exercise the purchase but need the authorization to advertise for bids.

Paula Glidden explained that this was done previously but need to do it again due to the length of time since the last bid.  

Jeanna Howard motioned to approve the advertisement for water rights bids.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004


Ed Bishop read the following amendment:


Ed Bishop Motioned to approve the amendment to PTO #45.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Vote passed 3 – 1.  Paul Willis voted nay.


Dave Richards reported that he had misplaced the report and would see that the report be made available to the Board.

Mr. Richards did mention that the budget cycle is coming up and said he was warning the Board that he would be asking for input to the budget process in the initial phase.  Dave Richards said he would provide a form that the Board could work from that will ask for suggestions for programs to be incorporated into the budget.  These will be sent out within the next few days and asked that the Board return them by the middle of January so suggestions can be put into the budget document.  

Paula Glidden noted that Mr. Richards will be incorporating the advisory boards into the budget process as well.  Mr. Richards said he would be doing that.  

Jeanna Howard presented to Paula Glidden a plaque in honor of her service to the Town of Pahrump.


Jeanna Howard reported that she did not attend the last Regional Planning Commission meeting due to illness but recommended that the public attend these meeting as a lot of developments are being proposed and public input is vital.

Ms. Howard reported that the Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Board has provided a copy of the shipments coming through Pahrump of nuclear waste.  Jeanna Howard reported that 216 shipments were transported on Highway 160 in July, August and September.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Fall Festival will be holding its first meeting of the year Ms. Howard noted.  Ms. Howard welcomed anyone interested in volunteering to replace those members leaving to please send a letter for consideration.  

Paula Glidden reported that the Tourism Advisory Board kiosk project will be going up shortly as well as the sign project that is moving forward.  

Ms. Glidden reported that the Fairgrounds Advisory Board is taking the water rights issue to the County for their help.  They are also working with the engineer to get the roads cut into the project area.

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board have completed their draft of the emergency plan for Pahrump and will be presenting it to the Board in January.


Paul Willis explained said he reviewed the recommendations of the Task Force and found them to be contingent on two elements which are in control of the County Commissioners.  

Paul Willis Motioned to have the PVFRS Task Force make their presentation to the Board of County Commissioners.  Mr. Willis said he would like to see their appetite towards the two elements before proceeding further.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.

Paula Glidden stated that she is not sure the Commissioners want to see that presentation at this time.  The Town was told to go back and formulate a plan, and understands that the Task Force is part of that plan.  Ms. Glidden said she feels as part of the Board or Town that we have to go back in a united force and feels this should not be broken up in to different elements.  Paula Glidden asked if the plan was to go back with the whole plan.  Mr. Willis replied “most definitely.”  Paul Willis said he would like to get a feel for what the Commissioners thought of the recommendations which is a comprehensive plan which is what they asked for.  Paula Glidden explained that she has been before the Commissioners and found that the whole package should be presented.  Ms. Glidden said she would take the whole plan and get the Board’s recommendations and go forth with it rather than breaking up the plan.

Jeanna Howard commented that there is a need to refine from what the Task Force has put into the package as to what the Town would be asking for.  It needs to be refined for presentation to the County and present in force as a collective body.  Ms. Howard recommended that there be one more sit down with the Task Force to go over the presentation and refine what will be asked for by the County.

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Ms. Howard recommended recently an agenda item to hold regular quarterly meetings with the County Commissioners and suggested that within that meeting that the Board follow up and get input from the County for presenting a full presentation.

Paula Glidden asked Annette Barlow if she was the current chairman of the PVFRS Task Force.  Annette Barlow replied that she is.  Ms Glidden asked how Mr. Willis if he felt the County would take action on this and what would be asking for.  Paul Willis said he would like to gauge their response to the presentation and to get the ball rolling.  Mr. Willis noted that the Task Force could give the presentation.  

Jeanna Howard commented that she only wants to do this once and since the Board is sitting with confusion there is no doubt the Board needs to refine what they are doing with regards to what is being asked for collectively.

Annette Barlow commented that she feels this is not something to be toyed with or to get a feeling for.  Ms. Barlow recommended that when the Board is ready to present to the Commissioners there needs to be a plan with recommendations and take it from there.  If assistance is needed in putting it together the Task Force will help in that area.  

Paula Glidden agreed that there was some confusion but does not want to see this stall or stop.  Ms. Glidden said she would like to see a unified front when going to the Commissioners.  Annette Barlow said it was her understanding that the County Commissioners want to hear from the Town Board and the Task Force would be there to stand behind them.  

Mr. Willis said his concern with the plan was that the plan did not show how to get there.  

Annette Barlow noted that when Mr. Willis has gone over the complete package there are reinforcements behind each recommendation.  Paul Willis asked if the two main elements fail to come to fruition are there other mechanisms to fill in the gaps.  Ms. Barlow replied that there is.

Patricia Cox agreed with Ms. Howard and Ms. Glidden that it is crucial that the Town Board come before the County with decision that the Board all agrees on with recommendations.  Ms. Cox suggested that a special meeting set up with the Town Board and the Task Force where this can be discussed.  

Vote failed 2 – 2.  Paul Willis and Ed Bishop voted aye.  Paula Glidden and Jeanna Howard voted nay.

Jeanna Howard recommended the Town Board have an additional meeting wit the PVFRS Task Force for one reason, that being that the Town Board has not accepted their document, nor has the Board accepted its completeness and there has been no agreement that the Board agrees with their recommendations.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Ed Bishop noted that there will be a special meeting on January 5, 2005 with nothing on the agenda except the PVFRS issue.


Alice Eychaner explained that she was present on behalf of the Tourism Advisory Board to request reimbursement from the Room Tax Fund for travel expenses incurred by two members of the Tourism Board that attended the Governor’s Conference on Tourism last week in Reno, Nevada.  Ms. Eychaner stated that back up has been provided for reimbursement as well as a letter from the Tourism Board.  Ms. Eychaner gave a short report concerning her attendance at this conference.  

Paula Glidden noted that the tourism events are important for Pahrump and is getting the Pahrump name into the public.  Ms. Glidden stated that Pahrump has been very active with the Commission on Tourism and Larry Friedman has become a good friend to Pahrump.  

Jeanna Howard Motioned to approve up to $800 for expenditures presented by Alice Eychaner and Kari Frilot for the Governor’s Conference on Tourism.   Ed Bishop seconded the motion for discussion

Ed Bishop asked if any of this information had been presented to the Town Board prior to tonight.  Ms. Eychaner said it was her understanding that it was.  Ed Bishop asked if the Town Board received any information on the conference.  Paula Glidden replied that the letter was to come from the Tourism Board.  Mr. Bishop stated that he had a problem with being asked to be reimbursed for an event after the money has already been spent and is a precedent that should not be set.  Paula Glidden agreed about setting a precedent and added that time was and issue.  Mr. Bishop stated that if this conference is held every year in December he cannot believe they did not know about it before the last Town Board meeting.  Ms. Eychaner noted that due to her husband’s illness the request was late getting to the Tourism Board.  Ed Bishop stated that this is a precedent he does not want to set.

Paula Glidden noted that parts of Ms. Frilot’s expenses were paid by the Chamber of Commerce.  Ms. Glidden stated that this is an item that the Tourism Board debated and finally agreed on.  Ms. Eychaner said that she did not know about the conference until the Rural Round Up.  

Ed Maznicki commented on the precedent comment by Mr. Bishop that a precedent is set each time the Town Board approves the vouchers.  It is approving the expenditures after the fact.  Mr. Maznicki said he would like to meet privately to show him what he is referring to.  Ed Maznicki said he has a copy of an NRS that outlines specific duties.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Vote failed 2 – 2.  Jeanna Howard and Paula Glidden voted aye.  Paul Willis and Ed Bishop voted nay.


Dave Richards explained that this item is a request to go bid for a metal roof covering the lobby area.  Currently the roof is flat and the building is experiencing damage due to poor drainage.  The estimated cost of this repair is $25,000 to $30,000.  Funds are available in the swimming pool budget.  Mr. Richards said it is his recommendation to approve authorization to bid.

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Staff to go out for bid for a pitched roof over the swimming pool building.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Cristina Hinds explained that the Town Board Policy needed to be updated.  Ms. Hinds said she solicited comments from the Town Board member.  Those changes were made and are indicated by italics.  Items to be removed are in brackets.  Cristina Hinds relayed an email message she received from Richard Billman which was a comment regarding Section E, Liaison to the Town Manager.  Mr. Billman indicated that he did not like that particular section as it has the potential to circumvent the Open Meeting Law.  The rest of the Policy was adequate and acceptable to Mr. Billman.  

Paula Glidden asked Ms. Hinds if it was her opinion that item circumvented the Open Meeting Law.  Cristina Hinds replied that she did not.  

Ed Bishop commented on Section E.5, it concerns him that soliciting comments from other Board members could be construed as polling the Board with is a violation of the Open Meeting Law.  Mr. Bishop said he had serious concerns regarding the line “unless otherwise stated, the Liaisons shall be deemed to act as the entire Board in this capacity.”  Ed Bishop said he has problems with giving two Board members total authority over actions which should be taken by the Board, especially things like disciplinary actions.  Those items should be brought to the Board and no two members should be permitted to do that.  

Jeanna Howard stated that she concurs with Mr. Bishop.  Ms. Howard said she recently found out she too has a problem with two members assigned to the Town Manager.   Jeanna Howard stated that her reason is that there have been attempts to have a conversation with the Town Board’s employee and find it difficult that the Board, as an employer, cannot talk to discuss
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

policies or concerns and there must be five different conversations to do this and things get convoluted and confused.  There is no continuity as there are five conversations with five people because there is never a personnel session.  Ms. Howard noted that as being a hardship.  Jeanna Howard stated that she understands the reasoning for this item but feels there needs to be a better relationship between the Town Board and the Staff to feel comfortable enough to sit down and go into a meeting with the Board.  Ms. Howard used excessive sick leave as an example of something that she would not like to talk about in an open public meeting about an employee.  Jeanna Howard expressed the need for a level of trust.  

Paula Glidden explained that she asked that this Section be added and agrees with what Mr. Bishop spoke of regarding soliciting comments, and agrees that the liaisons should not be deemed to act as the entire Board.  Ms. Glidden said her idea was to have two Board members that the Town Manager felt comfortable with.  Paula Glidden explained that as Chairman she would try to filter some issues but not all of it.  People do not feel comfortable with just one person and they do not know which person to go to.  Ms. Glidden stated that the Staff should feel comfortable as well and be open to the staff to hear all of their complaints.  

Mr. Bishop said he does not have a problem with the two members of the Town Board being appointed to have dialogue meetings with the Town Manager.  His concern is with the two issues he stated.  Ed Bishop said he understands the viewpoint of Ms. Howard but he has an issue with closed door meetings.  It gives a false perception to the public.  This can be avoided by using this system Mr. Bishop added.

Paula Glidden noted that there are minor situations that should not be brought before the public and can be fixed quickly.  Ms. Glidden said she would like to see some form of this Section in the policy.  

Cristina Hinds said she could bring it back before the Board at the next meeting with revisions based on the comments made tonight.  

Ed Bishop asked that in the section concerning meeting rules, that an item stating “with the exception of emergency personnel, cell phones and pagers be turned off and placed in silent mode when they come through the door for a meeting.”  Mr. Bishop noted that they are a distraction to the Board during meetings.  

Paul Willis commented that he also has a problem with Section E in that he does not have a problem with going to talk to the Town Manager if he has a problem.  He would rather talk to someone one on one.   Mr. Willis said he does not want anyone speaking for him.

Cristina Hinds asked if, based on the comments, the item should read that two members would act as liaisons and if there needed to be action taken they would come before the Town Board.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Paula Glidden noted that there is nothing stopping a one on one conversation but they must feel comfortable with the person also.  Ms. Glidden said she would like to keep the door open both ways.  

Candice Trummell commented that with the new regime at the Attorney General’s office and the strict interpretation of the Open Meeting Law, she cautioned that perhaps legal council look into whether this would be creating a body that would be making recommendations to a public body and therefore subject to creating an agenda.  Opinions on record indicate that bodies of less than a quorum could be held as a public body created by the Board.  

Paul Willis said he would like to see communication encouraged and not perceived as less communication.  Jeanna Howard noted that some people have issues with “closed session.”  Ms. Howard stated that if these people are doing their job right and not playing any games, for some reason there is some perception that whenever there is a closed session somebody is getting fired.  Jeanna Howard said she stated to Mr. Richards that she would like to sit down with his whole employer (Town Board) to chat so there is some consistent understanding and communication with the person the Board is responsible for.  Ms. Howard said that is why she promotes this idea.  It is not to have secret meetings or implement new laws that nobody knows about.  It is a matter of respect and is called human resources.  Ms. Howard said if this was done once in a while, quarterly, she feels it would strengthen the relationships.  

Laurayne Murray asked how goals and objectives, measurements and performance evaluations at this time.  Is it done in a public meeting?  Jeanna Howard responded that it is a free for all.  Ms. Murray said she can see the objective would be to have a single point of direction or clarity.  Laurayne Murray asked how the Board evaluates.

Paula Glidden commented that the Board does not have that benefit currently.  Ms. Glidden noted that her idea behind this Section would be giving the Board some direction and provides ways to interact which are not present now.  The Town Manager sets goals and objections for the others and the Board needs a way to set them for him.  This is a Manager thing and should be done with all of the Managers not only Town Manager.  

Ed Bishop Motioned to have this item brought back by the Town Attorney at the next regularly scheduled meeting with some of the changes that have been recommended tonight for further discussion and review.   Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that the job description provided come before the Town Board previously on September 14, 2004.  Mr. Richards noted that the job description was approved
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

and did not ask for authorization to advertise the position at that meeting.  Mr. Richards stated that the Town is prepared to advertise.  Dave Richards pointed out that it is a contractual position and not a Town employee.  Mr. Richards requests authorization to advertise this position to see what types of applicants are received.  

Paul Willis Motioned to approve authorization to advertise for the Business License Enforcement position.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.  

Ed Bishop asked if after advertising for this position Mr. Richards would come back to the Board with the applicants and potential recommendations and the Board will actually make the decision.  Dave Richards said he will.  

Jeanna Howard questioned what happened previously with the approval of this job description and the approval of advertising a position that did not have a job description.  Ms. Howard asked if this job description has been formally adopted.  

Dave Richards replied that the minutes provided in the back up clearly note that the job description is approved.  Mr. Richards read the minutes.  

Paul Glidden pointed out that Dave Richards talked about a reorganization plan for the office and in the minutes it is stated that this position would be included in that.  Ms. Glidden asked if this is another personnel element.  

Mr. Richards said he believes that is how this got off track the first time and this has nothing to do with any reorganization and is a position that needs to be filled and should have been filled in September.  This is a contractual position and has nothing to do with reorganization.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  

Ed Maznicki commented that he cannot make a case strong enough for the establishment of this position.  Mr. Maznicki explained the purpose of the SCORE program.  Ed Maznicki also gave his opinion of the Town’s lack of authority to enforce the business license.


Dave Richards explained that this is a resolution to establish policy and guidelines for reservation and use of the Bob Ruud Community Center.  Mr. Richards noted that it assists the Town staff in authorizing the use of the center, prescribes fees, and sets restrictions and rules for control, maintenance and preservation of the center.  Dave Richards said the Resolution #2004-20 has incorporated the standard operating procedures that have been in place.  This resolution incorporates the will of the Town Board regarding reservations on a first come first serve basis and limits reservations to no more than four events in advance and allows rescheduling 6 weeks
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

prior to the last event a group has reserved.  Mr. Richards stated that other than that addition this resolution puts into one document a policy that has been following for reservation of the community center.

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Resolution #2004-20.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Mr. Bishop noted that for the benefit of the public there was nothing in the document that mentions anything about animals of any kind.  The issue that Mr. Broadhead spoke of earlier was not an issue as long as the building is cleaned up when they leave and as long as the next day the building does not smell like rabbit manure there will be no problem.  If the building smells the next day, the deposit will be forfeited.  

Jeanna Howard said that the Board voted on that issue at the last meeting.  

Chad Broadhead said he read an article in the newspaper that said there would not be animals allowed in the building except Seeing Eye dogs.  

Jeanna Howard stated that after checking around with other communities it was found that it is not a common practice for animals to be in the center on any level.  Ms. Howard noted that there were complaints coming from high ranking federal elected officials to citizens in the community who did not appreciate the residual effect.  Jeanna Howard commented that there is nothing they can do about that.  Ms. Howard admitted that it has not been every time and that it is not picking on Mr. Boardhead’s group.  Jeanna Howard said she knows of no other group of this size using the center to sell animals and the park or arena would be more appropriate.  Ms. Howard said she does recall the Board voting to disallowing the center to be utilized by animals.

Dave Richards stated that the Board did discuss it at length and stated that the motion made incorporated only the four reservations in advance.  Mr. Richards apologized for not providing the minutes in the back up.  Jeanna Howard said it could be brought back before the Board.  Dave Richards noted that it is very easy to document those motions.  Mr. Richards said he would not have left it out of the resolution had the Board approved it.  Ms. Howard said this is not a finger pointing and apologized for her memory failing her.  Jeanna Howard said the Board can readdress as this concern was brought to the Board as there were complaints received.  Ms. Howard stated that after checking into patterns and utilization of other community centers it is not a common practice to allow animals.  

Jeanna Howard asked Chad Broadhead how the Board may help him with another area.   

Chad Broadhead replied that there is no other facility in the Town that is big enough to do what they are doing.  Jeanna Howard added a facility that will allow animals.  

Paula Glidden added that she recalls discussion of the 4-H area.  Mr. Broadhead replied that it is not large enough for their shows.  Ms. Glidden asked if the shows can take place outdoors.  Chad
Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Broadhead said it can be held outdoors in the cooler part of the year depending on the weather.  Mr. Broadhead said they have their first five shows planned January through May already planned.  These shows can be held outdoors depending on the weather which is unpredictable; people come from Canada, Minnesota, Arizona, California bringing animals and not knowing what the weather  will be and bringing animals which cost $300 to $500 each.  Paula Glidden suggested that they erect a portable tent to have their event.  Chad Broadhead said they have looked into it and cannot find anything that the club can afford to rent for the day.  

Mr. Bishop agreed that Ms. Howard was correct and asked that Mr. Willis withdraw his second to the motion because he would like to change his motion.  

Ed Bishop said he would like to make a motion to table this until the next meeting as he would like to see a copy of the minutes of the last meeting.  Mr. Bishop said he believes it was at the last meeting that the Board discussed this.  Ed Bishop recalls making the motion to only allow service animals.  This was voted on and passed.  Mr. Bishop stated that if Mr. Willis would withdraw his second he will withdraw his motion.

Dave Richards stated that if it was done at the last meeting the minutes are available in the back up.  

Mr. Broadhead said he called each Board member to invite them to their last rabbit show so they could see what goes on and to smell the building before, during and after the show.  Jeanna Howard stated that she also had discussion with some physicians in the area regarding concerns of allergies.  Ms. Howard said that this was not done lightly and wan not picking on the bunnies.  Jeanna Howard said that if it was not voted on she will bring it back to the Board for consideration because of constituents in the community want this addressed.  

Dave Richards stated that he stands corrected that on page fifteen of the minutes does state an amended motion was made by Ed Bishop to add to the policy that animals other than medical service animals not be permitted in the community center.  

Chad Broadhead asked if as of this time they can no longer use the building.  Jeanna Howard asked when the policy was made effective.  Ms. Howard replied to Mr. Broadhead that she does not know what has already been booked.  Chad Broadhead said that they have made announcements that the hall had been booked for the first five months of 2005.  Jeanna Howard said she heard from his group that there has been a scheduling conflict and suggested that a confirmation be sent in the future.  

Paul Willis rescinded his second to the motion.  Ed Bishop withdrew his motion.

Ed Bishop Motioned that the Board accepts and adopts Resolution #2004-20 with the following changes:  that no animals be allowed within the community center except for service animals and police dogs or fire dogs, emergency services animals.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Paul Willis said he was not crazy about animals but does not have problem with this and does not share the concerns as deeply as some of the Board members.  

Paula Glidden asked what time of day the events are held.  Chad Broadhead replied that they try to get the building at 7:00 a.m. so people can begin checking in animals.  Shows begin at 9:00 a.m. and are usually done by 5:00 p.m.  They did run late one time.  Ms. Glidden pointed out another concern was that the shows take up the prime days of the week for months at a time.  With the community center being a multiuse building with other uses, someone coming in after this show would make it difficult to be ready in time for their event.  Paula Glidden pointed out that the Town could not accommodate this show for that many time during the year.  Maybe a Thursday or Sunday afternoon would work better.  Chad Broadhead said it is the only building big enough and was available on a first come first serve basis.  Mr. Broadhead said they paid the same amount of money, obtained the insurance as required.  Chad Broadhead said that his group does a lot of advertising for Pahrump and bring in a lot of revenue to the Town.  Asking to use the building for one day a month for six or seven times a year was not being unfair.  

Paula Glidden asked why there is no 4-H center.  Mr. Broadhead stated that the current building is not large enough and said the community center is not really large enough either but is the only thing available in the community.  Jeanna Howard commented that if the rabbits are sold at $300 to $500 each as indicated some good money is brought in compared to some organizations.  Ms. Howard said some thought would go into finding another location other than the main meeting hall for the citizens of Pahrump.

Chad Broadhead asked if they will get the building for the five months already scheduled.  Paula Glidden replied not based on the last vote.  We do not accept animals in the center.
Jeanna Howard said that with the event 3 weeks away that they should be allowed to do that event and would be a hardship at this time.  

Ed Bishop asked if this would include all five events.  Chad Broadhead said they make contributions to the Fairgrounds after every show.  

Paula Glidden said if a time limit is not set at this time there will not be one.  Ms. Glidden said she could agree to the January booking.  Chad Broadhead asked for the first five shows as they have their judges confirmed.  Paula Glidden clarified that the effective date was the last meeting when it was voted on.  Another motion can be made to allow for one more meeting.  

Cristina Hinds suggested that the Board make the policy effective with the provision regarding the animals January 15 or another date.  The agenda item does not read to create an exception for his group.  

Jeanna Howard withdrew her second to the motion.  

Pahrump Town Board Minutes
December 14, 2004

Ed Bishop Amended his Motion with the following addition, that the Southern Nevada Rabbit Breeders Association be allowed to hold their meeting scheduled for January 8, 2005 in the community center.  The restriction on animals will take place on January 9, 2005.  

On the advice of Cristina Hinds the Southern Nevada Rabbit Breeders Association was removed from the motion and animals put in place.  

Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Vote passed 3 – 1.  Paul Willis voted nay.


Jeanna Howard recommended taking no action on this item.

Ms. Howard reiterated that there will be a Christmas Party at 5:30 p.m. on December 19, 2005 for the entire staff of the Town of Pahrump with their partners.  This will be 100% covered and funded by Jeanna Howard, Paula Glidden, and Peggy Warner.  Not a penny will come from the Town of Pahrump, much less a safety award that the Town employees did win.  


Dave Richards noted that job descriptions for Building and Grounds employees have been provided. The job descriptions have been revised by the Supervisor with the assistance of the Assistant Town Manager and Ann Silver of Beller and Associates.  Ms. Silver’s comments have been included in the



There is no backup posted for this meeting.