Agendas & Minutes

December 22, 2008

MONDAY – 8:00 A.M.
DECEMBER 22, 2008



1.    Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome.

2.    Discussion and decision regarding agenda items.

3.    Public Comment. Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS241.020 (2) (C) (3).

4.    Discussion and decision regarding approval of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Town of Pahrump, Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).  Town Manager/Fire Chief

5.    Adjournment.

A quorum of Nye County Commissioners may be present at any Town Board meeting but they will not take any formal action.

Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writhing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town board meetings upon request.




1.    Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome.
Chairman Laurayne Murray called the meeting to order.  Mr. Frank Maurizio was sworn in as the new Town Board member replacing Dan Sprouse.  Mrs. Murray led in the pledge of allegiance.  

2.    Discussion and decision regarding agenda items.

3.    Public Comment.
Gina Goode commented regarding a newspaper article asking for support of a family in need.  
Dave Stevens commented regarding disappointment that there were no Commissioners present as they let the community down with regard to the detention center and feels the Town should incorporate.  

4.    Discussion and decision regarding approval of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Town of Pahrump, Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).  Town Manager/Fire Chief
Bill Kohbarger noted that he and Chief Lewis agree with the MOU with changes as written regarding trips for fire and ambulance.  If the amount of trips exceeds the amount indicated then CCA would contribute 25% for equipment purchase. Laurayne Murray asked if the agreement has been reviewed by our attorneys.  Mr. Kohbarger replied that it has.

Don Rust motioned to approve the memorandum of understating between the Town of Pahrump, Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service and CCA as written.  Nicole Shupp seconded the motion.

A citizen  Jeff Bobeck asked if they would be paying the same amount as the citizens of Pahrump for PVFRS services.  Mr. Kohbarger replied they would. (No. 4 of MOU)  
Tony Lloyd This citizen asked if they will be paying 25% for additional equipment.  Mr. Kohbarger replied yes.  The citizens asked if that was acceptable.  He also spoke about issues involving escapees in the middle of Town.  He asked that the Town Board really think about this.
Don Cox asked if CCA has its own fire pump and is fire personnel trained to handle fires in this environment.  Nicole Shupp responded that the first priority is the safety of the firefighters.  Bill Kohbarger explained procedures for these incidents.  He commented on the amount that the transport company will be making transporting prisoners from Las Vegas to Pahrump.
Sandra Darby commented on her safety as an employee of the hospital and protection of the firemen.
Dave Stevens commented that we should be getting all we can for the fire department for equipment.

Special Town Board Meeting
December 22, 2008

Robin White asked if Mrs. Murray had any monetary interest with PVFRS in this matter.  Laurayne Murray noted that she will read a disclosure before voting.  Ms. White asked each Board member about conflicts of interest in this matter.  All responded they had none.
Michael (inaudible) asked if the fire department is capable of putting out fires in a 40 foot building.  Mr. Kohbarger clarified 40 foot high building.  Mrs. Murray replied that the fire department has a ladder truck to handle it.  
Robin White commented on the trips by PVFRS and asked if there were 11 trips and not 12, would they still be bound.  Mrs. Murray clarified the wording in the document and noted that they will also be paying property taxes.  Ms. White asked about simultaneous calls, which would have priority.  Mr. Kohbarger replied that it would be dispatched and there are three fire stations for responses.   Mrs. Murray explained priorities.  
Dave Stevens commented that he would not settle for the 25%.
Donna Cox commented that the Concerned Citizens for a Safe Community (CCSC) are against this facility.  They believe that CCA should have their own fire and ambulance district.  
Pearl West asked if it was normal when something is placed on the agenda that someone represents the item like CCA.  Chairman Murray replied that CCA has been in contact with the Town Manager and Fire Chief.  Ms. West asked if it was normal that CCA was not present.  Mrs. Murray explained that they do not have to be present for an agenda item.  
Ted Holmes stated “he has a three and a half hour drive from here and most of the Board members up there are not native Nevadans and are from other states.  One of the things I have noticed in the past is you need to take into consideration when you move here you accept the way of life and our ideologies of what we believe.  One of the big things I’ve noticed is you don’t take the time to get the feel of the majority of the people and what they want before you vote on things. I want, as a matter of record, I want, in the future.  I’ll be (inaudible) watching because I am involved in politics.  As you know that I ran for sheriff from last time (inaudible) you will know it next time.  It’s going to be my taking on my shoulder to personally hold you all accountable as well as the rest of the people of this town for the way you vote and what you do.  If it is illegal in my federal capacity, I will investigate it to the maximum to try to get justice for the people of Pahrump.  And I hope I’m not too broad (inaudible) on that but I hope you understand what I am saying.”

Bill Dolan noted that it is a rolling12 month period with regard to transports.  Mr. Dolan asked if it was known if the transport would be using the northern route or going through Town.  Bill Kohbarger replied that they would be switching off and it would be decided at the time of transport for security purposes.

Mrs. Murray encouraged that everyone get a copy of the document so it is understood.

Laurayne Murray disclosed that she is married to an employee of the PVFRS but due to the fact that this agreement will give her or her spouse any benefit above anyone else in this group or business, she will participate in the vote of the MOU.  

Don Rust stated he had no interest in anything.  

Special Town Board Meeting
December 22, 2008

Vote passed 5 – 0.

5.    Adjournment.
Chairman Murray adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicole Shupp, Vice Chairman
For Don Rust, Clerk/cw



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