Agendas & Minutes

December 25, 2006



Photo of the Week Bug1.    Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.
2.    Discussion and Possible Decision regarding moving the order of, or deleting an agenda item(s). (Action)   

3.    Announcements (Non-Action)
4.    Advisory Board Reports from Advisory Board Chairpersons and/or Town Board Liaisons on the status of Advisory Boards. (Non-Action)
5.    Discussion and Possible Decision: to approve a Proclamation supporting the local Toys for Tots Campaign for the Marine Corps League proclaiming December as Toys for Tots Month. (Action)
6.    Discussion and Possible Decision: to approve a Proclamation declaring October 30th as 174th Assault Helicopter Company Day in Pahrump. (Action)
7.    Discussion and Possible Decision: to allow staff to enter preliminary negotiations with private parties for the purchase and resale of property pursuant to NRS 269.125 at three-fourths of the appraised value for the purpose of economic development (with the board retaining the right of final contract approval.  (Action)
8.    Discussion and Possible Decision: on Approval to Transfer Ambulance Fund Delinquent Accounts for July through September, 2010 for Further Collection and Related Accounting Adjustments. (Action)
9.    Discussion and Possible Decision: to place, replace or remove the Town's Economic Development Report on the Town Board Agenda. (Action)
10.    Discussion and Possible Decision: to amend a motion from the September 14, 2010 meeting. The action is to add the words, “to be placed after Advisory Board reports.” (Action)
11.    Discussion and Possible Decision: Consent agenda items: (Action)
a.    Action – Approval of Town Vouchers.
b.    Action – Approval of Town Board meeting minutes of October 12,  2010
c.    Action – Approval of Dennis Gardner to the Pahrump Veteran’s Memorial Advisory Board.
d.    Action – Approval of an amount not to exceed $5,000.00 for the Wild West Extravaganza for Marketing/Advertising expenses from Tourism Room Tax Fund
e.    Action – Approval of an amount not to exceed $3,000.00 to send five members of the Pahrump Tourism and Convention Council to the Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Reno, Nevada, December 7-8, 2010 from Town Tourism Room Tax Fund.
12.    Future Meetings/Workshops: Date, Time and Location: (Non-Action)
13.    Public Comment: Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until           
      specifically included on an agenda as an action item – NRS241.020 (2) (c) (3). (Non-Action)
14.    Town Managers Report:
15.    Discussion on Economic Development Summary and Progress Report: (Non-Action)
16.    Town Board Member’s Comments:  (Non-Action)
17.    Adjournment.

A quorum of Advisory Board members may be present at any Town Board meeting but they will not take any formal action.
Any member of the public, who wishes to speak during public comment or on an agenda item, at the appropriate time, will be limited to three (03) minutes. 
Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call
(775) 727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board Meetings upon request.
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