Agendas & Minutes

December 8, 2009

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
DECEMBER 8, 2009



There is no agenda posted for this meeting.



    Town Board:
        Nicole Shupp
        Bill Dolan
        Vicky Parker
        Frank Maurizio
        Mike Darby
        Bill Kohbarger, Town Manager
        Rick Campbell, Town Attorney
        Scott Lewis, Fire Chief

1.    Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
Chairman Nicole Shupp called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.

2.    Discussion and possible decision regarding moving the order of, or deleting an agenda item(s). (Action)
Mike Darby motioned to move public comment forward.  Motion died for lack of a second.

Frank Maurizio motioned to pull item #9 (Discussion and possible decision on amending Pahrump Town Ordinance #29 (PTO #29 - Town of Pahrump providing for a fire department and amendments as approved) and providing for other matters properly relating thereto) from the agenda.  Mike Darby seconded the motion.

Vote failed 2 – 3.  Nicole Shupp, Bill Dolan, and Vicky Parker voted nay.

3.    Presentation and briefing by the United States Air Force pertaining to their “Green Flag-West” operations. (Non-Action)
Lieutenant Colonel John Walker presented to the Town Board and attendees information regarding the Green Flag-West training program on behalf of Nellis Air Force Base. Lieutenant Colonel Walker answered questions from the audience. (People asking questions did not come to the microphone and spoke from the audience.)

Vicky Parker thanked Lt. Col Walker for making his presentation.  Nicole Shupp also expressed thanks.

4.    Advisory Board Reports, from Advisory Board Chairpersons and/or Town Board Liaisons on the status of Advisory Boards. (Non-Action)
Alan Bigelow of the Veteran’s Memorial Advisory Board reported that they are progressing with donation forms and will proceed.  New members are coming forward and past members have submitted resignations.  Mr. Bigelow noted their next meeting will be December 17, and will be presenting information for the January Town Board meeting.

5.    Town Manager Report. (Non-Action)
Mr. Kohbarger noted that his report was submitted in the back up.  

Mike Darby questioned information in the report regarding the land fill.  Bill Kohbarger responded he and Pahrump Valley Disposal may be going to California to see a possible recycling program which could be brought to Nevada.  Mr. Kohbarger noted that they are looking into it.  Bill Dolan reported that the project could extend the life of the landfill an additional fifteen years.  Mike Darby noted that it is the County’s landfill and this should have been turned over to the County.

6.    Town Board Member’s Comments. (Non-Action)
Bill Dolan commented on a rumor/lie regarding the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service concerning fees.  Mr. Dolan also commented on the Recovery Act program for Nye County.  Multiple programs are being moved forward with the county, but nothing for Pahrump in grants.  Bill Dolan asked that staff look into this to find out why Pahrump is left out of all the grant dollars.

Vicky Parker agreed that this should be looked into as Mr. Dolan requested.  Mrs. Parker also announced the Breakfast with Santa at the Nugget on December 12 at 8:00 a.m.

7.    Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation and recognition to all members of the Fall Festival Boards and Volunteers for their long hours and dedication in making the 2009 Pahrump Fall Festival a triumphant event.(Non-Action)
The Town Board presented Paula Glidden with Certificates of Appreciation for the Fall Festival Committees.  Ms. Glidden thanked the Board for their consideration.  Paula Glidden announced the Fall Festival next meeting.

8.    Presentation to multiple groups that took part in the community food drive (Non-Action)
The Town Board presented certificates to groups that took part in the community food drive.  Those recognized were, Town of Pahrump Staff, Desert View Hospital Employees, Valley Electric Association Employees, Nugget Hotel & Casino, Terribles Town Casino, Hafen Elementary School, Advanced Medical, Pahrump Valley Disposal, and KNYE Radio.  

9.    Discussion and possible decision on amending Pahrump Town Ordinance #29 (PTO #29 - Town of Pahrump providing for a fire department and amendments as approved) and providing for other matters properly relating thereto.  (Action)
Bill Kohbarger explained that this was housekeeping to the PTO #29 with regard to volunteers, labor issues, and small details.

Mike Darby referred to questions he had with regard to the PTO changes and would like to see a redline version of the PTO.  There was discussion regarding charging fees.  Mr. Darby stated he feels the PTO was rewritten, not house kept. Frank Maurizio noted problems with Police Powers in the ordinance.  Bill Dolan directed staff to research the issues of Police Powers and bring information back to the Board.  Rick Campbell said he will attach information from other municipalities regarding fee schedules.  Vicky Parker noted that she would like the Board to know that the State recommended that the Town fix the PTO as it was out of date.

Mike Darby motioned to table this time until the first meeting in January (12th).  Bill Dolan seconded the motioned.  

Vote passed 4 – 1.  Nicole Shupp voted nay.

10.    Discussion and possible decision on which information received by  the Incorporation Advisory Board (IAB) study selection sub-committee members while the EPS study is in progress, may be communicated to the full IAB. (Action)
Jeff Bobeck asked the Board what information about the feasibility study for incorporation can be shared with the members of the Incorporation Advisory Board.  Vicky Parker explained that the study was to be completed by the end of the year, and that there was not much information to give out.  A courtesy meeting provided very little information.  Bill Kohbarger noted that the committee referred to is not a sub-committee of the IAB and explained that information from EPS has been sparse, but they are on schedule according to their latest update.

Vicky Parker motioned that Bill Kohbarger meet with Jeff Bobeck to update him and have him update the IAB at their next meeting.  Mike Darby seconded the motion.

Dave Stevens, Harley Kulkin and Sam Jones commented.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

11.    Discussion and possible decision on obtaining Town Board direction pertaining to the Pahrump Fall Festival in keeping the same as part of the Town function or creating a Request for Proposal for out sourcing the Fall Festival to a private or non-profit group to operate. (Action)
Bill Kohbarger asked for direction based on the information provided by Mr. Sullivan in the backup whether to keep Fall Festival as a Town function or create an RFP for proposals.

Mike Darby stated he has not seen the final numbers and cannot make a recommendation at this time.

Paula Glidden, Fall Festival Executive Chairman announced that the festival made a profit of approximately $16,000 and noted it is a viable function.  Ms. Glidden added, that as Chair she asked that the Board consider looking at a RFP as it is difficult to run Fall Festival as a business.  There is a burden on Town staff concerning Fall Festival and feels it should be held by a group outside of the Town with help from the Town based on the feelings of the Executive Board.  Bill Kohbarger noted that staff time is never included in the cost of the event.  Taking that into effect, there would probably not been a profit.

Frank Maurizio said he would like a non-profit do the event with a one-year trial contract to be extended after the trial.  Bill Kohbarger noted that by doing a RFP it would not have to be awarded if deemed to keep in house.  

Bill Dolan said he would like the current Fall Festival Chair and one other member of the Executive Board be included in the preparation of the RFP.  Vicky Parker suggested that the RFP be prepared immediately due to the time it takes to prepare for such an event because of contracts necessary for the event.  Bill Kohbarger stated that it will be done as soon as Michael Sullivan returns.

Frank Maurizio motioned that the Town put out an RFP for Fall Festival.  Vicky Parker seconded the motion.

Those commenting from the public were Lynn Shirkey, Harley Kulkin, Dan Rodriquez, Bob Irving, Jeff Bobeck, Don Cox, Donna Cox and Art Jones.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

12.    Discussion and possible decision Consent agenda items: (Action)

a.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
b.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of November 10, 2009
c.    Action – approval of Special Town Board meeting minutes of November 19, 2009
d.    Action – approval of Julie Hargis as an alternate on the Incorporation Advisory Board
e.    Action – approval of 72 Hour Permit for Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, December 11 and 12, 2009.

Bill Dolan announced that he would be abstaining on this item as Ms. Hargis is his employee.

Vicky Parker motioned to approve item #12d.  Mike Darby seconded the motion.  
Vote passed 4 – 0 – 1.  Bill Dolan abstained.

Vicky Parker motioned to approve items #12 a, b, c, and e.  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.
Vote passed 5 – 0.

13.    Future Meetings/Workshops: Date, Time and Location. (Action)
None scheduled.

14.    Public Comment. Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item – NRS241.020 (2)(C)(3). (Non-Action)
Dave Stevens commented about a presentation at the last meeting.
Bob Irving thanked the Town Board for allowing the Fire Department to participate in funeral service for his son.
Bud Von Weller commented about Item #5.  
John Koenig commented on recycling and public comment still being at the end of the meeting.
Dr. Tom Waters announced the VITA (free tax assistance program) will be located at Great Basin College and the need for volunteers.
Butch Harper thanked Rodney Comacho for creating a new logo for his patch collecting program.
Don Cox commented on the tree decorations outside the community center.
Harold Grimmaud commented on a voucher payment for Laughlin and money being spent on parks.
Bruce Calley commented about answering questions during public comment.
Donna Cox commented about the rumor mentioned by Mr. Dolan earlier.
15.    Adjournment.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Vicky Parker, Clerk
Pahrump Town Board



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