Agendas & Minutes

February 22, 2005

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
FEBRUARY 22, 2005



1.    Call to order

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion regarding agenda items.

3.    Announcements.

4.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3)).

5.    “Good News” regarding people, events, awards, celebrations or occasions that reflects positively for those within the community.

6.    Discussion regarding Town Board member Howard’s letter to Michael Maher asking that the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Task Force item be removed from the February 15, 2005 Nye County Board of Commissioners’s agenda.  Richard Billman

7.    Discussion, action and decision concerning Last Chance Park application to Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Town Manager/MaryEllen Giampaoli

8.    Presentation of overview of the wellhead planning process and discussion, action and decision regarding request that the Town Board approve the Town Manaager to participate on the planning team, or designate a Board member to serve in that capacity.  Town Manager/Tom Buqo

9.    Discussion of PVFRS Task Force recommendations and possible action and decision to: (1) recommend to the Nye County Board to approve a referendum for up to a 1.5% tax within the Town of Pahrump; (2) Clarify the amount of the tax requested; (3) Approve incurring the expense for a special election.  Town Manager/Paul Willis

10.    First reading of revised Pahrump Town Ordinance #46 – Prohibiting the incorporation of any area of the Town of Pahrump that does not include the entire area of the Town.

11.    Discussion, action and decision regarding request that the Town of Pahrump sponsor the children’s annual egg hunt on Saturday, March 26, at Petrack Park.  Jeanna Howard/O.J. Palmer

12.    Discussion, action and decision regarding letter of recommendation from Pahrump Tourism Advisory Board to fund up to $2,000 total to send Tourism Advisory Board members to the annual Nevada Commission on Tourism Rural Round Up to be held April 13-15, 2005 in West Wendover, Nevada.  Ed Bishop/Karen Spalding

13.    Town Manager’s Report

14.    Advisory Board Reports

15.    Discussion, action and decision regarding approval of new Arena Advisory Board member to fill vacancy.  Laurayne Murray

16.    Discussion, action and decision regarding approval of Fall Festival Committee membership.  Town Manager/Coni Rockwood

17.    Discussion, action and decision regarding appointment of Chairman of Fall Festival Arts and Crafts Committee due to resignation of former Chairman.  Jeanna Howard

18.    Discussion, action and decision concerning bank account signatures – Resolution #2005-07.  Town Manager

19.    Discussion, action and decision regarding amendment to the Town Board Policy to include a deadline for back up materials.  Town Manager

20.    Discussion, action and decision regarding 2004 Audit correction plan -  Resolution 2005-06.  Town Manager

21.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
B.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of January 25, 2005
C.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of February 8, 2005
D.    Action – approval ambulance billing write-offs
E.    Action – approval of 72-Hour Liquor License – Knights of Columbus – March 13, 2005 – Parish grounds.

22.       Adjournment.

SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.



Richard Billman                    
Ed Bishop
Paul Willis
Laurayne Murray


Chairman Richard Billman called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  Mr. Billman welcomed those attending this meeting.


Richard Billman stated that he will be removing Item #6 (Discussion regarding Town Board member Howard’s letter to Michael Maher asking that the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Task Force item be removed from the February 15, 2005 Nye County Board of Commissioner’s agenda.) from the agenda,

Dave Richards asked that Item #7 (Discussion, action and decision concerning Last Chance Park application to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) be delayed until the presenter arrives.  She is expected to arrive late due to the weather.

There were no objections to these changes.  


Ed Bishop announced the following:

The Nye County Commissioners will meet on February 23, at 1:30 p.m. in the Community Center to discuss strategic planning for Nye County;
Nye County Road Department will hold an open meeting on February 24 at 6:00 p.m. in the Hall;
Teleconferencing will take place at the Community Center for the Nye County Commissioner’s meeting on March 1st and 2nd beginning at 8:30 a.m.;
Public Lands Advisory Board will meet on March 2 at 7:00 p.m. in Room B;
Tourism Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on March 3 at 8:00 a.m. in the Town Annex;

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board will meet on March 3 at 7:00 p.m. in Room A;
Fall Festival Executive Committee is scheduled to meet March 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Annex.

Jim Petell made the following announcements:

    The next meeting for the Nye County Commissioners will be March 15 in Amargosa:
    Nye County Conservation District will meet March 2 at Wulfy’s at 12:00 noon;
    EDEN will meet February 24 at 4:00 p.m. at the Nevada State Bank second floor;
Valley Electric Association will meet February 24 at 9:00 a.m. at their building.  All members of the co-op are encouraged to attend;
Development Review Committee will meet at 8:30 a.m. on February 24.  The public is encouraged to attend to see how big Pahrump is growing with no end in sight.  The committee will reconvene at the Planning Office to make decisions on recommendations to the Regional Planning Commission.

Laurayne Murray announced that the Airport Technical Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for March 10 at 10:00 a.m.


Peggy Warner asked when the maintenance crew evaluations and merit increases will be put on the agenda.  Some have been since July 2004 and prior to that.

Jim Petell commented that there is a survey at the Town Office regarding the use of the Calvada Eye area.  Mr. Petell said he feels the funding should come from County lands that are available at $207 million in equity instead of putting a $6 million medium term obligation on the citizens and the PETT money.  

Ed Maznicky commented about the action taken in Pahrump on things that were obvious.  Mr. Maznicky noted that the Pahrump Valley Times has an advertisement noticing readers that by law companies have to be registered with the State of Nevada (NRS624).  Ed Maznicky said he was concerned because as long as the Town allows these businesses to advertise without licensing the Town will not get any decent businesses.  


Jim Petell announced that there is good news regarding the Piute problem on Indian Reservation Road and Turner Road on a 160 acre lot.  Mr. Petell said he found out that the BLM are in talks with the parties and would hope to get some resolution to people tomorrow.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Mr. Petell said he attended the Mount Charleston Summit with the Town Manager who spoke on behalf of Pahrump.  Jim Petell stated that Senators Reid and Ensign and others are fighting for the money that was derived from the sale of the BLM land to keep it in Nevada to upgrade the Mount Charleston area in the amount of $58 million.  

Paul Willis reported that Senate Bill 50 (SB50) had its first hearing in committee yesterday at the legislature.  Mr. Willis noted that SB50 is for a grant to put a Veterans Administration Office in Pahrump with a satellite in Tonopah.  


MaryEllen Giampaoli provided the Board with information regarding an agenda item that was heard in September 2004 regarding acquisition of land from the BLM for the purpose of developing a nature park, the Last Chance Park. At that meeting, Ms. Giampaoli and Dave Richards were tasked with pursuing discussions with the BLM regarding the acquisition of these lands.  Ms. Giampaoli reported that on November 15 they met with representatives of the BLM Las Vegas District Office which oversees the disposal lands in the Pahrump area to discuss alternatives and options for acquisition of the land associated with the park.  MaryEllen Giampaoli said it is worth noting that at that time the BLM was informed that recreational uses of the land were consistent with the current master plan usage by the RPC.  At this meeting it was determined that the primary reaction by the BLM was concern with the amount of acreage being proposed.  The amount is one square mile, one section or 640 acres.  BLM said it was a BLM policy that for recreation and public purpose act applications, only the land which is necessary for realizing the proposed use would be allowed to go forward under the Recreation and Public Purpose Act whether it is a lease or a patent (which is where you acquire title to the property).  Ms. Giampaoli said the BLM suggested considering one of two alternatives to what the Town was proposing; one being the Town attempt to under the Recreation and Public Purpose Act to define specifically trails and points on a map that might be used for picnic or other recreational use; second or to pursue under a right of way application through the BLM.  MaryEllen Giampaoli explained that the right of way was something that was not previously considered because it is known as a permanent revocable at will by the federal government.  It conveys no ownership to the land at all and would allow for other concurrent uses of the land if the BLM were to determine if such uses were consistent with the land use of recreation.  In this case the land is zoned as recreation or residential so the land could still go forward for disposal to develop houses while it was serving as a park.  

Ms. Giampaoli concluded that having looked over the site the most appropriate way to proceed is to go forward with an application for the entire acreage for which the Town is interested and have the BLM come back and begin a negotiation process with the Town to have BLM further their case as to why this land should not be designated for recreation and still be open to other mixed uses.  To develop an application the type which BLM is suggesting be developed is a tremendous burden to mark out the appropriate trails for hiking or horseback or all terrain
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

vehicles.  MaryEllen Giampaoli stated that her recommendation to the Town Manager and the Town Board is to proceed with developing an application for whatever acreage desired.  The back up provided identified up to 640 acres for purchase and up to 6400 acres for lease with the option to buy an additional 640 acres annually.  Those are the legal acquisition limits under law.  Ms. Giampaoli said in no way is she suggesting that the Town should acquire the maximum but the amount of land that you feel would be appropriate to support the Last Chance Park.  MaryEllen Giampaoli gave her estimates that 80 acres be used for ATV use, 1,000 – 1,600 for park use for recreation such as horseback riding, hiking and other outdoor activities.  

Paul Willis asked what the Public Lands Advisory Boards involvement and participation in this.  Ms. Giampaoli replied that she met with the advisory board around September 2004.  Mr. Willis asked if her recommendation is consistent with what they were planning.  MaryEllen Giampaoli replied that it is a bit larger and encompasses the element for ATV usage which was not originally proposed.  The area is already heavily trafficked by ATVs.  Paul Willis asked if it was necessary to get the acquisition to name out specific uses.  Ms. Giampaoli stated that you must be very specific on the uses being proposed as well as providing a plan of development, management and operations for the first six years.  The bulk of documentation has been prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Smithers and will go into the plan of development.  Lacking for the application is to identify either blocks of acreage or an attempt at lineation and provide legal descriptions for each trail way being proposed.  

Paul Willis Motioned to prepare a resolution to the Nye County Board of Commissioners notifying them of the Town’s interest in and intent to acquire said land in the Pahrump Valley from the BLM through lease and purchase pursuant the Recreation and Public Purpose Act of 1926.

Laurayne Murray asked if the resolution was for the acreage recommended; 80 acres for ATV and 1,600 acres for equestrian, hiking, etc.  

Richard Billman explained that the recommendation is to go for the 640 acres.  Ms. Giampoali said she would recommend going up to 640 and described the Sections which would be included totaling 1600 acres.

Paul Willis added to his Motion as per recommendation and whatever else we can get.

Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.

MaryEllen Giampaoli said she would proceed with preparing the application and will be bringing it forward for signature.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005


Tom Buqo explained that the State of Nevada Division of Environmental Protection awarded Nye County a grant to do a Wellhead Protection Plan for the Pahrump Valley.  Mr. Buqo noted that typically each utility does their own Wellhead Protection Plan.  Pahrump is unique in that it has 40 active water supply systems ranging from the three major utilities along with individual systems at RV parks and mobile home parks.  Tom Buqo said that rather than do 40 individual Wellhead Protection Plans the State agreed that it would be best to do one so they awarded Nye County the money to do one and is being administered through the Natural Resources Office and Dave Swanson.  As part of the wellhead protection planning process a Wellhead Planning Team must be formed.  Mr. Buqo noted that the team members should be individuals that represent the community at various levels, typically water supply system operators, people from Regional Planning Commission and so forth.  Tom Buqo said that to date they have one person from the Southern Nye County Conservation District, Dave Swanson with Natural Resources, and a representative from the RPC.  Mr. Buqo pointed out that Pahrump is unique in that the public water supply system serves approximately 4500 – 6000 residents; another 25,000 residents that are on domestic wells.  A different approach will be taken in that a member of the Well Owners Association will serve on the team as well.  Tom Buqo suggested that he would like to have someone from the Town Board involved or a designee such as the Town Manager.  There will probably be four meetings between now and the end of the year.  Education in the schools is a part of this package of information being formed.  Mr. Buqo explained that after the plan is in place it does not mean it is the end.  The State does have implementation plans and money.  If a recommendation is made in the planning process, next year we go back to the State and apply for another grant to implement the recommendations.  

Richard Billman asked if there was anyone on the Board that wished to serve on this committee.  Mr. Billman asked Dave Richards if he would serve.  Mr. Richards said he would be willing to serve on this committee.  Ed Bishop suggested that he would serve as an alternate to Mr. Richards.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to appoint the Town Manager, Dave Richards, to participate in the Wellhead Protection Planning Advisory Board with Ed Bishop as the alternate.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005


Paul Willis Motioned to table this item and that the recommendations of the Task Force be given to the staff for their study.  Mr. Willis specifically asked the Director of Finance to determine what level of revenue the Town might reasonably expect to obtain given the current situation; and from the Town Manager the level of service that we could deliver given that existing funding.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Mr. Willis stated that the Board met last Thursday with Tischler and Associates, a growth analysists that is doing financial projections for possible revenue for the County that is identifying properties as ways to raise revenues on growth.  At this meeting it was mentioned by Tischler that it would be imprudent at this time to have any big budget expenditures until it is recognized and identified the revenues from the growth.  
Dave Richards stated that he concurred with the recommendation.  

Laurayne Murray said she feels this item is not tied to the growth as Mr. Willis mentioned.  Ms. Murray said that Mr. Tischler was talking about a fiscal impact study particularly tied to the growth of the community.  Laurayne Murray stated that she feels the work done by the Task Force was to determine the need and identify the deficiencies in the current department and she believes the Task Force clearly identified that the current department without any consideration to growth is far below any minimum standards that the community should have.  Ms. Murray noted that having a single station and a skeleton crew can barely serve 400 square miles of area with over 30,000 citizens and over 6000 calls per year.  Laurayne Murray said that she believes the need for funding is clearly beyond what the future growth might be.  Ms. Murray stated that if the Town does not start some funding today, we are just playing catch up.  Laurayne Murray noted that Mr. Willis has stated on numerous occasions, both as a member of the Task Force and as a member of the Town Board, that putting the plan ahead of the financing was putting the cart ahead of the horse and that the first step was to determine the funding.  Ms. Murray explained that when the plan was presented before the County Commissioners several said they had no problem requesting a ballot question for the fire levy as long as the Town would recommend that and pay for the election.  Laurayne Murray said she recognizes that any politician is not going to stand up and run on a platform that will raise taxes. On the other hand, we are in a situation now that we need to allow the citizens to take the vote.  Ms Murray said she does not want to deny the citizens the opportunity to vote on this item.  It has been stated in the TriCore citizen survey that was taken last year by over 72% of the citizens that they would be willing to have an additional fee to get a better fire and rescue service.  If 72% of the people support this, it is time to give them a voice and not have the Town Board deny people their democratic right to put this issue on the ballot.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Richard Billman stated that being a realist and having lived here for some time the last time an election was held to put two cents on property tax for healthcare the vote was defeated.  Mr. Billman noted that it would cost approximately $30,000 to have the special election.  

Richard Billman clarified the motion being that Mr. Sullivan looks at the Town finances first.  Paul Willis replied that on June 8, 2004 when the Task Force was formed, it was suggested by Ms. Glidden to form the Task Force at which time she stated that she would like the committee to be independent with the resource to go to Mr. Richards and the Fire Chief.  Laurayne Murray added that they did participate.  Mr. Willis said that the recommendations did not go to them and they participated in a limited stature as they were directed by the Town Board to only provide materials that they were requested to provide, and to answer questions when they were asked.  Much of the recommendations were from the Capital Improvements Fund and there is still an ambiguity of how much those taxes are.   Mr. Willis said he is not opposed to spending the money for a special election but would like to have some of the avenues researched from other resources such as the Town Manager.  Paul Willis said he has two independent estimates that differ greatly from the projections from the Task Force.  The differences are in the tax formula and how much tax they want, and whether it will get the Town where it needs to be.  Mr. Willis said these are questions the Town Manager could answer.

Ed Bishop stated that he agrees with both Ms. Murray and Mr. Willis and is willing to come up in the middle.  Mr. Bishop said we need to know how much it is going to cost and if there are 72% of the people willing to pay the price that it is fine.  Mr. Bishop said but before we spend upwards of $30,000 on a cost of a special election, he would like to know how much money we have in the bank right now that can be put to use immediately.  Ed Bishop noted that if the Town has a special election it will take six months to set up the election and by the time it is put into effect, a year or two will have passed before seeing any money.  Richard Billman agreed.  Mr. Bishop said he feels the Financial Director could come up with figures as to how much we have; the Town Manager can use those figures to work with and what we can do with it while waiting on the special election.  

Paul Willis added that the June 8, 2004 meeting Laurayne Murray said we need to find what is going to work the best for the community and how to fund it to get the greatest quality for the least quantity.  

Mike McInerney said he was unable to be a part of the Task Force to study this.  Mr. McInerney said he strongly disagrees with many of the finding in the report.  Mike McInerney commented on the previous volunteer program and fire stations, and adding personnel.  Mr. McInerney said he does not want the best fire-rescue service money can buy; he wants the best fire department and the best ambulance service that the Town can afford.  Mike McInerney said ever since the Town first took over the ambulance service has operated at a loss and was designed to operate as an enterprise fund, meaning user revenues would pay for it.  If the user fees will support one ambulance, we should have one ambulance.  If they will support 100 ambulances, we should

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

have 100.  It should be run as an enterprise fund not involving tax payer dollars.  Mr. McInerney commented on the cross training of firefighters and paramedics and the cost of paramedics.  

Chuck Patti handed out some information to the Town Board.  Mr. Patti commented that there are other things rather than finances that the Board should also investigate.  Chuck Patti referred to Volume 1 of the PVFRS Task Force report (section 10) totals 1066 calls reported to the State rather than the 6000 referred to in the report.  Mr. Patti suggests finding a justifiable explanation.  Chuck Patti also pointed out that the other information he provided is from the State Fire Marshall’s Office which reported that the Stated of Nevada has less than 12,000 calls.  Mr. Patti suggested that the Board needs to find out if the Town really does need a tax increase before spending the money for a special election.  Chuck Patti stated that if the budget would stay static with no increases in pay, personnel, growth, or business, by the year 2012 if the current budget was taken and extrapolate it out it would be $4.9 million in the hole.  Laurayne Murray thanked Mr. Patti for making that point and said the Town should do something to increase revenues.  

Charlie Gronda commented that on June 26, 1998, there was a headline in the Pahrump Valley Times concerning the Fire District Tax proposed being on hold.  Mr. Gronda said that when he was on the Town Board at that time he brought up the fact that a tax was needed for the fire department.  Mr. Gronda said it has been talked about numerous times since then.  Charlie Gronda pointed out that the previous two speakers spoke about statistics rather then the agenda item concerning a special election.  Mr. Gronda suggested that the Town Board set a date for the election, and then put together a plan of what needs to be done before that time.  Charlie Gronda said if there needs to be a three month study it should be figured in the time.  

Richard Billman asked if that was relative to getting the exterminator before you find out you have any mice.  Mr. Gronda replied no, because you know you have a problem.  Charlie Gronda said he feels the Town does not have the money to solve the problem.  The problem is not going to go away.  Mr. Gronda pointed out that you are just asking the people if they want a better fire department or if they want a good fire department or if they want just what the Town can afford.  There would be no problem as the Board will do what the people told them to do.  

Art Jones commented that there has been a problem since day one when the Town took over the fire department ambulance.  Mr. Jones said the Town Board knew if it was a money making deal the Commissioners would never have given it up.  The County dropped it on the Town with $600,000 and it has been going down ever since.  Art Jones said the Board is going to have to bite the bullet and make a decision.  Mr. Jones said he believes in having a good fire department and good paramedics but why spend money you do not have.  Art Jones suggested giving the department back to the County.  

Jim Petell said that all the information shows that someone has not coordinated and not taken a leadership role into showing the people and the Board that there is a problem and it needs to be solved.  Mr. Petell stated that the information from the Task Force seems to be irrelevant.  The information has been found to be discontinued as fact according to Mr. Patti’s report from the
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

State.  Jim Petell commented that if it goes the way Mr. Gronda suggested, making a date for a vote, it is the wrong way to go about it.  Mr. Petell said he thinks the people should input in the form of a questionnaire before anything is done.  Jim Petell commented on the growth and the increase in fire coverage through insurance.  Mr. Petell said someone must take a leadership role and do the job properly to accumulate the information properly.  The people, as long as the firefighters and ambulance crews are paid and given due diligence to what they do, which is a pat on the back every now and then, and the proper equipment and tools to work with, then we can say we successfully solved this issue.  

Audra Schooly commented that she looked at the summary (page 3) that was provided by the Task Force in the power point presentation.  Ms. Schooly voiced her concerns regarding this report.  Audra Schooly said she cannot believe that the Board has an actual grasp on the cost from the report.  Until it is straightened out, Ms. Schooly asked how the Board could ask the people to vote when they do not know what they are voting for.  

Ed Maznicky commented that he is new to the problems outlined today.  Mr. Maznicky said he would us an analogy that concerns business.  His analogy is that someone wants to open a business but they do not know what kind of business they want to do, what to charge or if there is a demand for the product.  

Richard Billman said that he feels the Task Force did outline what they wanted to do and was fairly clear as to the amount of money, an extremely large amount of money.  Mr. Billman said this is something he would think long and hard over before jumping into the water.

Laurayne Murray said she feels the meeting with Tischler addressed growth issues but not the fact that we are already behind the eight ball.  We do not have enough equipment or staff to cover the area that we service.  Ms. Murray replied to Mr. Maznicky that the Town is not looking to open a business, we are in business.  And the demand is greater than what we are able to supply at this time given the restrictions of the finances.  Laurayne Murray said that with regard to asking input from experts in the field, the Town Boards prior to this one, has spent significant funds in getting input, including the Abaris Report, the Task Force, and the Fire Chief who has been hired and paid to be the professional to head up the department and given his expertise.  We have asked the citizens through the TriCore survey.  Ms. Murray recapped the comments made by the people concerning getting input from the experts, identifying the need, knowing what business the Town is in, knowing what the citizens want have all been done and the Board is still tabling this waiting for the Town Manager, who has been on his job for over a year.  The fire department was a problem when he walked in the front door and he has not presented the Board with a plan in over a year.  What is he going to do now, Ms. Murray asked, that he has not done in the year he has been here?  It is time for the citizens to be able to let their voice be heard and give them a choice of various percentages on taxes.  They should be asked what they are willing to pay to get what kind of service.  Then provide them with the service they are willing for.  If we do not ask the question, each Board member should say they made the decision for the community and the Town will not fund the fire department beyond where it is today.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Chuck Patti called a point of order.  Mr. Patti commented on a comment by Ms. Murray that the Town Manager did not do anything.  Laurayne Murray explained that she did not say he did not do anything, she said he has been on the job for one year, the fire department has been a problem in this Town for more than that, yet we do not have any addition plan to what we already have.  Chuck Patti said he tried to change it and got brought up on charges last Good Friday by another Board member that resigned.

Ed Bishop commented that Ms. Murray said we do not have enough equipment.  Mr. Bishop noted that the Task Force report shows three pieces of equipment at Station #3 (Kellogg).  Ed Bishop continued that further in the report it states that the building is not fit to use due to spiders.  Mr. Bishop said he has not seen a piece of equipment in that station for years.  Ed Bishop asked if we have enough equipment to have three pieces of equipment in every station what more do we need.  

Richard Billman said he was troubled by the whole statistical routine.  The statistics have been thrown around for the last two years.  Mr. Billman commented that Mr. Patti’s statistics have been heard and he heard the 6600 and there is a big difference.  Ed Bishop noted that both statistics are in the Task Force report.  Mr. Billman asked what the answer is.

Paul Willis said he is not opposed to this but wants to find out what the Town needs before we go to the people and ask them for it.  

Fire Chief Scott Lewis said the information that Mr. Patti relayed to the Board is to the State Fire Marshall but it is a National Fire Information Reporting System (NFIRS).  It does not capture any of the EMS which is under a separate division of the State.  The information referred to by Mr. Patti is strictly for the fire side of the house.  Chief Lewis said the different categories referred to cover specific areas such as motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, good intent calls, service calls, etc.  Scott Lewis explained that prior to his arrival in 2002 the department had not been providing the information through NFIRS.  It is now a requirement for any grants.  After his arrival there was a new operating system placed into service and all information is sent to the State on a monthly basis.  Chief Lewis pointed out that PVFRS was the only department in Nye County that captured any of the information which is a report he shared with the Town Manager.  Scott Lewis stated that every single month his department accounts for every run that the fire side goes on through the system and sent to the State.  The EMS is kept in manual books.  Anyone can come and look at those books as long it does not show patient information for the HIPPA requirements.  The statistics that were provided in the year end report are sound, Chief Lewis stated.  There are no inconsistencies in the overall numbers.  All the information is funneled through the State Fire Marshall on a monthly basis, tallied, and reported to the federal government.  

Ed Bishop asked Chief Lewis if calls by incident type are separate why under the fire department are there 15% of the calls invalid assist calls.  Why are we sending firefighters to assist invalids and not EMTs?  Chief Lewis replied that the reason is they are both cross trained and both
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

perform that function.  It is captured on the fire side because if done under the enterprise side the people would have to be billed.  It is a service assignment that the department provides the community.  Mr. Bishop asked how many of those calls are we not collecting for that are being written off.  Scott Lewis replied none.  They are not written off as they are not provided an EMS service or patient care.  Ed Bishop asked if 15% of the fire department calls are non-billable.  Chief Lewis said that is correct for service assignments for invalids.  Most cases from the fire side cannot be recouped.  The monies that can be recouped on the fire side are motor vehicle and structure fires where there is insurance coverage specifically for those items.  When there is patient care it is considered under the enterprise fund as we are providing EMS care.  

Paul Willis reiterated that he wants the Board to do its due diligence and make sure we know where we are going, what we are asking for, before we start asking for it.  Mr. Willis said it is going to take time for a special election and we have had this much time and a little more to make sure we are doing it right is the prudent thing to do.  

Richard Billman asked Mr. Richards how long he would need to do an evaluation with Mr. Sullivan.  Dave Richards replied if you want to set a deadline they will meet whatever deadline is set.  Ms. Murray noted that at the January 5 meeting it would be two weeks and would that be acceptable.  Mr. Richards said he would expect that two weeks to a month would be adequate time.  Laurayne Murray asked if it could be done by the next Town Board meeting.  Mr. Richards replied if that is what the Board wants.

Art Jones called a Point of Order.  Mr. Jones asked who the Chairman of the Town Board is.  Art Jones said the Town Manager asked the Chairman a question and someone jumped in with an answer.  Mr. Jones said the Chairman should answer first and then anybody else can answer after that.  

Vote passed 3 – 1.  Laurayne Murray voted nay.


Ed Bishop read the following:

“An ordinance providing that if petition for incorporation of any area within the unincorporated town of Pahrump is filed, said petition shall include the entire area of the Town and must e placed on the ballot in a manner as to afford the opportunity of every eligible voter in the unincorporated Town of Pahrump a vote in the general election immediately following the ratification or certification of the said petition by the proper authority; penalties; repeal of conflicting and prior ordinance; severability; effective date; and other matters properly relating thereto”  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

There was not public comment at this time.


Laurayne Murray noted that this item was placed on the agenda prior to the resignation of Ms. Howard.  Ms. Murray said she was asked to speak to the issue.  This is an event that has occurred annually in the Town and is a very well sponsored event and has a great turnout.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to approve support and funding for the Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 26 at Petrack Park.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion for discussion.

Ed Bishop asked O. J. Palmer what he needed from the Town Board.  Mr. Palmer replied he needs permission to use Petrack Park and the Town to sponsor it to save $1,000 in insurance costs.  Mr. Bishop asked if he needs any funding.  O. J. Palmer stated that he receives much support throughout the Town through business donations such as Wal-Mart, Prip, Inc., Mt. Charleston School is involved, and the Senior Center, and most of the local construction companies donate as well.  The event is well organized and will be providing 15,000 plastic eggs with 35,000 pieces of candy, 1,500 real eggs, and give away 15 bicycles.  Mr. Bishop clarified that Mr. Palmer is not asking for money from the Board and just asking if Mr. Palmer can use the park and we provide the insurance.  Mr. Palmer agreed.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Ed Bishop noted that Karen Spalding was not present and that he agreed to sponsor this item as the liaison to the Tourism Advisory Board.  Mr. Bishop explained that he would like to make a couple of changes in what they are asking for.  Ed Bishop said he does not see the reasoning for having to send the entire advisory board as there may be open meeting law conflicts as it is an educational and discussion type situation.

Ed Bishop Motioned that the Board authorize sending three members of the Tourism Advisory Board to the Rural Round Up.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.

Richard Billman asked if Mr. Bishop was changing the amount of money also.  Mr. Bishop said it would change the amount of money; instead of seven people at $65 apiece for registration it would be three, bus transportation would be three instead of seven and lodging would change.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Richard Billman asked if the amount considered would be up to $1,000.  Mr. Bishop agreed to approximately $1,000.  Whatever it would take to send three members and cover their lodging, transportation and meals.  Mr. Bishop suggested the advisory board pick the three members to go.  

Laurayne Murray explained that the Tourism Advisory Board budget for this year has $2,000 already budgeted for this year and still has $425,000 to the good at the end of the year even after spending this $2,000.  Ms. Murray noted that the Round Up was held in Pahrump last year and she has been told by the members that have attended this event each year that it is an extremely educational program and there are multiple workshops going on at one time.  Mr. Bishop noted that the back up does not list any conferences or sessions.  Ed Bishop said that before he would agree to send seven people to the event he would want more information.  

Richard Billman suggested tabling the item until the next meeting when Ms. Spalding would be present.  Ed Bishop agreed to table the item.

Ed Bishop withdrew is original motion.

Ed Bishop Motioned to move the item to the next agenda.  Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  


Dave Richards reported that the State Tax Commission will be contacted to get a determination from them in writing exactly what amount of tax could be generated from NRS 269.255.  A report will be provided to the Board at the next meeting if it is available.  Mr. Richards said we can only ask and cannot require them to respond within a period of time.  

Mr. Richards reported that a number of vehicles for the fire department are in the process of either manufacture or refurbishment.  The rapid response vehicles are expected to arrive in March.  The pumper being refurbished in Phoenix is underway.  A new ambulance is expected to be delivered in the next month or so.  The ladder truck that the Town Board approved is waiting for the vendor to provide the Town with a bid bond in the amount of the contract.  When that is done the Town will release the down payment.   It appears the bid bond has been a bit of a problem for the vendor but it protects the Town against any default on the part of the vendor for the entire amount of the contract.  

Dave Richards reported that the Town’s resolution truck traffic in Calvada #1 was tabled by the Nye County Commissioners some time ago.  Mr. Richards stated that a committee was suggested to discuss appropriate truck routes and to develop a plan.  Dave Richards wished to indicate to the Board that no meetings have been conducted as of this date despite his attempts to make
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

contact with the County Administrator and to schedule a meeting so it can be talked about what they desire from the Town.  Mr. Richards said he was unsure if the trucks were still a problem in that unit or not.  He said he has not received any complaints.  Dave Richards said he has not been able to get a response from the County and he has tired.

Mr. Richards reported that negotiations will commence in the near future with the firefighters.  Two dates have been proposed.  A decision will be made when the Town Attorney returns from vacation and begin negotiations.  

Dave Richards reported that he attended the Mount Charleston Recreation Summit and found it to be an interesting event.  Mr. Richards said he learned that on the east side of Mount Charleston there are plans for development at Kyle Canyon that are extensive.  They also have tens of millions of dollars to spend on that project and others.  It was indicated that there is development plan proposed for the west side and they will be contacting the Town and County to send representatives to discussions to talk about the community’s recreation needs and development of the Mount Charleston Recreation area.  Dave Richards said he looks forward to that development and participating in the effort.  

Mr. Richards stated that in regards to the Building and Grounds wage increases, the recommendations from the Building and Grounds supervisor have been on Mr. Richard’s desk for a little over a month.  Dave Richards said he was waiting for the Building and Grounds superintendent to recommend that they come before the Town Board.  Mr. Richards reported that while the agenda was being prepared the supervisor was sick or they would have come to this meeting.  Because he was sick they were not placed on the agenda.  He indicated it was his desire to have those recommendations come before the Board at the next meeting.  We will do so.  Whether they are retroactive to July 2004 or not, remains to be seen.  

Laurayne Murray requested that Mr. Richards number the items rather than bullet them on future reports for easier referencing.  Ms. Murray also requested some deliverable timelines on some points as they are continually being carried forward.  Laurayne Murray noted that she knows items are progressing but would like an estimated timeline for the items.  


Laurayne Murray stated she reported under announcements that the Pahrump Valley Airport Master Plan Technical Advisory Committee meeting will held March 10.  Ms. Murray added that the County Commissioners have approved for County employees to participate on this board.

Paul Willis reported that he attended the Nye Communities Coalition where Steve Allred spoke regarding positive action and an award winning program.  Their 5th Annual Volunteer Fair will be held April 6 from l: 00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Wal-Mart.  The Town Board is welcome to participate.  They will be taking part in the Nathan Adelson Senior Resource Expo at the

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Community Center on March 14.  The Yo-Yo group will be cleaning up cigarette butts at Petrack Park on March 19 as their annual “Kick Butt Day.”

Mr. Willis reported that the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board has completed a rough draft of the Town of Pahrump Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and is submitting the plan and program modules to the Town Board for review and comment.  The draft is approximately 85% complete.  Town specific information and memorandums of understanding (MOU) with other agencies, businesses and volunteer organizations are the last phase to be completed prior to the adoption and publication.  Paul Willis asked the Board members and the Town Manager to review the plan and provide comments prior to March 15.  Workshops to address solicitation of MOU and finalization of the financial and other modules requiring conflict resolution must be scheduled to complete this portion of the project.  Mr. Willis said he will give the copy to the Town Manager so he may get copies to the Town Board.  Paul Willis stated there is security sensitive information in the draft because of Homeland Security.

Dale Schutte, Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board, reported they are hosting the 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration at Honeysuckle Park on April 23.  Vendors and displays are currently being contacted.  Mr. Schutte reported that the advisory board does not have ready access to the community center for their meetings and needs someone there to get into the building.  


Laurayne Murray Motioned to approve the Arena Advisory Board recommendation to accept Steve Lee as member to the Arena Advisory Board.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Coni Rockwood noted that the list provided to the Board is mostly members that have been associated with the festival for two years and are still interested in participating.  This is reaffirming them.  Some are new members as well.

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve this list of volunteer members as provided.  Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Ed Bishop asked if Jeanna Howard will be keeping the two positions listed or will she be stepping away from it.  Ms. Rockwood said she has not had any contact with Ms. Howard and has not conveyed to her.  Richard Billman noted that he understands that they would stay as they are.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Coni Rockwood stated that this was placed on the agenda by Ms. Howard in anticipation that we would be going through the motions.  The Arts and Crafts Committee has met and approved her, the Executive Board approved her with the contingency that her committee would approve her.  Ms. Rockwood noted this it is now up to the Town Board to approve her.  

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Paula Gibson as Chairman of the Fall Festival Arts and Crafts Committee.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  


Dave Richards explained that this is a housekeeping item to make certain there are people available to sign checks when necessary.  Mr. Richards noted that there has been turn over on the Board since the last Resolution was passed and are willing to consider any Town Board member as co-signatory if they so desire.  Dave Richards said the people listed were picked at random.  

Paul Willis Motioned to adopt Resolution #2005-07.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Laurayne Murray asked how many signatures are required on any of the bank transactions.  Dave Richards replied two on any one.  Ms. Murray asked if this was required on any transaction.  Mr. Richards replied yes.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that the policy keeps needing refining as issues are identified relating to the Town Board Policy.  Mr. Richards noted that in Section G, under Agenda; the third paragraph, last sentence reads: All agenda item requests must be placed by 3:00 p.m. on the
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Wednesday before any regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.  Mr. Richards explained that this is an additional item that will facilitate getting the back up packets ready on time.

Mr. Richards noted that in the same section, fifth paragraph relates to back up materials: All back up materials shall be in the Town Office by no later than 3:00 p.m. in the Wednesday before any regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.  If the back up is not in the Office by this date and time, the Chairman may remove the item from the agenda; OR the Chairman shall remove the item from the agenda.  The Chairman’s decision may only be overridden by a majority vote of the Town Board.  One of these options must be chosen.  

The next paragraph is an additional item as well: If there is no backup material to be submitted, the person requesting the item shall clearly state this on the agenda item request.  Further, the agenda shall clearly state if there is no backup material.  The section regarding backup materials does not apply to emergency meetings.  Agenda packets shall be completed and available by 12:00, noon, on the Friday before any regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.

Dave Richards stated that these are the changes proposed at this date and it is his recommendation that the Board approve them with a choice between may or shall.  

Ed Bishop Motioned to adopt the changes with the second option, that the Chairman shall remove the item from the agenda and the Chairman’s decision may only be overridden by a majority vote of the Board.  

Mr. Bishop said it is really hard when people come up five minutes after the meeting starts and hands out backup material and expects the Board to be able to vote on it.  Mr. Bishop said his preference would be if they do not have the backup material they have to wait until the next meeting.  

Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  


Dave Richards explained that this is an item that is required by the State Department of Taxation.  They want the Town Board to recognize the compliance issues and the management letter comments and provide a response as to how those issues will be addressed.  Mr. Richards noted that we have indicated our recommendation as to an appropriate response and have prepared Resolution #2005-06 which will be forwarded to the State along with the corrective action plan.  It is his recommendation that the Board approve the corrective action plan as presented.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
February 22, 2005

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve Resolution #2005-06.  Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
B.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of January 25, 2005
C.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of February 8, 2005
D.    Action – approval ambulance billing write offs
E.    Action – approval of 72-Hour Liquor License – Knights of Columbus – March 13, 2005 – Parish grounds.

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve consent agenda items A, D and E.  Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Laurayne Murray Motioned to approve consent agenda items B and C.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 3 – 0 – 1.  Ed Bishop abstained due to his absence at those meetings.


Richard Billman adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Bishop, Clerk

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There is no backup posted for this meeting.