Agendas & Minutes

January 25, 2005

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
JANUARY 25, 2005



1.    Call to order.

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion regarding agenda items.

3.    Announcements.

4.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

5.    “Good News” regarding people, events, awards, celebrations or occasions that reflects positively for those within the community.

6.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Pahrump-A-Pum-Pum Christmas Festival.  Corky Johnson

7.    Discussion, action and decision regarding United Way Parade for St. Patrick’s Day, March 19, 2005.  Raquel Maldonado

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Proclamations.  Delores Joyner

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding amendment to ITG Enterprises website services agreement.  Town Manager

10.    Discussion, action and decision regarding MAP Economic Development strategy service agreements.  Town Manager

11.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Civilwise Fairgrounds Engineering services agreements.  Town Manager

12.    Second reading of Pahrump Town Ordinance #46 - Prohibiting the incorporation of any area of the Town of Pahrump that does not include the entire area of the Town.

13.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Community Center Policy eliminating the prohibition of animals in the center.  Town Board

14.    Discussion, action and decision regarding going to bid for Community Center roof replacement.  Town Manager

15.    Discussion, action and decision regarding going to bid for Pool Chemical Automation System.  Town Manager

16.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Bid #2005-01 – Pool Roof.    

17.    Town Manager’s Report

18.    Advisory Board Reports

19.    Appointment of liaisons to Nye County Capital Improvement Action Committee.  Laurayne Murray

20.    Discussion, action and decision regarding appointment of members to Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Advisory Board.  Town Board

21.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Bid #2004-08 – Fall Festival Rodeo Announcer.  Bill Maddox

22.    Discussion, action and decision regarding baseline Staff Survey.  Laurayne Murray

23.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
B.    Action – approval of Special Town Board meeting minutes of January 5, 2005
C.    Action – approval of ambulance billing write offs.
D.    Action – approval of County 72-hour liquor permit – Chamber of Commerce. For multiple events.

24.    Discussion, action and decision regarding closure of meeting pursuant to NRS 241.030(2) and 288.220(1-4) for purposes of conferring with the Town’s management representatives regarding labor negotiations issues and other personnel matters.

25.    Closed meeting, pursuant to NRS 288.220(4) for purposes of conferring with the Town’s management representatives regarding labor negotiations, issues and other personnel matters.

26.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request



PRESENT:                        ABSENT:
Richard Billman                    Ed Bishop
Jeanna Howard
Laurayne Murray
Paul Willis


Chairman Richard Billman called the meeting to order, led the pledge of allegiance and welcomed those in attendance.


Dave Richards stated that Items #24 and #25, although he requested this item for the agenda, he felt it was not agendized properly, asked that they be removed and placed on the agenda for the next meeting.  

There were not other changes and no objection to the recommended removal of Items #24 and #25 concerning a closed session.


Due to the absence of Clerk Ed Bishop, Laurayne Murray announced the following:

There will be a special meeting of the Tourism Advisory Board on January 27, at
6:00 p.m. in the Town Annex;
Public Lands Advisory Board will meet on February 2 at 7:00 p.m. in Room B;
The Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board will meet February 3 at
7:00 p.m.  in Room A.

Sally Devlin announced that the Friends of the Library will meet on February 5 at 9:00 a.m.

Ms. Devlin announced that the Senior Pageant ladies will be having a fashion show at Noon on February 5, at Saddle West.  Tickets are available at the cost of $15 each.  

Sally Devlin announced that the entries for the Fiber Arts Show are due before February 5.  There are notices in the paper with more details.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Ed Maznicky announced that the Pahrump Valley Times will conduct a SCORE seminar on January 27.  SCORE provides free business consultation and is located in the Nevada State Bank building, second floor.  


Mike McInerney asked if the Town Board read and editorial by Doug McMurdo in January 14th edition of the Pahrump Valley Times regarding the relationship between the Town Board and the Town Manager.  There have been a number of Town Board members that would not have the policy or procedure guidelines or goals and objectives.  Mr. McInerney congratulated the Town Manager on his initiative to get the Town Board to react to the idea of incorporation.  

Sally Devlin announced that she failed to announce that the Toastmasters meet the first and third Wednesday at Dr Dueck’s office.

Ms. Devlin commented that she provided to Mr. Billman an article that will be appearing in the media entitled, “Let’s Back Rod Sherer and Bring Nevada Into the 21st Century.”  Sally Devlin noted that two of the bills Mr. Sherer has in the legislature are most important to Pahrump.  The first is that since 1919 Nevada has never realigned the counties.  The second Bill Draft by Mr. Sherer in the legislature which concerns a boundary map which was found to be nonexistent in 1995.  Rod Sherer is proposing that not just Pahrump or Clark County but many other towns that do not have proper boundary maps.  

Robert Smith commented regarding the 90 acre feet of water rights from Valley Electric that was requested.  Mr. Smith asked where the money would be coming from to do this except from PETT money.  Robert Smith noted that there is a bill in the legislature currently that will stop the water situation to allow the Town to use the water in the ground at the fairgrounds and not pay for it.  Mr. Smith suggested that the Town take a better look at how it spends money.  


There was no good news reported at this time.


The presenter of this item was not present.  Mr. Billman asked that it be delayed until someone was available to present this item.

Lee Sullivan commented that she would like to see a Christmas theme being brought to Pahrump and would bring attention to our Town.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005


Raquel Maldonado explained that on behalf of the United Way of Pioneer Territory they would like to have a parade on March 19, for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration beginning at Pahrump Valley High School down Calvada Boulevard past Pershing and into the driveway of Sullivan’s.  At that location there will be vendors and other activities.  

Richard Billman asked if this had been discussed with the Tourism Advisory Board.  Dave Richards explained that they have not asked for any funding for this event although the Sheriff’s Office should be contacted so that he is aware of the event.  Ms. Maldonado noted that she has emailed Sheriff DeMeo regarding the route and activities.  Raquel Maldonado asked if there were any other procedures they were required to do for this project.  Richard Billman confirmed that the United Way was not asking for any financial aid.  Ms. Maldonado said that was true; they would be doing all their own funding and vendors.  

Jeanna Howard asked if Ms. Maldonado was on the United Way Board.  Raquel Maldonado replied that she is.  

Paul Willis Motioned to approve contingent on approval by Sheriff DeMeo.  Laurayne Murray seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.  Ed Bishop will be absent for this entire meeting.


Delores Joyner was not present.  Dave Richards explained that there are three proclamations for community service, Sheriff DeMeo, Allvin Jones, and Rev. Julie Keating.  

Richard Billman asked if this would normally be done prior to the event.  Mr. Richards noted that he would anticipate this being done prior to the date next year, and the proclamations were processed as soon as they were received.  


Dave Richards explained that the Board received a proposal from ITG, the current webmaster, to increase their fee for services.  Mr. Richards stated they currently average 37.3 hours per month in maintaining the Town website which is far in excess of the hours that were originally anticipated and the services they provide exceed those in the original proposal.  ITG is requesting their fees be increased to $1,250 per month as their services are figured on an industry standard would be $1,866 per month
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Dave Richards said it was his recommendation that the Board approve the amendment to their agreement increasing their fees to $1,250 per month.  

Paul Willis Motioned to approve.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Jeanna Howard asked what the Town was paying prior to this proposed increase.  Dave Richards replied that $250 per month is currently being paid.  Ms. Howard clarified for the public that the Town is going from $250 per month to $1.250 per month.

Richard Billman commented that he currently pays for a website and they are relatively expensive and not terribly reliable.   Mr. Billman said most of his experience with the ITG website has been positive; the site is well put together less some animation.  

Paul Willis added that the cost is well below the going rate of $50 per hour and is more work than was anticipated.  Mr. Willis noted that that the Town will not get the service cheaper unless you want to discontinue the service.  

Laurayne Murray asked if the Town was currently in a contract with ITG or is it an agreement.  Dave Richards replied that we have an agreement with them currently.  Ms. Murray asked if this would be just a rate change as opposed to a new contract or does the Town have to go out to bid for this amount of money.  Mr. Richards responded that was correct.  Laurayne Murray confirmed that it is a change in the rate for the agreement.  

Cristina Hinds stated that the motion did not comprise of any aspect but ITG did provide a proposal which enumerates additional services.  It would be a fee in addition to the new service they proposed.  There are approximately ten new items listed.  

Chuck Patti commented that he was confused about the rate; was it $1,500 or $1,250.  Ms. Hinds replied that the motion did not clarify only that it increased fees but did not mention any of the services offered in the proposal.  Mr. Patti said he would strongly favor paying them the $1,250 as there are many people in Pahrump that do not have the ability to go to the posting placed for information for agendas for example.  Chuck Patti said this is a wonderful way of getting information to the public and is strongly in favor of approving the motion.

Mike McInerney commented that he was disconcerted by the statement by ITG.  Mr. McInerney stated that what was not initially understood by ITG Enterprises that there is no one with the time or background with computers or internet that would be able to spend the time or have the resources to keep tabs on the website, etc.  Mike McInerney said there are many people in Pahrump with and excellent background in computers.  Mr. McInerney suggested that the person trained for businesses licenses now be trained in computers with an addition $1,000 per month in order to keep the website going.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Richard Billman replied that it is easier to have a webmaster doing the work than it is to have employee doing it.  Mr. Billman said he has done it both ways and noted to ITG that he was pricing his services far below what he would be able to afford to keep them.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richard noted that the Board was provided with three proposals from Management Assistance Partnership (MAP).  Mr. Richards pointed out that the three proposals result from work that MAP completed several months ago.  The proposals are for a Direct Mail Campaign which involves preparation of a cover letter of a development and clean up of a database and assistance in negotiating a turnkey mailing with a printer along with assistance to local manufacturing companies in developing strategies for growth.  The third proposal is a community profile directory.  A sample from Douglas County is available for the Board to review.  Mr. Richards stated that the total cost for the three elements is $57,000.  Dave Richards said that the economic development fund has sufficient funds budgeted this year to accomplish this project.  

Dave Richards said it was his recommendation that the Board approve all three proposals from MAP for the services proposed.  Mr. Max Gregorich was present from MAP to answer any questions.  

Richard Billman asked what specifically did Mr. Richards believe the Town was looking for in through this agreement.  Mr. Richards noted that MAP was successful in identifying the existing manufacturers and manufacturers outside the State or County that would be compatible with manufacturers that the Town has currently. Dave Richards said the idea in two parts of the proposal to market the community to those businesses outside the community; one of the other items is to assist the local businesses which Mr. Richards said he feels is fundamental to economic development.  Dave Richards suggested that those are the three items he was looking for as they are consistent with the analysis that was completed by MAP.  

Paul Willis stated that he feels it is critical that the Town establish a commercial or industrial base in Pahrump to help take the tax burden off the taxpayers.  It is one of the shortcomings Pahrump has had.  Mr. Willis asked the representative from MAP where some of his success stories were and what it has done for other communities.

Mr. Max Gregorich provided a background of MAP.  Mr. Gregorich reported that within the past two years MAP has contributed approximately $243 million dollars of positive impact in the State of Nevada through various companies and various towns.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Paul Willis noted that the Governor has allocated $1 million dollars for the entire rural county on economic development.  Mr. Willis said it is up to Pahrump to establish something.  Max Gregorich added that MAP just received $750,000 from the Nevada Development Authority and the National U.S. Development Authority to aid and assist food manufacturers in the State.  There are other sources of money throughout the year to assist different sectors of mining and construction industry.  

Jeanna Howard asked if the compiled data was ever received by the Town Board members.  Dave Richards said that the Board has some of the essential elements in the backup, although there were not enough copies of the bound edition to pass out in time for this meeting.  Mr. Richards stated that the “meat” of the analysis is included in the backup.

Laurayne Murray asked if the direct mailing would be one time at the proposed price.  Mr. Gregorich confirmed the statement.  Ms. Murray asked if the 9000 manufacturing companies that would be mailed to would be those that have been matched up.  Max Gregorich replied that they would be targets for this target marketing campaign and are companies that fill the description provided and target the type of companies that would be valuable to this community.  Those would be companies not reliant on water and are environmentally clean and friendly.  Mr. Gregorich noted that many companies targeted are from depressed areas in Southern California. Due to their mass exodus from that are they would be prime targets.  Ms. Murray clarified that most companies would be from California.  Max Gregorich explained that the ones they have picked out so far are in Southern California.  There are other areas to go into but have not gone that far because of cost and going to the next level.  

Richard Billman asked how they would go about selling Pahrump to a perspective company.  Jeanna Howard asked how the Town is being marketed.  Mr. Gregorich replied that it is something that still has to be discussed.  Mark Hoven, service provider used by MAP, explained that by a direct mail campaign an offer letter would be sent to a perspective company that might want to move to Pahrump.  Mr. Hoven said it is a simple letter with an attachment of whatever the Town wants to attach.  These letters are sent out individually and personally signed by someone in the Town inviting them to bring their business to Pahrump.  It is a direct mail campaign stated Mark Hoven, which are the most effective approaches.  

Jeanna Howard clarified that it is the belief of Mr. Hoven is that in his experience to recruit industry to the community is via mass mailing.  Mark Hoven responded that a letter signed from the Town Manager to the President of a company will get a lot of attention.  This is a personal invitation to that company from Pahrump and is a very effective technique.  Ms. Howard asked if MAP has studied Pahrump for its limitations in regards to infrastructure, etc., and are there target areas of industry being looked into.  Mr. Hoven said they began with the manufacturing sector and industries that were green and did not require water.  

Max Gregorich stated that Mark Hoven was a major factor in creating the report that was generated a few months ago and was the person that collected most of the data and helped paint
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

the picture of Pahrump and what will be able to fit into Pahrump.  Mr. Hoven is very aware of the limitations of Pahrump and aware of what Pahrump has to over on the positive note.  

Paul Willis asked Dave Richards if he approved this.  Dave Richards replied that he strongly supports the proposals.  

Paul Willis Motioned to approve the three (3) service agreements with the MAP economic development and strategy service.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Laurayne Murray confirmed that the proposal for the community profile directory, $28,680; a proposal for the direct mail campaign, $18,680; and a proposal for the assist the local manufacturing companies developing strategies for growth, $15,000.  Ms. Murray noted that the total comes to $62,360 and there is another item for subsequent mailings for $14,030.  Laurayne Murray asked for a true number as the numbers do not add up to $57,000 as reported by the Town Manager.  Ms. Murray asked if there are four proposals being voted on or three.  

Dave Richards responded that the Board is voting on three and if the Board wished to approve the subsequent mailing it can be included.  Mr. Richards added that he anticipated the subsequent mailing would be approved at a later date.  

Richard Billman said he understood that the original mass mailing at the stated price would include more than just stamps for mailing and asked if there would be a brochure of some type included.  Mark Hoven replied that it would be a cover letter, envelope, printing, mailing, postage and an additional second or third page.  Max Gregorich noted that the anticipated mailing is one of the first class mailing anyone can do.  Mr. Gregorich explained they would be using top line stationery and would not look like a mass mailing but a personal letter from the Town Manager.  

There was more discussion regarding the cost and number of pieces of mail.  It was stated that approximately 9000 pieces would be mailed at a cost of $2.00 per letter.  Laurayne Murray restated the pricing included in the proposal.  

Jeanna Howard asked if Mr. Gregorich had planned to bring back the material used for marketing the Town of Pahrump for approval.  Max Gregorich replied absolutely and that everything will be proofed by the Town Manager and the Board if they so wished.  Ms. Howard asked that they please do.  Mr. Gregorich noted that the prices listed on the proposal are based on the people that MAP know can do the job.  Mr. Gregorich said this if there are local printers that would like to bid on the job they may.  This would allow for the price to be adjusted.  

Jeanna Howard referred to an all day shoot in Pahrump and asked if MAP provides its own media support such as camera, or is it internal.  Max Gregorich replied that it is turn key and is a service provided by MAP.  Ms. Howard explained that Pahrump has ample providers within the community that have established Pahrump marketing videos.  Mr. Gregorich noted that the same
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

rule would apply if Pahrump would like to use someone local that could lower the price he would be in favor of that.  Max Gregorich noted that the prices listed are high end prices based on the top people MAP knows can do the job.

Laurayne Murray asked regarding assisting the local manufacturing companies and developing strategies for growth, fifty companies were estimated that wished to participate.  Ms. Murray asked if local manufacturing companies have already been solicited.  Mr. Gregorich replied no, not for this project.  The $15,000 was based on 50 companies.  If 25 companies wanted to participate it would be half the price.  For that money, MAP does a financial analysis for a company to determine their health and current state.  Then there is discussion regarding how much money they are leaving in lost profits and what they can do to capture that to begin to build a more sound company.  There was more information regarding helping local companies and the cost to do this.  

Jeanna Hinds asked if Ms. Hinds had any input regarding the proposals.  Cristina Hinds said she was curious if the Board was entertaining MAP using local subcontractors which will affect the start date noted in the proposal.  Richard Billman replied that local contractors would be entertained.  Mark Hoven said MAP will work with the Town on start dates and completion dates, and working with the local service providers.  

Chuck Patti commented that with mass mailing would require a minimum of 200 pieces for the same zip code to save money.  In Pahrump, without a main distribution center, the cost is approximately 24.8 cents if there are 200 pieces in the same zip code.  

Mr. Patti commented that the Board just approved to raise the rate to the Town webmaster.  Chuck Patti suggested that the web address be included in the mailing along with a link on the website to a page advertising all the good things about Pahrump.  The targeted businesses may use the website to look at rather than calling Mr. Richards.  

Sally Devlin commented that the Chamber of Commerce magazine could also be used.  Richard Billman responded that it would be taken into consideration by MAP to use the website.  

Ed Maznicky commented that he is familiar with businesses practices as a member of SCORE.  Mr. Maznicky noted that no specific audience has been targeted and asked how a package can be prepared if they do not know who they are targeting.  Ed Maznicky stated that it was said the letter would be signed to the Town Manager to the Town Manager of Town where companies are situated.  Mr. Maznicky said he could not imagine anyone working to get rid of a successful company in their location.  Ed Maznicky suggested that the various option that were discussed be reviewed and have MAP come back after they have analyzed the possibilities of saving money by using the local businesses with a revised agreement.

Max Gregorich commented that saving money on mass mailings is not the intention of this mailing.  Mr. Gregorich stated the intention is that it be a personal letter from the Town Manager
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

to the CEO or President of the small companies in California, not the Town they are in, which is much more effective.  

Jeanna Howard noted that in doing the research that she brought to the Town Board a discussion on incentives to recruit for economic development.  At this time, the suggestions have been given to the County and has not moved past the County level as of yet.  Ms. Howard asked if MAP is aware of what County incentives are available such as tax breaks or what ever from Nye County or the Town so it can be added.  Ms. Howard asked if that research will be done.   Mr. Gregorich replied that it would part of the development of the letter, yes.  Jeanna Howard requested as a Board member that MAP will bring back the literature for the Board to review prior to mailing it out.  Mr. Gregorich replied absolutely.  Max Gregorich said he would be working with Dave Richards and some Nye County Commissioners to find out exactly what those incentives could be.  Mr. Gregorich stated that with regard to the contracts, if they are going to used local service providers, the price will be adjusted as it goes.  

Cristina Hinds stated that MAP does not need to come back.  The Board can change the motion to accept the proposals contingent upon them obtaining bids from the local contractors, the prices would be adjusted proportionately.  Ms. Hinds recommended that the Board extend all the contract dates up to 30 days to allow for more time.  

Paul Willis rescinded his motion.  Richard Billman withdrew his second.

Ms. Hines clarified that the adjusting would be downward taking into consideration the local contractors.  

Paul Willis Motioned as stated above by Ms. Hinds.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that the Town received a proposal from Civilwise. Services for engineering at the Pahrump/Nye County Fairgrounds Recreational Complex.  Mr. Richards stated that the Fairgrounds Advisory Board is recommending that the proposal be approved.  There will be an adjustment in some of the service provided as it is determined if those services are necessary.  Dave Richard gave an example as cost per services (item 1-1 aerial photography) it is still being determined if this has been conducted and if it is available.  This item costing $18,000 will be adjusted accordingly; if not necessary they will not do it at all.  Dave Richards pointed out that recently the Board approved a proposal from Civilwise to do some of the engineering and after that action it was discovered that some of the materials prepared by another firm were not adequate.  Civilwise will now be required to redo some of the work to complete their project.  Mr. Richards explained that the previous agreement is included in items one and
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

two of this proposal under Cost for Services with an amount not to exceed $100,000.  Dave Richards said that funds are available in the fairgrounds budget to cover this proposed engineering.  Mr. Richards said it was his recommendation to approve the professional services agreement with Civilwise for the engineering proposed.

Paul Willis Motioned to approve the service agreement with Civilwise Engineering.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Jeanna Howard asked Cristina Hinds and the Town Manager what the difference in price is to the contract negotiated prior as the previous contract was not provided in the back up.  Dave Richard of Civilwise stated that the original contract included just the price for construction staking of the roads for approximately $16,000.  Mr. Richards stated that since that time, one east/west road was added to the work.  The additional work has been added and is essentially the only difference.  Also included in the previous agreement was work for transferring the water rights from Tim Hafen to the fairgrounds and this has already been completed so is not in this new contract.   

Jeanna Howard clarified that this is an addendum of $80,000 plus.  Dave Richard/Civilwise agreed.  Ms. Howard noted that each time a contract has failed in their production, ample time has been spent discussing it and making them accountable, why is it now that there is a conversation about $80,000 and not going after the other company to repair what Civilwise is saying they did deficient.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise stated he did not say there was a deficiency except on the items on the aerial photograph for the aerial topography and the boundary survey and control for the mapping.  Dave Richards said that has yet to be proven.  If a copy is received from the other engineering company and find it to be complete and useable Civilwise will not be charging for the first two items on the contract ($22,500).  Mr. Richards/Civilwise pointed out that since the work of the previous engineering services there have been some changes in the alignments for roads and changes in the site layout.  These were not considered in his work that was done.  Dave Richards/Civilwise stated that it is his understanding is that the contract with the previous engineer is in full satisfaction, and he has been paid for everything he has done to this point.  Civilwise is asking for the work they completed to see what is useable to complete what Civilwise has been requested to do in the contract.  

Jeanna Howard asked why the item is on the agenda if Civilwise cannot do anything without the requested items.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise said if Civilwise was to start over with what is known to have been done on the park; that is what the contract is before the Board tonight.  The effort is to take the work that has been done and reduce the contract cost.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise stated that without the review and had to start from scratch the cost would be in excess of the bottom line figure.  Dave Richards/Civilwise said he did see some value in what they have been shown.  The changes are not suggesting that Civilwise was presented with anything the previous engineer did wrong.   If Civilwise is not provided with the topography information it will have to be done again.  There is also some realignment of the roads to be done as well as the layout is being
changed constantly and intend to take the new changes and incorporate them into a layout that
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Civilwise has seen.  Dave Richards/Civilwise explained that he has been to the Fairgrounds Advisory Board meeting and discussed the changes that committee is implementing.  

Richard Billman clarified that is would be understood that the number reflected in the proposals are high and can be adjusted down from there depending on what Civilwise has to work with.  Dave Richards/Civilwise agreed.  

Mr. Richards/Civilwise commented that the one thing that has not been done at the fairgrounds is construction staking.  There is a price in the contract for the construction staking for the roads that the Town intends to build initially; the $21,500 proposal.

Jeanna Howard confirmed for the record that the cost of services, surveying, construction staking, and engineering, there is no duplication of efforts from the prior contractor and Civilwise.  Dave Richards/Civilwise replied that the Town is not and he would be willing to show that to the Town as the job progresses.  Ms. Howard wanted confirmation that the Town will be pursuing getting what Civilwise needs to move forward from the former contractor before the Town receives a bill for doing something a second time.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise replied yes.  

Laurayne Murray clarified that the old contract was $16,000 and that was specifically for staking out the roads.  Dave Richards/Civilwise replied that there are three perimeter roads that were going to be and Civilwise was asked to give a price for the construction staking.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise noted that when he gave the price, upon delivery of the plans, it was found that control was not included on the plans and was also informed that the alignment of the south road was changing considerably from the plans that had been done.  Civilwise had to put a stop to proceeding with that due to the realignment of the roads.  Ms. Murray confirmed that the staking has not occurred and the contract is void and will not be paid.  Dave Richards/Civilwise explained that it is the same contract; it was changed to what really needs to occur.  Ms. Murray asked if Civilwise and the Fairgrounds Board is comfortable that there will be no changes.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise replied that they will do the staking when the roads are ready for construction but they will also have to redo the design to compensate for the new alignment; plus one other road has been decided upon to be placed through the center that was never designed.  Civilwise must do the design work first then take it before Public Works and before Building and Safety get the approvals for permits for the construction.  Richard Billman confirmed that it will not change the price.  Dave Richards/Civilwise agreed it will not change the price of the construction staking.  

George Gingell asked if Civilwise was using the County aerial photography or is it some other company that did the work.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise replied that the aerial topography is for the purposes of sewer feasibility for a regional sewer treatment facility and sewerage treatment district.  The accuracy of that topography was plus or minus 1.67 foot in contour elevations which is a very inaccurate topo for design work for dirt work needed for a park.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Sally Devlin commented that she checked to see if this was a licensed surveyor.  Ms. Devlin said he has his state card and his Town business license and is registered with the County.  Sally Devlin asked about 90 acre feet of water from Valley Electric Association (VEA).  Ms. Devlin said it is confusing to her that there is a deal with Hafen on water.  

Jeanna Howard explained that Mr. Hafen made a donation of 10 acre feet to the fairgrounds.  Mr. Billman noted that it is enough to start the project.  

Ms. Devlin stated again as in the past that Pahrump does not have a boundary map and that things may change when properly surveyed.  Sally Devlin asked if the fairgrounds belongs to the Town or the County and where are the monies coming from.  Ms. Devlin said it was confusing attending two different meetings with two different numbers.  Sally Devlin stated that $1 million dollars for water for 90 acre feet is confusing and asked that it be clarified.  

Town Manager, Dave Richards, responded that there is a fund balance for the fairgrounds that he is not familiar with but believes that it is approximately $300,000.  Mr. Richards said there is $400,000 in a federal appropriation that the County has not yet received and $800,000 was requested from the County in PETT funds.  Dave Richards noted that this is in addition to the funds that would be required to either purchase or lease the water rights from whomever they get them from.  

Sally Devlin asked if it was 90 acre feet from VEA that is being bid on for $1,000,000.  Dave Richards replied that the Town is not and it is a County issue.  Jeanna Howard added that the Town is looking into water rights and yes there is conversation with VEA and from what she has been told the County does have a certain amount of money.  Ms. Howard asked if the Town has brought it all together as to where the water rights are coming from, the answer is no.  

Dave Richards clarified that the water rights, for whatever price and is currently estimated at $1 million, is an expense that is the responsibility of the County at this point, not the Town of Pahrump.  Mr. Richards noted that the Town requested $800,000 in PETT funds that have not been appropriated yet and $400,000 was approved by the federal legislature for use at the fairgrounds as well.  Dave Richards said that all of the money has to come through Nye County.

Mike McInerney commented that he looked at the agreement and noted that the proposal said the client will provide Civilwise with a completed soils report.  Mr. McInerney asked where he could find that report.  Mike McInerney noted that the contract does not include a drainage study or report and pointed out that the drainage will change in that area once work is done there.  Mr. McInerney asked who will prepare the drainage study or report.  

Dave Richards/Civilwise replied that it is customary for the soils engineering, if needed, is one of the requirements and is required to be given to Building and Safety for their review before a permit is drawn for a building construction.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise said it is unclear at this time whether one is needed for a fairgrounds or not, but pointed out that soils testing will have to be
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

done for the proposed buildings at the site and would be glad to contract for those but Civilwise does not provide soils reports.  With regard to the drainage report is not required currently.  If someone said they would like one anyway, it can be done by Civilwise or another contractor, although the County is currently doing a lot of work in the area of drainage reports.  FEMA is also redoing drainage studied in the area and is unsure if a drainage study needs to be done at the fairgrounds site.  Mr. Richards/Civilwise stated that somewhere along the line someone may require a drainage report before proceeding.  

Jeanna Howard asked if a drainage report can be eliminated from the contract from Civilwise.  Dave/Richards/Civilwise said that it can be eliminated from the contract or taken out, but that it is clear that Civilwise Service is not doing a soils report.  The contact can be reworded or eliminated.

Richard Billman responded to Mr. McInerney’s question in that if the soils report were needed at a later date it would cost more money.  Dave Richards/Civilwise noted that it will be needed eventually for the buildings at the fairgrounds so it may be beneficial to do the soils test now.  That should be contracted through a soils engineering company.  

Jim Petell commented that with regard to a soils report, Nino & Moore is the company to refer to as they did a soils report for the County in the Pahrump Valley District.  With regard to the water rights situation, Mr. Petell said that 90 acre feet was a proposal to VEA from the County for $1 million, or $11,000 per acre foot.  The proposal was to lease them for 25 years, 180 acre feet of water rights.

Richard Billman pointed out that this is not related to the Civilwise contract which is what is under discussion at this time.  

Jim Petell asked if it is the Nye County Fairgrounds or is it the Pahrump Fairgrounds, or is it both.  According to the Bureau of Land Management acquisition, it is the Town of Pahrump’s, Mr. Petell reported as the Town of Pahrump owns the land, not Nye County.  Richard Billman replied that it is the Pahrump Fairgrounds.

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Richard Billman announced at this time that he is going to take Item #20 (Discussion, action and decision regarding appointment of members to Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Advisory Board) at this time.


 Richard Billman stated that there were a number of applications received and asked that those in attendance to stop up and introduce themselves.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Those present were Maria Hurst-Mealy, Laura Bird, Brian Mealy, John Ariola, Annette Barlow, Jane Snow, and Chuck Patti.  Jeanna Howard explained the absence of Paula Glidden was due to a prior commitment.  

Paul Willis Motioned to table this item until the next meeting and to extend the application process for one more week.  

Mr. Willis explained that he was not present for the past week and did not have the chance to go over the applicants and call them.  Paul Willis said he does not want to make a decision on something this important at this time.  Mr. Willis noted that the presentation meeting before the County is scheduled for February 15; he feels it will not delay this action as the presentation committee is already set.  Paul Willis said that several people asked him if they can still get on the task force (advisory board).

Laurayne Murray said the motion made at the last meeting was to advertise for applications for two advertisements in the Pahrump Valley Times; the close date was January 17 as directed by staff.  The advertisement was run and did not include a close date; however applications were accepted until today.  Luckily, Ms. Murray stated, there were 12 applicants with four coming in after the intended close date.  

Richard Billman said that he understands the wish of Mr. Willis to delay the vote on this matter.  

Cristina Hinds pointed out that there had been no second to the motion.  

Mr. Billman asked that Mr. Willis be given some time to review the applicant letters.  Richard Billman had suggested that each member choose 5 names and submit those to Mr. Billman.  Mr. Billman said he received 5 from Ms. Howard and Ms. Murray and his own 5.  Mr. Willis said he feels he cannot really do justice as he did not have time to call everybody and said he could defer to the Board’s judgment.  

Paul Willis withdrew is motion to table.

Laurayne Murray added that those that provided phone numbers were contacted by her and was pleased with all the applicants and praised them for wanting to volunteer.  All candidates were extremely qualified in various different scopes of the advisory board.  Ms. Murray urged all that are not selected at this time to continue volunteer as there are other areas of the Town that can use their help.  

Richard Billman called for a break to tally the submissions of the other Board members.  

After the break Richard Billman announced appointees to the advisory board.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Richard Billman announced that the names are in no particular order:
            Ron Feldshau
            Annette Barlow
            Scott Culshaw
            Paula Glidden
            Laura Bird
            Jane Snow (alternate)
            Maria Hurst (alternate)

Jeanna Howard thanked all the persons that were appointed or not and they will be contacted shortly to get together to work on the by-laws for the board.  Ms. Howard asked that the alternates please attend the meetings as they will all have input.  

Laurayne Murray noted that Jeanna Howard is the liaison from the Town Board to the PVFRS Advisory Board.  


In the absence of Ed Bishop, Laurayne Murray read the following title:

There was no other discussion at this time.


Richard Billman explained that there is a resolution which was passed.  Mr. Billman noted that this item was requested by Ed Bishop who is not present.  

Dave Richards explained that this is essentially identical resolution that the Town Board approved previously under the number Resolution 2004-20 with the exception of the elimination of animals under prohibited activities.  Mr. Richards pointed out that by eliminating the language it makes it allowable to have rabbit shows at the center.  

Paul Willis Motioned to adopt Resolution #2005-04.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Jeanna Howard noted that this issue has been talked to death

Vote failed 2 – 2.  Paul Willis and Richard Billman voted aye.  Laurayne Murray and Jeanna Howard voted nay.  


Dave Richards explained that the roof over Rooms A and B at the Community Center is a flat roof and has had some problems, as the pool has had.  When it rains, the water builds up and leaks around the air conditioner units ruining the ceiling tiles creating a water hazard on the floor.  Matt Luis, Director of Building and Grounds, is suggesting covering the entire building for several reasons.  Mr. Richards explained that the fascia and soffit around the whole building that was replaced approximately six years ago need to be replaced again, and if the whole building is done the soffit and fascia can be covered in metal and cover the top roof from the top ridge line of the main hall to the west wall for the A and B Rooms with metal to create a clean look from both ends of the building.  This will give the building a more modern appearance.  The main hall needs a new floor and the kitchen remodeled; however, the new roof is the first step in giving the community center an updated look.  It is only being requested that the Board authorize letting this project out for bid at this time.  Mr. Richards said it was his recommendation that the Board agree.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to go to bid for replacing the Community Center roof.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that this is a request to authorize letting for bids.  This is for the automated chemical system for the Pool.  Mr. Richards noted that the current problem is that all chemical adjustments are manual and is difficult to react to the environment which can allow for too much chemical or not enough.  The automated system will be able to monitor the chlorine content of the water and adjust is accordingly.  Dave Richards asked that the Board authorize the letting out for bids on this project.  There are funds budgeted for this project and will bring back to the Board successful bidders.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to open bids for a pool chemical automation system.  Paul Willis seconded the motion.  

Jeanna Howard asked if this was the same system that was previously addressed by the Board before Mr. Richards.  Matt Luis replied that it is the same system.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Paul Willis asked what the cost is currently to do this type of job.  Matt Luis noted that the savings cost would be on the material, chemicals, as the system stays balanced at all times.  Currently the cost of chemicals only is approximately $400 every three weeks.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that one bid was received for the pool roof on January 14, at 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Richards noted that only one bid was received from Pahrump Steel for $28,065.  The cost involves fabrication and with pool season growing near, Mr. Richards recommended that the project be started as soon as possible.  Dave Richards noted that it is his recommendation that the Board approve the one bid that was received and be allowed to erect the roof.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to accept the bid for Bid 2005-01 from Pahrump Steel to replace the pool roof.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Sally Devlin commented that not having a cover on the pool itself is appalling.  Ms. Devlin noted that she spoke with Dave Richards about how wonderful it would be if there was a covered pool.   Ms. Devlin asked why the whole pool area is not being covered.    Dave Richards stated that the Town Board has not instructed him to seek bids for a pool roof.  Ms. Devlin suggested that it be done and be done as a combined project as there was only one bid.  Sally Devlin asked if the pool was tile or concrete.  Matt Luis replied that it is composite pool.  Mr. Luis noted that the pool cover was checked into approximately 3 years ago and found the cost to be nearly $3 million to cover the pool.  Matt Luis asked if Ms. Devlin was referring to a solar cover or a dome on the entire pool.  Ms. Devlin stated that all procedures should be looked into.  Matt Luis noted that they have looked into doming the pool and the cost was #3 million.  Mr. Luis noticed that the bid is only for the shower area, and the lobby and entry way.  It does not have anything to do with doming the entire pool.  Matt Luis pointed out that with a solar cover; the insurance company has advised that the liability is substantial.  There has been discussion regarding extending the pool season but the problem is that it cannot be staffed.  

Sally Devlin noted that there are seniors that would like to swim all year long.  Ms. Devlin stated that to cover just the concession stand is not acceptable.  It should be looked into regardless of the cost.  Ms. Devlin brought up the pool budget and would suggest looking into a cover for the winter.  

Richard Billman asked Matt Luis if the price quoted is a reasonable price to expect to pay.  Matt Luis replied that at the beginning the Town staff talked about doing it themselves.  After looking into it the roof would be covered by tin.  Just the material alone was approximately $11,000.  Mr. Luis pointed out that the fabrication would include the pitch and there is a little cosmetics involved as well.  This same company did much of the work in the parks in Beatty; they did the Beatty pool roof, and announcers stand and several more projects.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Robert Smith asked what the size is of the roof.  It was noted that the dimensions were not given in the bid.  Mr. Smith asked what the dimensions of the pool are.  Matt Luis replied that the pool is 82’x 42’, an Olympic size pool.  Mr. Smith asked what the roof would be constructed from.  Mr. Luis said it will be a metal roof that any exposure to air will be galvanized on one side because of the chlorine effect.  It is all metal and fabrication and studs to create the pitch in the roof are all metal studs.  Robert Smith asked if it will be a lean to such a pole barn.  Mr. Luis stated it will be covering the existing building which is an all flat roof at this time.  Not covering the pool itself.  It will be covering the men’s and women’s shower area, lobby area and lifeguard office.  Robert Smith said he feels that people working in this town such as the road department and engineering department, should be capable of doing some of the work in this town instead of farming out to other people.  Mr. Smith asked what people are being paid $15.00 to $30.00 to do.  

Jeanna Howard pointed out that there seems to be a confusion that this is not the Nye County Board of County Commissioners and there is constant references made to this.  Ms. Howard noted that there is no one on staff making the kind of dollar an hour wage Mr. Smith referred to other than executive management.  The comments made by Mr. Smith have been made as if to address the County.  Jeanna Howard stated that the Town Board is not who these issues are with.  The Town only handles Town government, parks and recs and fire and rescue and the pool.  

Mike McInerney commented that the terms of the contract reads that 50% down is required and 50% upon completion.  Mr. McInerney said he is unaware of any pool installation job where 50% is paid up front.   Jeanna Howard replied that the reason is that there is a lot of fabrication involved in this project relating to metal.  

Dave Richards concurred and agrees there is some confusion over this being pool related.  Mr. Richards strongly stated that it is not the pool; it is the cover over the dressing area.  A pool contractor is not doing the work; it is a metal fabrication contractor.  

Matt Luis noted that if the Board has a problem with the 50%, that can be discussed.

Cristina Hinds stated that there are different areas of completion and is a pay as you go situation.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Richard Billman said that one thing he did want to bring up relative to back up prior to the meeting.  Mr. Billman stated it would be nice to have the back up prior to getting on stage for the meeting whether it be a report or back up on an agenda item.  Richard Billman noted that there was previously a standard rule that if the back up for an agenda, the agenda item was pulled.  Mr. Billman said it would be beneficial to the Board if it could be received prior to the meeting.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

Dave Richard reported that the PVFRS Task Force presentation to the County Commissioners is scheduled for February 15, in Pahrump.  An attempt was made to schedule it for the next available meeting but it is in Tonopah on February 1, it was suggested it be scheduled in Pahrump.  

Mr. Richards reported that the rapid response EMS vehicles approved by the Town Board are backordered.  The vendor is awaiting deliver of the vehicles so they can be customized to fit our needs.  That should happen in February, Mr. Richards stated.

Dave Richards reported that the engineering improvements at Simkins Park have been completed.  Various items will be let for bid in the near future.

Mr. Richards reported that the Town’s Resolution concerning truck traffic in Calvada #1 was tabled by the County Commissioners pending further review.  A committee was suggested to discus appropriate truck routes but no meeting have been conducted as of yet.  The trucks continue to travel the street of Calvada Unit #1.  

Dave Richards reported that a response was received by Attorney General’s office regarding the alleged breech of confidentiality regarding the IAFF labor negotiations material.  The Board has received a copy of the response through their mail.  Mr. Richards said it was suggested by the Attorney General’s office that the Town contact the County District Attorney.  The Attorney General’s office does not have jurisdiction in this matter.  If the Board wishes to pursue further the District Attorney’s office is the appropriate office.  

Mr. Richards reported that budget preparation for the coming fiscal year (2005-06) has commenced.  Dave Richards said they are still waiting for suggestions from the Town Board for programs and projects.  

Laurayne Murray asked for a timeline for the budget comments.  Dave Richards replied that the Board comments are needed as soon as possible, no later than the end of the month.

Jeanna Howard asked Dave Richards regarding him speaking at the Forum on Forests and that Mr. Jim Petell will be attending as Chairman of the Public Lands Advisory Board.  Mr. Richards confirmed this.  Ms. Howard asked if there are any others that will be attending this event.  Dave Richards replied he does not know of anyone else attending.  


Richard Billman reported that the Nevada League of Cities held an executive meeting and regular session meetings on January 13 and 14.  Mr. Billman reported that they will be experiencing an extreme shortfall in funds due to Fallon withdrawing from the insurance pool causing the pool to drastically change.  Richard Billman said he was unaware that they were

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

selling insurance and perhaps the Executive Director contact Dave Richards to see if Pahrump might be interested in getting them to bid on the health insurance.  

Jeanna Howard reported that the Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board is planning April 23 for the Annual Earth Day.  Ms Howard noted that they will be coming to the Town Board asking for money to assist in this event as it has been privately sponsored each year prior.  

Ms. Howard reported that the Regional Planning Commission is addressing on going issues related to developments.  The last meeting consisted of many conforming zone change requests which were sent the County Commission for final adoption.  

Laurayne Murray reported that the Airport Technical Advisory Committee will not be meeting more than three or four times during the entire contract.  Ms. Murray stated that they are still waiting the approval to install the wind devices.  This should occur within the next couple of weeks and will be placed on the proposed airport property.  

Ms. Murray reported that there has not been an Arena Board meeting yet.  

Laurayne Murray reported that she attended the Fairgrounds Advisory Board meeting talking much about the Civilwise contract.  

Ms. Murray stated that she noticed that there are approximately 17 advisory boards and there are not usually much of a report concerning these.  Laurayne Murray noted that there are liaisons that attend the meetings when possible.  

Laurayne Murray proposed that if the liaison is unable to attend the meeting that arrangement be made to get some written report from the committee or to have someone else attend the Town Board meeting on behalf of the liaison.  Ms. Murray suggested that a memo be sent to remind the advisory boards that this is on an agenda at every meeting and an update would be appreciated.  

Richard Billman explained that if the boards do have anything they need they do make it known.  Ms. Murray replied that she was concerned about what happened with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in that they reported nothing.  A special meeting was held for the advisory boards and nothing came forward.  If there are activities taking place on seventeen boards, she would like to know what it is.  Dave Richards commented that they did not lose touch with the Parks and Recreation it was dissolved because the Board was in touch and nothing was happening.

Paul Willis requested that the secretaries of the advisory boards send a written report whether it be to the liaison or Town Manager.  Richard Billman suggested that they could be a copy of the minutes.  Jeanna Howard added that it is the reason for minutes.  Ms. Howard noted that putting any more responsibility on the secretaries to do one more report, they could be lost.  Ms. Howard suggested that asking the secretaries brush up on their minutes a little more and that they get to
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

the Board members.  Ms. Murray stated that she is getting the agendas, but not necessarily get the minutes.  Jeanna Howard noted that there have not been a lot of meeting that have taken place since the new members have been on the Board.  


Laurayne Murray stated that she attended the Nye County Capital Improvement Action Committee meeting, which was the first meeting they had.  Ms. Murray said it was discussed at that meeting that the Nye County Commissioners put together the committee and had made suggestions for participants.  Laurayne Murray said the first item on their agenda was to ask whether the Town Board had accepted the recommendations or made an assignment to this committee.  Ms. Murray said she felt it appropriate, in response to the Commissioner’s request, to make sure something is made official.  Laurayne Murray noted that there are two voting seats on the committee, one for the Town and the other for Fire and Rescue.  The Nye County Commissioners suggested that one be the Town Manager and the Fire Chief for fire and rescue.  Ms. Murray said she would also like to see is if the person assigned to the committee is not in attendance, someone else can attend but they are not an official voting member unless the Board specifically assigns them as an alternate.  Ms. Murray asked that alternates be assigned.

Laurayne Murray Motioned to appoint Dave Richards to the Capital Improvement Action Committee with an alternate being Michael Sullivan; for the fire and rescue representative that Chief Scott Lewis and an alternate being John O’Brien be appointed.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Richard Billman said he had the understanding that Dave Richards and Scott Lewis were already on the Committee.  Laurayne Murray pointed out that unofficially they are, but as stated earlier, when the meeting began the first question was to confirm the Town Board officially accepted or appointed individuals to be part of the committee.  Ms. Murray noted that the answer was no.  

Jeanna Howard said it really does not matter.  Ms. Murray noted that it is just a formality.  

Dave Richards replied that Mr. Billman was correct and that appointment had been made.  Mr. Richards noted that they have conducted three meetings; he attended the first, missed the second, and Chief Lewis attended a third.  Dave Richards stated the fact that they did not know the Town had representation is a mystery to him as they were in attendance.  Mr. Richards said that the suggestion of having voting alternates is an excellent idea.  Dave Richards recommended that Michael Sullivan be appointed as an alternate.  Mr. Richards was not in agreement with appointing Mr. O’Brien but said it would be at the discretion of the Town Board.  

Laurayne Murray stated that the concern of the Fire Chief is that any other member of the department that would be available to attend meetings would have to be paid overtime, which he has been told his budget does not allow; and because it is a facilities and equipment focused
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
January 25, 2005

committee that Mr. O’Brien has significant knowledge and experience in those areas and would be the appropriate individual.



There is no backup posted for this meeting.