Agendas & Minutes

January 5, 2005

JANUARY 5, 2005



1.    Call to order

2.    Public Comment

3.    Discussion, action and decision regarding election of officers.  Town Board

4.    Discussion, action and decision regarding acceptance of PVFRS Task Force member resignations of Scott Culshaw, Paul Willis, Allan Parker and Bill Pyzyna.   Town Board

5.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Facility Recommendations

•    Replace Station #1 - $1,500,000
•    Relocate Station #3 - $850,000
•    Upgrade Station #5 - $125,000
•    Rebuild Station #2 - $800,000

6.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Equipment Recommendations

•    FYE June 30, 2005

o    Replace Water Tender #1 - $150,000
o    Refurbish Engine #1 - $110,000

•    FYE June 30, 2006

o    Replace or Refurbish Rescue  #15 - $300,000
o    Purchase Command Vehicle - $65,000 (New)
o    Replace Three (3) Ambulances - $300,000
o    Purchase Squirt to Replace Engine #3 or #5 - $750,000
o    Replace Brush Truck #2 - $200,000

•    FYE June 30, 2007

o    Replace One (1) Ambulance - $100,000
o    Replace Brush Truck #1 - $225,000
o    Replace Engine #3 or #5 - $500,000
o    Replace SUV #2103 - $28,000

•    FYE June 30, 2008

o    Replace SUV #2102 - $35,000
o    To Be Determined - $363,000 (Growth Requirements)

•    FYE June 30, 2009

o    Replace One (1) Ambulance - $120,000
o    To Be Determined - $413,000 (Growth Requirements)

•    FYE June 30, 2010

o    To Be Determined - $413,000 (Growth Requirements)

•    FYE June 30, 2011

o    Replace Two (2) Quick Attacks #1 and #2 - $300,000
o    Replace One (1) Ambulance - $120,000
o    To Be Determined - $640,000 (Growth Requirements)

•    FYE June 30, 2012

o    Replace Engine #1 or #11 - $525,000
o    To Be Determined - $968,000 (Growth Requirements)

6.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Staffing Recommendations

•    FY 2006

o    Add Two (2) Career Employees - $175,000

•    FY 2007

o    Add Three (3) Career Employees - $351,000

•    FY 2008

o    Add Three (3) Career Employees - $351,000
o    Add Volunteers
o    Add Part-Time Ambulance Billing Clerk  

7. Discussion, action and decision regarding Financial Recommendations

•    Fire Levy 269.255
•    Hospital District

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding additional Pahrump Valley Fire Rescue Task Force Recommendations.

•    Permanent PVFRS Advisory Board
•    Permanently Increase PVFRS Funding
•    Continue to Cross Train Fire/EMT Personnel
•    Eliminate the Ambulance Enterprise Fund
•    Continue PVFRS Volunteer Program
•    Hire Full Time Grant Writer
•    Sell Town Property to Fund PVFRS Facility Building
•    Work with CCSN for Training Programs
•    Compensate PVFRS Personnel for Unused Sick Time
•    Investigate Co-Op Purchasing Opportunities
•    Rewrite Hospice Contract
•    Write Contract with Nye County Sheriff’s Department for Inmate EMS Services
•    Reclassify Unused Fire Capital Outlay to Capital Projects Fund
•    Revise PTO 41 to include Fire Suppression and Prevention
9.    Adjournment


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting



Note:  Two newly elected Town Board members, Laurayne Murray and Ed Bishop, were sworn in before the meeting being called to order.

Richard Billman
Jeanna Howard
Ed Bishop
Laurayne Murray
Paul Willis
Cristina Hinds, Attorney


Vice Chairman, Richard Billman called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  Mr. Billman welcomed the new Board member and all those in attendance.


Paul Willis nominated Richard Billman for Chairman.  Ed Bishop seconded the nomination.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Paul Willis nominated Ed Bishop for Vice Chair.  Richard Billman seconded the nomination.

Ed Bishop stated that he appreciated the nomination but respectfully declined the nomination for Vice Chair.  Mr. Bishop said should the Board see fit, he would like to continue as Clerk of the Town Board.  

Paul Willis and Richard Billman withdrew their nomination for Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop nominated Jeanna Howard for Vice Chair as the other senior member of the Board.  Richard Billman seconded the nomination.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Jeanna Howard nominated Ed Bishop for the Clerk position.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.


Pearl Lemioux, Training Officer for PVFRS, commented that they have been awarded 24 automatic external defibulators to be placed in the public for public access.  These were received through a federal government grant working with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and the State of Nevada Emergency Medical Division.  Twenty-four were applied for and received.  

Chief Lewis complimented Pearl Lemioux for her efforts in obtaining this grant.

Jim Petell commented that the future does not belong to the faint hearted; it belongs to the brave, a quote from Ronald Regan.


Laurayne Murray read a statement for the record as follows.  

I, Laurayne Murray, being a member of the Board for this special meeting January 5, 2005, would like to disclose for agenda items 3 – 8 that I have a potential conflict in that a member of my household is an employee of the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service.  The reason for the disclosure is that I am related to a person having an interest in the item to the third degree of consanguinity and the person is a member of my household.  I will not abstain from participation based on NRS 281.501, the independence of judgment of a reasonable person in my situation would not be materially affected because the resulting benefit or detriment accruing to my interest or the interest of any other to whom I have a commitment in a private capacity is not greater than that accruing to any other member of the general business, profession or group.

Ed Bishop Motioned to accept the resignations of Scott Culshaw, Paul Willis, Allan Parker, and Bill Pyzyna from the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Task Force.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Laurayne Murray noted that she received a correspondence from Scott Culshaw indicating that he would like to continue to serve on the new fire department advisory

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

board should there be one established.  Ms. Murray stated that his resignation from the Task Force was because of a conflict with his work schedule.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Richard Billman explained that the agenda is difficult to look at and asked that Item #7 (Discussion, action and decision regarding Financial Recommendations.) be moved up.  There were no objections to this move.    


•    FIRE LEVY 269.255

Richard Billman explained his reason for moving this item forward is that he believes that most are in agreement of needs and wants but is concerned with the financial side of the recommendations, especially that there may be an incorporation which would strip away 40% of the Town’s revenue.  Mr. Billman said he is unsure what would happen to the Town Board.  This incorporation was something that the Task Force did not get a chance to discuss although some of those present were aware of the possibility.  

Paul Willis agreed as it is uncertain how this will affect the Town and all of the services, properties, etc.  Mr. Willis also commented that he is comfortable with accepting any of the recommendations with a contingent on the Fire Levy and the Hospital District which the Town has no authority to impose.  This is an uncertainty whether it can be brought before the County Commissioners, and if they will accept it and do it.  Mr. Willis stated that he is apprehensive to be allocating money in the future without any sustainable revenue.  

Laurayne Murray commented that she understands the apprehensions about the future as no one know what the future may be.  There are more items of information regarding the potential incorporation, but it is still indefinite.  Ms. Murray noted that in her experience of attending past Board meeting the issue with PVFRS has always been financing.  The actions for putting the Task Force together was the fact the Town went to the County every year for money with their response being that they wanted to see a plan.  Ms. Murray stated that the Task Force worked out a plan to be presented to the County Commissioners.  Laurayne Murray agreed that the Hospital District Tax removal is not up to the Town Board, nor is the Fire District Tax.  Ms. Murray continued that it is the responsibility of the Town Board as the providers of the services, to go to the County Commissioners with what the Board has at this time and give them the plan that they have requested.  Laurayne Murray said she understands not going to the County with a
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

plan that goes to the year 2012.  The Hospital District issue is a legal issue and even the Commissioners do not have a choice.  Ms. Murray said she believes the Town Board cannot take any action on the Hospital District issue, but going forward to the County Commissioners with the best plan the Town could have and placing a request for their assistance for funding that program whether it be a two year plan or three year plan.  The incorporation effort will be at least that long before anything happens.  For the Town Board to continue to be behind the eight ball with the fire department, which is constantly under-funded and inadequate to serve the people of the community because something might happen is being irresponsible as a Town Board.  

Laurayne Murray Motioned to continue to take action that this Board has been on that direction for some time and that is to put a plan before the County Commissioners with a request for financing as we best see it and limit that to a short term, 2 – 3 year plan, so that the Town can get some funding for the fire department regardless of what might happen.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion for discussion.

Jeanna Howard added that she would like the Board to bring closure one way or another tonight.  Ms. Howard noted that the Board has adopted a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and an Abaris Report.  We now have a group of citizens that have come together with a recommendation.  Jeanna Howard said she would like to go bullet point by bullet point of the agenda items.  The incorporation is irrelevant as the Town Board has a job to do whether it is to agree or not agree with any or all of what the Task Force has provided and decide if the Board will take any steps from this point.  There are more concerns than incorporation such as dissolution of the Town Board.  Ms. Howard said it is time to move forward or put a stop to the dialogue.

Laurayne Murray noted that the public sees the Board is constantly dealing with issues and nothing gets done.   This is an opportunity to show that the Board is there for a purpose and things can get done.  Ms. Murray clarified that her motion included a plan and the details of that plan would have to be decided when it is presented to the County.

Jeanna Howard commented that if a motion is needed to move forward with a meeting that was agendized to come to for, let us do it.  Ms. Howard said she would like to see the Board address the items and discuss concurrence with the Task Force and if the Town will be going to the County Commissioners with a package or not.  Jeanna Howard said she would to address the agenda items to discuss if the Board concurs with the Task Force.  Ms. Howard asked if the Town will go to the County with a package or not.  Ms Howard said she would not to see, once again, a study done and not doing anything.

Cristina Hinds pointed out that Item #7 only deals with the financial recommendations.  Richard Billman agreed.  Ms. Hinds noted that accepting the plan is not part of that item to incorporate the plan into this item.
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Laurayne Murray stated that her understanding of the County Commissioners was that if the Town were to go to them asking for money, which a Fire Levy would require that the Town go to the County for a request, and if asking for money, they want to see a plan.  

Cristina Hinds clarified that under Item #7 it is not an agenda item to adopt a plan.  This would have to be done under a separate motion.

Paul Willis stated that the Board responsibility also lies with all the tax payers of the Town and if a Fire District is instituted, and if the incorporation comes, they would take the fire district then the Town would be paying for the incorporated town’s fire district.  The incorporation effort is a definite possibility.

Laurayne Murray pointed out that this is for a Fire Levy not a Fire District which is different.  Paul Willis replied that the fire levy would still have to be a district.  Ms. Murray stated that it is under two different Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS).

Chuck Patti came to the podium with a Point of Order.  Mr. Patti noted that NRS 269.255 does talk about a levy in a fire district.  

Richard Billman explained that although it is being called a Fire Levy, it is a Fire Levy of a Fire District.  

John McDonald explained the levy as it relates to NRS 269.255 is a brief law that permits the County Commission to impose a tax of a certain amount up to a certain amount.  Mr. McDonald said that the law is straight forward and does require that a District be established and the district cannot extend beyond the Town limits.  John McDonald noted that if there were an incorporated city it would be excluded from the district.  The law limits this tax but there are other levies that can be imposed.  If there were an incorporated city within the Town of Pahrump the revenue from that tax would disappear and carved out of the Town.  

Mr. McDonald noted that there are other levies and that this was only a suggestion of where the Town might get revenue.  What this would provide in revenue and how that money might be used would be as outlined in the CIP.  John McDonald stated that the Board can either accept this plan or create another plan or say that the CIP cannot be done.  Mr. McDonald said that Ms. Murray suggested a short term plan, which is not a plan to incorporate the CIP.  The CIP extends over many years.  It would be hard to use the Task Force plan to create a short term plan.  

Richard Billman asked if most plans of this nature are more in the area of a five-year plan.  Mr. Billman asked Chief Lewis if the original CIP a five year plan.  Chief Lewis explained that it was broken down in increments into a ten-year time period.  
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

John McDonald said he provided a disk with the financial schedules discussed.  This plan was designed to day what the Task Force needed to be done, how much it would cost, when it should be done and where the money might come from.  There may be other sources and many were looked at and this source was found to be most satisfactory.  Mr. McDonald commented that he cannot see the Town Board sitting on this plan again.  John McDonald noted that this is a good report and does look into the future which is always questionable.  If you wait until you have a perfect plan you will never do anything.  

Paul Willis added that a short term plan then a fire levy takes a long term to get into effect.  Mr. Willis said there is a plan but there are serious questions on whether the fire levy would pay for this plan.  Paul Willis said he has apprehension in writing a check that we cannot cash.  Mr. Willis asked Dave Richards if before the Task Force was instituted if he was asked to deliver on his expertise on managing or coming up with a solution.  

Dave Richards replied not before, or during the Task Force deliberations.  No.  Mr. Willis asked that with all his time that he has done managing in other cities or town, did Mr. Richards manage and handle things like this such as departments like fire departments.  Mr. Richards replied that in other communities he worked in did have fire departments.  Yes.  Dave Richards stated that has never experienced a process quite like this.  It is safe to say he is familiar with fire department operations and financing.  Paul Willis added that he feels the Town has not exhausted all resources at the Town’s disposal and has serious concerns.  

Laurayne Murray said she heard Mr. Willis say that he does not want to write a check without knowing the money is there.  Ms. Murray stated that the actual step they are currently at is not making budget decisions.  The Board is not committing money at this point.  Nothing in the plan to go to the Commissioners is an approval to spend the money.  It is simply responding to the request from the County Commissioners of a plan.  This is a guideline for the Town Board.  It is a proposal and a goal or outline.  All the decisions, should the money be established in a fire levy, would be guided by the plan but are not committed until the money is in the budget.  Ms. Murray pointed out that Mr. Willis was the Chairman of the Task Force and should know how extensive their investigation was to prepare this report.  Laurayne Murray said she is not comfortable providing a plan to the County Commissioners that deals with this amount of money through the year 2012.  Ms. Murray explained that the plan should consist of how far the Town can put into the plan, what items have been established as critical for the community and where can we go forward to the Commissioners with a presentation that can say that the reason for asking for the money is clearly spelled out in this plan.   

Paul Willis responded that he has seen the work of the Task Force and has serious apprehension as there were gaps in the information they had.  Mr. Willis said that he feels
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

this plan has flaw in it and has no problem hitching the Town’s hat on this plan, but if it does not fly, what does the Town do as a back up?  Laurayne Murray commented that the Town would deal with it when it gets there.  Mr. Willis asked how much time would be lost.  Ms. Murray asked if Mr. Willis had an alternative to going forward for financing the fire and rescue.  Paul Willis said he would recommend sending the recommendation to the Town Manager, use his expertise in this area for a review and bring his recommendations to the Board.  Mr. Willis asked Dave Richards how long it would take him.  

Jeanna Howard noted to Mr. Richards that he was involved with the Task Force and present at most meetings, it was requested that he attend them, went to the meetings, received the report,  Ms. Howard asked for input from Dave Richards.  Dave Richards responded that he cannot say he was at every meeting or that he was involved in the discussions.  Mr. Richards said he was in the beginning but at some point it became apparent that his participation was not positive so he discontinued attending those meetings.  Dave Richards said he believes that focusing on what the objective is that he would bring a recommendation back to the Town Board within three weeks.  

Richard Billman said he needed to remind the Board that when this Task Force was set up it was the intention of the Board at the time to have no control over this Task Force and for the Town Manager to have no control over them as well.  This would allow for an honest broker.  Mr. Billman said he did not want the Town Board members involved in supplying the answers they have been supplying to each other for the past several years.  

Cristina Hinds stated that it was part of the motion for the creation of the Task Force.  Mr. Billman and Ms. Howard agreed that it was.  

Mr. Billman stated that he did not anticipate that the Town Manager or the Town Board would have any input at that stage.  Richard Billman said he was sorry to say that the Board was involved.

Jeanna Howard asked how the Board was involved.  Richard Billman replied that just by being there and issuing the Board opinions.  

Laurayne Murray pointed out that in the motion; the Board did promise the Task Force that the Town Board and the Town staff would be available at their request to be resourced to provide any answers to questions and materials they asked for.  And they were requested to attend meetings to provide that information and support.  Mr. Billman responded that if you attend the meeting it becomes less a request for information and more direction.  

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Jeanna Howard asked why now are all these allegations being made of the Town Manager not feeling comfortable, which she did not know anything about, Town Board members were interjecting inappropriately.  Ms. Howard asked why none of the Board member knew any of this.  Jeanna Howard asked the Task Force to respond.

Annette Barlow replied that Mr. Richards was more than welcome to come to the meetings but chose to stop coming to the meetings.  Ms. Barlow said the Task Force requested information from him that had to be sat on for weeks.  The Task Force then went to the Town Board members to get the answers needed to put their proposals together to meet the deadlines.  

Jeanna Howard commented that the information they asked for was things that came from the Town Office or needed to be printed.  

Ms. Barlow explained that the Town Board members wrote the requests down, went to Mr. Richards to get the information and came back with the documents.  Annette Barlow commented that the time and hours spent outside of the meetings to come to a stalemate tonight is giving the Town a misguided conception of the Task Force.  Ms. Barlow said she had problems with Mr. Willis on the Task Force that he would argue about but accepted them.  Annette Barlow explained that the Task Force proved A, B and C Plans.  The best plan to go before the Board is that the Hospital Tax District needs to be retired by law, and for the County Commissioners to replace that with a Fire Levy.  Ms. Barlow asked if that would raise taxes.  Her response was no.  It leaves the taxes the same place they are now: whether there is to be an incorporated City or not is irrelevant at this time.  

Paul Willis said he is not afraid to move on anything but does not want to force feed something to the public.  Mr. Willis noted for the record that Mr. Richards tried to be of help to the Task Force and Mr. Willis himself felt the hostility as if he was interjecting when he was not wanted.  Paul Willis said that the Task Force went over the NRS 269 Tax Levy and asked for information from the financial advisor who said it was ambiguous at best at how much money the Town could get from it.   Mr. Willis said he voted to move things along because things were being rehashed many times.  Paul Willis said he spoke up and suggested finding the financial steam first and then decide what the Town could afford.  

Ed Bishop pointed out that in the report from the Task Force there is a letter from Daniel McArthur concerning the Tax Levy.  His conclusion is that the tax revenue could range from zero to $9,745,542, due to the combined tax rate.  The maximum possible increase in tax revenue for the fire department appears to be $1,838,000.  However, this amount may be further reduced by limitations within the statutes which limits the amount tax rates may be increased in any given year.  

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Cristina Hinds commented to the Task Force that if there was information they were waiting for that would be coming from her the delay was not attributable to Dave Richards.  Many of the questions were not easy answers.  

Jeanna Howard added that the goal was to have a needs assessment because the Town Board word could not be trusted.  Ms. Howard recommended that what was done with the committee was a waste of time.  Jeanna Howard thanked every one of the Task Force who put together a needs assessment that may be called a wish list.  It does not mean we will get what we need.  The Task Force was charted with the responsibility to find out what this community needs.  They have done that.   Ms. Howard explained that you then put together a budget and decide from that budget what can be afforded with in the CIP or needs assessment.  

Richard Billman said he does not think the Task Force presented the Board with a plan that deserves careful study.  Jeanna Howard stated she did not know there was so much drama going on and difficulties with people feeling uncomfortable.  Mr. Billman said that regardless, the Town knows there are needs and the Board is sitting with a situation that involves a specific amount of money in the Town.  If the Town is to get any additional funds, it would have to come from the County.  There was previous discussion about a fireworks tax but that will not be enough.  Mr. Billman said the Town will be looking at the County if looking at the presented list.  

Paul Willis said he is not discounting the work of the Task Force.  Mr. Willis said he felt that at the eleventh hour he was asked to have a meeting with the Emergency Service Advisory Board and was taken aback that they were angry that the Task Force was formed.   Emergency Services Advisory Board said they had a plan in place and were not consulted.  Paul Willis stated that he was disturbed that the Task Force was put in that position.  Richard Billman added that he was hopeful to get outside people who had not been involved before for the Task Force.  Jeanna Howard pointed out that the Emergency Services Advisory Board, for the past two years, has been tasked to complete a plan for emergency response or disaster relief on a large scale.  They have been diligently working on that task for four and half years.  Chartering them with anything else when they have difficulties to find time to complete their current project would be a challenge.  

Harley Kulkin commented that this is a classic case of making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Mr. Kulkin suggested that the Town Board charge a group of people to do something and now members of the Board are saying thanks but no thanks.  The Task Force provided an excellent presentation.  Richard Billman clarified that the Board did accept the Task Force plan.  Mr. Billman noted that the Board is now discussing what to do about the plan.  Mr. Kulkin asked if it will be forwarded to the County Commissioners.  Mr. Billman replied that is what the Board is here to determine.  Harley Kulkin said the Task Force has not been disbanded yet.  Richard Billman replied that
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

when the Task Force ceased to exist when they produced the report.   Harley Kulkin suggested moving forward with the plan to the County Commissioners.  

George Gingell commented that he attended approximately 90% of the Task Force meetings and found that the people on the Task Force were very dedicated in getting the proper information for their presentation.  Mr. Gingell added that the two Board members that attended the meetings did not come in until the last four or five meetings.  George Gingell said he feels the Board should adopt the plan and send it to the Commissioners and hope the Town will get some money.  Mr. Gingell said he would rather have a paramedic or EMT than flower pots along Highway 160 which requires water.  

Charlie Anzalone commented that he attended a few of the Task Force meetings and found them doing so much work that he walked out dizzy.  Mr. Anzalone noted that the Task Force provided a recommendation.  Charlie Anzalone stated that the incorporation may be just a flash in the pan.  Mr. Anzalone said that the Board should submit the plan, but provide representation to discuss what the requests are and what the County is willing to do.  

Allan Parker, former member of the Task Force, commented that as a member of the Task Force they tried to put together a plan.  They put together that plan taking 16 weeks.  The Task Force believes the plan to be viable.  Mr. Parker noted that there are options in the plan.  It is not a take all or reject all plan.  There are other recommendations besides the financial recommendations including the recommendation of creating a permanent advisory board to continue looking at the down range needs of the community.  Allan Parker said he is not sure if the financials are correct with regard to getting $9 million or zero for a Fire Levy.  Mr. Parker said he believes there are additional people that can look at that information at the County level and see if there is another viewpoint.  Allan Parker stated that he feels it is a good plan and suggested that the Town Board take it to the County and let them assess from a value point of view.  Mr. Parker added that the Sunrise incorporation was discussed at several of the Task Force sessions and the view was not to consider the incorporation as a valid point with the Task Force as it is uncertain if it will occur.  It would be in the future if incorporation were to happen.  Mr. Parker added that if it were to occur in the future, the new City of Sunrise would contract with the Town initially for fire and emergency medical services and pay for those on an as needed basis.  Allan Parker said the City of Sunrise would contract with the County for Sheriff protection.  Mr. Parker stated that the subject of incorporation does not mean a stoppage of the recommendations in the report.  Allan Parker said he would not let the financial aspect stop some of the recommendations within the plan because it was not looked at from a financial point of view but from a needs assessment point of view with regard to equipment, facilities and staffing.  From that came the financial plan.  It was discussed from that, how to raise that money without undue burdens on the taxpayers. That is why the Task Force proposed the elimination of the Hospital District Tax and replace it with
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

the Fire District Tax.  It appeared that the by switching that it would be almost a wash.  Other people at the County level could asses that.  Mr. Parker stated it was his recommendation that the Board move forward with this plan and send it to the County.  

John McDonald clarified that the Tax Levy referred to in the letter from Dan McArthur did not describe the amount of tax that would be generated because he was not provided with a tax rate.  Ed Bishop stated that the figures provided by Dan McArthur were based on 1.5% and was used throughout his report.  There was further discussion regarding the numbers used and the limitations on the tax base and possible legislative actions.

Mr. McDonald pointed out that the Task Force had 16 weeks to do the report and did not consider that as being enough time.  John McDonald noted that the Board has had the report for 7 weeks and could have used that time to improve the report and clarify it.  Mr. McDonald explained that the math in the report is correct and the revenue schedules are correct.  John McDonald stated that the Board needs to use this plan, come up with another plan, or say that the Town cannot improve it’s fire department in a rational, planned, long term way and must depend on the generosity of the County.  

Laurayne Murray stated that there was at least one County Commissioner in attendance at one of the Task Force meetings at least and is well aware of the work that was going on.  Ms. Murray said it was her opinion that from a time perspective, the reason for the time limit was because the County Commissioners set a time limit for the Town to come to them with a plan by the end of year (2004).  Laurayne Murray said that the expectation of the community is that the Town Board will do what they always do which is nothing.  Ms. Murray continued saying that she would like to prove them wrong.  Laurayne Murray said she believes the Task Force provided a viable plan and it is about time the Board took action on it.  It is time that the Board stops doing nothing.  It is time to take some action.  Ms. Murray stated that she believes this plan and its entirety will be implemented without going to the Commissioners at their request with something that the Board can substantiate as a viable needs analysis, financial feasibility study and a request for some action for funding.  If the Town receives anything it will be better than what we have right now which is nothing.  

Richard Billman suggested going through agenda item #’s 1 – 7 and combine them and restate the motion to cover the entire 1 – 7 items.  

Paul Willis commented that it has been six months since the Task Force was formed and another three weeks would not matter.

Jeanna Howard withdrew the second to the motion.  Laurayne Murray withdrew her motion.  

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Laurayne Murray Motioned to move forward to the County Commissioners with a recommended plan from the Task Force for items 4 (Facilities), 5 ( Equipment), 6 (Staffing) and item 7 funding through a Fire Levy.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Ed Bishop expressed his concerns regarding the relocation of Station #3.  Mr. Bishop stated that his issue would be concerns with relocation of a building which may an area of future growth and relocating the building 5 miles further away.  Ed Bishop stated that he feels that would be a mistake and would like to see the station upgraded at its present location.  

Laurayne Murray agreed and explained that this is a plan to substantiate financing requests and no decisions would be final until the time comes.  This was a large point of contention during the Task Force meetings.  Richard Billman said that it would reduce the finances portion of the proposal to move rather than refurbish.  

Paul Willis said it was the contention of the Task Force that the CIP was flexible document.  Ed Bishop said he would like to see the wording changed from relocate to upgrade.  Richard Billman suggested an amendment to the motion to make that change.

Laurayne Murray amended her Motion to include in Item #4, sub item 2, regarding Station #3 to say upgrade.  Jeanna Howard seconded the amendment.  

Cristina Hinds pointed out that in the Motion there were two sources of funding under Item #7.  Laurayne Murray explained that the Hospital District is not a source of funding and was not in a financial recommendation from the Task Force and was an additional suggestion.  Ms. Murray said it was misplaced on the agenda.  Ms Murray said she was not including the Hospital District due to it already being handled by the County Commissioners.  

Jeanna Howard asked how the Town Board will be moving forward with going to the County and who will be going in an official capacity before the County to do the presentation.  

Laurayne Murray said the motion is to take it forward and asked if it should include the planning also and suggested using people from the newly created advisory board if it is approved.  Cristina Hinds suggested voting on the current motion then follow with another motion.

Ed Bishop pointed out that there is nothing on the agenda about appointing somebody to take the plan to the Commissioners.  Nor is there anything about taking it to the Commissioners at all.  Cristina Hinds said that this is done in the motion.  Richard Billman clarified that the Board can move forward as stated.
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Jeanna Howard Motioned to put this presentation on the next Pahrump meeting of County agenda to be presented by three members of the Task Force as well as Jeanna Howard and Laurayne Murray as Town Board representatives and the Town Manager.  

There was discussion regarding the Task Force and its members.  

Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Annette Barlow asked that when the selection is made from those on the Task Force that there are 3 people that would like to be considered for the advisory board, if created, that would like to go to the County Commissioners for the presentation.  

Charlie Anzalone suggested that this be rushed to the County before the Commissioners find ways to spend the PETT money.  

Tim Murray asked why the most knowledgeable person on the committee, that being the Fire Chief.  Jeanna Howard replied that she assumed that the Chief would be involved.  Ms. Howard stated that the Town Manager should always be involved with everything without having to be invited.  And the Fire Chief should always be involved when discussing fire issues.  

Laurence Baker said he believes an item must be on an agenda before it is voted on.  Cristina Hinds explained that this is part of the agenda item regarding the acceptance of the recommendation.  Mr. Baker said there was nothing about a presentation on the agenda.  Ms. Hinds said it was her opinion is that is what they would do with the recommendation.  Mr. Billman said it was about a recommendation from a resolution which the Board passed.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.


Richard Billman noted that these are not recommendations being sent to the County Commissioners.  These are recommendations for the Town to use or not.

Jeanna Howard explained that these are items for the Fire Chief and Town Manager to address.  Ms. Howard asked that the creation of an advisory board be addressed by the Town Board.  

Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

Laurayne Murray Motioned that the Town Board establish a permanent Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Advisory Board and propose four members from the previous Task Force that have agreed to stay on, Annette Barlow, Jane Snow, Scott Culshaw and John McDonald and invite Ron Feldshaw to be a member of that Board with a total of seven members.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.  

Ed Bishop said he has no problem establishing the advisory board and including those people mentioned.  Mr. Bishop said that there needs to be advertisement for this Board and not pre-select members.  Laurayne Murray asked if the four that are showing interest from the Task Force and advertise for three others  would be appropriate.  Mr. Bishop replied that the four would have to reapply in fairness to the public.  

Richard Billman asked about the number of members legally allowed.  Cristina Hinds explained that it is determined in their by laws.  

Ed Bishop directed staff to get the ad in the paper immediately and set a cut off date.  

Paul Willis added that the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board has continually wanted to have input into this.  Lauryane Murray suggested they may have members that would like to apply for the advisory board.  Jeanna Howard said she would have liked to have seen them at the Task Force meetings.  

Jeanna Howard withdrew her second to the motion and Laurayne Murray withdrew her motion to restate it.

Laurayne Murray Motioned to establish a permanent Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service Advisory Board consisting of a total of seven members, positions to be filled through an advertisement which staff will publish as soon as possible with a close date for applications of January 17, 2005.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Ed Bishop asked who would review the applications and when will the recommendations be brought to the Board.  Richard Billman replied that the applications would have to be accepted by the Town Board and voted on.  There was discussion regarding how those names would be chosen.  The result being that seven names be brought to the Town Board on January 25 at the Town Board meeting.  Richard Billman suggested that it be the Town Board Liaison.  Laurayne added to her motion that all applications be reviewed by the Town Board at the January 25 meeting.  Applications will be available for review before the meeting and will be back up material.  

Dave Richards asked who would be writing the bylaws and will this advisory board be a policy making board or an operations board.  Mr. Richards said it would need to be known if the Town Board will be going to this Board for approval of expenditures and
Special Town Board Meeting
PVFRS Task Force
January 5, 2005

operations, or if it will be a policy advisory board that will bring recommendations to the Town Board.  Laurayne Murray replied that the second choice is the type needed.  Jeanna Howard suggested that it be a type of auxiliary board to assist the fire department in education and events.  Richard Billman agreed with Ms. Murray that it be a policy board. Ms. Murray added that the advisory board would write their bylaws to be approved by the Town Board.  Dave Richards asked what the initial terms are for the initial appointments.  Jeanna Howard noted that a usual and customary are followed for all boards.  

Cora Bishop commented that she thought that the ads need to be run for two weeks by law.  Ed Bishop replied that 2 insertions would be fine.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Paul Willis asked when it could go before the Commissioners.  Laurayne Murray explained that it is not dependent on the advisory board being permanent.  The motion to make the presentation used three people from the Task Force.  

Richard Billman referred to the remainder of the recommendations and asked if any member of the Board wished to present any at this time.  Jeanna Howard recommended that management, discuss this.  

Ed Bishop said he had concerns with some of them.  Jeanna Howard commented that without input from the Fire Chief or Town Manager, let the advisory board bring items back.


Richard Billman adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Bishop

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