Agendas & Minutes

July 19, 2004 Special Joint Meeting

MONDAY – 7:00 P.M.
JULY 19, 2004



1.    Call to order.

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Announcements.

3.    Public Comment: (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

4.    Introduction of advisory board members.

5.    Discussion, action and decision regarding website utilization.  

6.    Discussion, action and decision regarding objectives for advisory boards.

7.    Discussion, action and decision regarding justification, continuation and/or consolidation and possible formation of advisory boards.  

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding advisory board quarterly reports.  

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding membership on advisory boards.  

10.    Discussion, action and decision regarding existing and future objectives for advisory boards.

11.    Discussion only concerning the following items:

A.    Budget items
B.    Open Meeting Law

12.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.



PRESENT:                        ABSENT:
Paula Glidden                        Ed Bishop
Richard Billman
Charlotte LeVar
Jeanna Howard


Chairman Paula Glidden called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance.  


There were no announcements.


There was no public comment at this time.


Paula Glidden introduced members in attendance by their respective advisory board.

Arena – no one present.
Economic Development – Peter Gnecco
Emergency Management and Homeland Security – Sharon Wherly
Fairgrounds – no one present.
Fall Festival – Jeanna Howard will represent as Fall Festival Executive Board Chairman.
Nuclear Waste and Environmental – no one present
Parks and Recreation – no one present
Public Lands – Jim Petell
Tourism – Kelly Buffi, Kari Frilot, and Alice Eychner


Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Paula Glidden pointed out that the most utilization of the website is being made by the Tourism Advisory Board.   Ms. Glidden stated that other advisory boards may have submitted things that have not been added to the site yet.  Paula Glidden suggested that the boards keep checking for their site and if anyone has questions they may contact Dave Richards.  Ms. Glidden asked that Kari Frilot of the Tourism Advisory Board to explain some of the things on the website.  

Ms. Frilot reported that the advisory board has worked with the webmaster to put on forms used by the Tourism Advisory Board.  There is a grant guide form to be used by people requesting Tourism Funds as well as an agenda item request form and a list of grants awarded through the funding process.  Kari Frilot noted that there is an item on their agenda to work with.  Ms. Frilot stated that websites are an ongoing project and need continued attention.  

Paula Glidden suggested that the other advisory boards look at the Tourism site in order to get ideas.  


Paula Glidden suggested that each board make presentation of where they are at and what their future objectives are.  


Sharon Wehrly reported that the projects they are working on include the Pahrump Emergency Management Plan (EMP which includes the basic plan final draft.  This has been submitted to Ms. Glidden.  The Response Module first draft has been completed.  A Recovery Module first draft has been completed.  Damage Assessment Module first draft has also been completed.  There is a Financial Module that is incomplete which needs to be discussed with the Town Board. They have worked on a Weapons of Mass Destruction Module (WMP) which is also incomplete at this time put do have outlines for these modules.  Ms. Wehrly stated that this board has submitted sample ordinances to develop a Pahrump Emergency Management Ordinance which supports implementing the EMP for the Town of Pahrump.  There is also a first incomplete draft of the ordinance.  There is an Emergency Operations Plan with scheduled completion in 2005.  Sample Operations Plans have been submitted to the Town Board with an overview of what the advisory board feels should be included in that plan.  This board will be looking at the Emergency Operation Center.  One currently exists in the Fire-Rescue Training
Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Room.  An assessment of the condition of that operations center needs to be made along with refurbish it and develop procedures and then provide training.  Completion of this project is expected in late 2006.  

Ms. Wehrly continued noting other projects they are interested in completing is the website.  They would like to include sample emergency plans on the website to it is accessible to the public.  Links to the Homeland Security site can be provided. Also under consideration is a Citizens Emergency Response Team.  This is a federal program with funding available.  

Jeanna Howard commented that she will be receiving a plan from Carlsbad, New Mexico as it relates to the WIPP program and will provide a copy to this board for input for their plan.  

Paula Glidden stated that because this is an action item she will list each board’s plan so it can be voted on.  Ms. Glidden asked Ms. Wehrly to summarize her report.

Ms. Wehrly agreed that their goal is to continue working on the plan and implementing procedures with a deadline of 2006 based on available funding.

TOURISM ADVISORY BOARD – Kelly Buffi, Chairman

Kelly Buffi reported this advisory board had been meeting twice monthly and are currently meeting one time per month on the second Thursday of every month as they have reached their roadmap of things they can work on.  Ms. Buffi noted that in the past year they have worked on grants which were approved by the Town Board from different organizations which needed funding.  Because of the many groups requesting funding brought this board to develop the Grant Guideline which they work from.  This form lends accountability to these groups as what their planning is, their budget and then to report back the outcome of how it was used.  

Ms. Buffi stated that they did award several grants for advertising, a media kit, and $20,000 to the Town of Pahrump for start up funds for the Fall Festival.  Two grants were awarded to the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce through the Nevada Commission on Tourism to distribute information about Pahrump throughout the state and California.  The board also provided a matching grant of $5,000 to the Chamber of Commerce for a visitor kiosk.  Kelly Buffi reported that the Tourism Advisory Board conducted a special workshop to review and prioritize recommendations for improving Pahrump as tourism appealing.  This was in conjunction with Destination Development Inc.  This has provided the Tourism Advisory Board with its roadmap for the upcoming year.  Items discussed were signage, beautification and advertising education.  

Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Kelly Buffi summarized that the Tourism Advisory Board will continue to address grant funding requests from various groups and would like to make recommendations for the State Room Tax fund.  Ms. Buffi said they would be looking at signage in Pahrump with regards to beautifying the valley.  They will also be looking at advertising education.  


Mr. Gnecco reported that this board is looking at putting in a position in the Town Office for a full time Economic Development person.  A need to locate and develop funding for that project is necessary at this time.  Also being looked at is changing the sign near the fountain (waterfall) to replace the Calvada name and replace it with the Town logo so the Town can advertise events.  Peter Gnecco explained that they are also working with the Town Office and Management Assistance Partnership (MAP).  MAP is federally and state funded.  This group has experience with manufacturing, mining, construction, and business entities in which they assist companies to make it more profitable for them in the State of Nevada.  This board is looking at a two part project.  One is to identify what Pahrump has to offer manufacturing businesses, construction and mining companies.  Once identified, a program can be created to phone or solicit by mail companies.  This will be funded from the Economic Development funds.  There is nothing that Mr. Gnecco could discuss openly that they are working on currently.  

Charlotte LeVar commented that she liked the idea of manufacturing and creating that type of program.  

PUBLIC LANDS – Jim Petell, Chairman

Mr. Petell reported that he has not had a meeting in two months due to the resignation of a member, thus creating a problem of having a quorum to have a meeting.  Jim Petell explained that there has been discussion with Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Public Lands Board becoming one board.  This will be discussed at the Parks and Recreation meeting on July 26 at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Annex.  The discussion will be centered on combining the two boards.  Mr. Petell said if this is not acceptable he will get two more members which he has in waiting and will work closely with Parks and Recreation and any other boards concerning public lands.  

Jim Petell reported that the current project is the 480 acre park on Simkins as suggested by Mr. and Mrs. Smithers for a hiking, non-motorized, trail.  This area must go through the process of all Bureau of Land Management requirements.  A five year plan has been submitted and he believes it is a doable plan.  Mr. Petell said he will become more involved with other entities regarding this project.  Some other endeavors being considered are the 320 acres at the end of Mesquite Avenue for a cemetery and shooting range; trails, campgrounds on the Pahrump side of the Spring Mountains near Carpenter
Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Canyon and Wheeler Pass; 240 acres belonging to the Town on a 10 year lease which could be used for a public shooting range or as intended as a municipal golf course.  

Charlotte LeVar asked if Mr. Petell has been working with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office regarding the shooting range.  Mr. Petell replied that the Sheriff was contacted prior to the master plan being approved.  Mr. DeMeo told Jim Petell that his department is working with Nye County and they have no interest.  

Paula Glidden asked if Mr. Petell can get a board together.  Jim Petell said it has been two months without a meeting and he has two people interested.  Charlotte LeVar asked how soon these people would come forward.  Mr. Petell said he will ask them again.  Mrs. LeVar asked if this can be accomplished for the next Town Board meeting.  Jim Petell stated that he will bring their letters of request to be placed on the board.  

Paula Glidden asked if Parks and Recreation are receptive to the idea of joining the two boards.  Jim Petell commented that he explained the situation at the last Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting under public comment.  An item will be placed on their agenda for the July 26 meeting to discuss it further.  


Jeanna Howard reported that the members of this Board are participating a Federal Impacts Advisory Board meeting in Amargosa and is the reason for their absence.  They are there to follow up on the Carlsbad, New Mexico trip.  

FALL FESTIVAL – Jeanna Howard, Chairman

Jeanna Howard reported that there are seven committees that report to the executive board.  They are all actively working on Fall Festival 2004.  Ms. Howard announced that the committees are on track but that there is a dire need for volunteers for the Parade.  

Paula Glidden pointed out that there was no one available from the other advisory boards for a report.

Ms. Glidden asked if there was anything that the boards in attendance may have left out concerning their future plans that should be mentioned before the Town Board makes a vote.

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to accept the plans of the Economic Development, Fall Festival, Public Lands and Tourism Advisory Boards as they have described them.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.
Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Paula Glidden asked Peter Gnecco about the Rotary sign which she feels the Town Board already voted on.  Mr. Gnecco said that his Board would support this project and a Rotary representative would be at their next meeting to address this issue.  Peter Gnecco stated that he assumed the Town would want to be involved with this.  

Vote passed 3 – 0 – 1.  Jeanna Howard abstained as she is a voting member on some of these boards.  


Paula Glidden explained that this item is to assure the Town Board that all the advisory boards want to continue in what they are doing and follow through as some of the boards are moving in leaps and bounds.  Ms. Glidden stated that as liaisons, the Town Board members cannot be at all the meetings and seriously depend on the advisory board input and guidance.  

Ms Glidden stated that she was thinking of a creating a board along the lines of a fundraising board.  Paula Glidden noted that there is no formal board to look at grants to aid the Town and other advisory boards and possibly doing fundraising events such as Fall Festival and July 4th Festival.  

Jeanna Howard asked that the Board consider that within the next thirty days there will be a proposal on the Town Board agenda from a group that works with governmental agencies, as well as non profit groups, in Nevada.  Ms. Howard noted that in the scope of their proposal they discussed groups such as those suggested by Ms. Glidden.  They will be bringing a plan to the Town Board.  

Paula Glidden asked if this is a group the Town would be hiring.  Ms. Howard replied that there are different areas of utilizing their time.  They are working currently with No To Abuse concerning a capital fundraising plan.  Jeanna Howard said she asked them to put the proposal in a formal presentation to the Town Board.  

Paula Glidden said she would hold off on this board until she hears the presentation from this group.  Charlotte LeVar added that there are some advisory boards that do not have funding to work with.  Mrs. LeVar said that an example would be Public Lands and the hiking trail project.  

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to bring the suggestion of a fundraising advisory board back to the Town Board in a month’s time to look further into a fundraising board.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.
Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

Richard Billman asked if it would be the second meeting in August.  Charlotte LeVar confirmed that.  

Terry Davies commented that the Town should be contacting the major benefactors of the Room Tax fund such as the hotels and other major businesses.  Richard Billman explained that these people do put forward a great deal of money.  Paula Glidden agreed that Mr. Davies had a feasible idea.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


Paula Glidden asked Dave Richards if he was receiving any quarterly reports from the advisory boards or if he had any questions regarding them.  Ms. Glidden asked if Michael Sullivan has any questions.

Dave Richards replied that he has not seen any quarterly reports and does not know if Mr. Sullivan has received any.  Mr. Richards noted that any board that needs assistance with preparing those reports, he would be available to help them with them.  

Paula Glidden asked Michael Sullivan if there are any boards that he needs to see providing quarterly reports.  

Michael Sullivan explained that in the budget process, a budget was prepared for each board that has budgetary authority.

Paula Glidden asked what kind of money the Arena was bringing in or not bringing in.  Ms. Glidden said she never sees these figures.  Paula Glidden asked if this is something the Board should be reviewing or is there any money to be reviewed.

Michael Sullivan explained that during the budget process each of the Room Tax funds were reviewed and the projects the advisory boards have requested for the July 2004-05 allocations.  Each advisory board provided a list of requests to be incorporated into the budget as expenditures for the fiscal year.  Mr. Sullivan said he can provide that information if the Board members would like to see the information again.  Michael Sullivan noted that in the process he did not recall any unmet needs at the time except for Fairgrounds.  

Staff asked if this item included written reports from the boards as not much is reported in the usual agenda item addressing Advisory Board Reports.  Ms. Glidden stated that

Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

written reports would be helpful and feels the boards have these reports although they have not been directed to send them forward.  

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to assure that the various advisory boards who do receive funding, that they will make sure that the Town Board members, as well as Michael Sullivan, and Dave Richards receives their quarterly reports.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Mrs. LeVar directed Staff to place a note in for the advisory boards stating that quarterly reports should be starting as of now and due in September.  Paula Glidden agreed that this would give the boards more accountability.


Paula Glidden explained that if there are any members just beginning and not voted on, this is an opportunity for the Town Board to vote on them.

Staff was asked if there were any noted changes and replied that the advisory boards were contacted to update their membership list and there are none at this time.  A list has been provided with the agendas and would ask that the advisory boards review the list and make corrections and submit it to the Town Office for updating.  Staff also noted that a list of meeting schedules was also provided and that any changes should be reported.  


A.    Budget items

Ms. Glidden stated that she feels the quarterly reports with help in this area.  Paula Glidden said she is not sure how money is being spent on some of the boards and only knows about Tourism.  Ms. Glidden suggested other boards needing funds should be discussed with the Town Manager or Finance Director.  

B.    Open Meeting Law

Paula Glidden noted that it is imperative that all advisory boards are following the open meeting law and if there are any questions they should contact Cookie Westphal in the Town Office.  Ms. Glidden stated that Ms. Westphal has helped the advisory boards in the past with a training session and will help anyone personally.  Ms. Westphal suggested that with the turnout at this meeting that a
Special Joint Meeting
Town Board and Advisory Boards
July 19, 2004

workshop be held to go over the Open Meeting Law once again.  Paula Glidden agreed that a workshop be held to update those performing the secretarial duties for these boards.   


Paula Glidden adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte LeVar, Clerk

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