Agendas & Minutes

July 28, 2009

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
July 28, 2009



There is no agenda posted for this meeting.



Town Board:
Nicole Shupp
        Bill Dolan
        Vicky Parker
        Frank Maurizio
        Mike Darby
STAFF:    Bill Kohbarger, Town Manager
        Matt Luis, Building and Grounds Manager
        Michael Sullivan, Finance Director
        Elona Skadberg, Pool Manager

1.    Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.
Chairman Nicole Shupp called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.

2.    Discussion and possible decision regarding moving the order of, or deleting an agenda item(s). (Action)
Bill Dolan motioned to postpone Item #7 until the first meeting in August (August 11).  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

3.    Advisory Board Reports, from Advisory Board Chairpersons and/or Town Board Liaisons on the status of Advisory Boards. (Non-Action)
Frank Maurizio reminded that the next Incorporation Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for August 10 and the public is invited to attend.
Alan Bigelow for the Pahrump Veteran’s Memorial Advisory Board reported they completed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).  They are working on the columbarium project and need to set up an account for donations.  Other projects include continued work on the memorial wall and pictures in the building.

4.    Town Manager Report. (Non-Action)
No report

5.    Town Board Member’s Comments. (Non-Action)
Frank Maurizio invited the public to the Pahrump Gunfighters gathering on September 12-13, 2009 at Dusty Flats next to the Stagestop Casino.
Bill Dolan asked that staff move forward on the account for the Veteran’s Advisory Board.
6.    Discussion and possible decision to terminate Vivid Edge Designs contract with the Town and go out to Request for Proposals for a new website host, design & maintenance for our website for the Town. (Action)
This item was brought forward by Bill Dolan who said he and other Board members felt Vivid Edge has not been living up to their contract and suggested terminating the contract with 30 days notice effective this day, going out for RFP’s for a company that can handle the needs of the Town including all advisory boards, and can also link the Town site to various venues to move the Town forward.  Bill Dolan noted some deficiencies with the website and lack of performance.

Bill Dolan motioned to terminate the contract effective 30 days from today and go out for RFPs.  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.

Mr. Maurizio asked if 30 days would be long enough for an RFP response.  Mr. Dolan stated the current website, owned by the Town, would remain online intact.  Rick Campbell noted that there were three (3) separate contracts; hosting, development, and maintenance.  Mr. Campbell asked that the motion be made more specific. Bill Dolan stated that the motion was to cancel their contract; it would include all three contracts.

Michelle Phillips of Vivid Edge Designs referred to the amount owed to her by the Town as listed in the backup.  Mrs. Phillips explained that the maintenance contract is a separate contract and does not start until the website is finished.  The only thing owed is the $4,000.  With regard to the PTO’s being done, Michelle Phillips stated she had four PTO’s done when the backup was posted and that she contacted staff for copies of approximately 8 other PTO’s.  Mrs. Phillips said this was not part of the contract and was a verbal agreement.  She said she has not invoiced for the $4,000 because she felt she was not finished.  There was more discussion between Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Dolan about the PTO’s.  

Mike Darby spoke about the condition of the PTO’s and they should be retyped.  

Bruce Calley commented regarding working the Tourism information into a new contract.

Vote passed 3-2.  Vicky Parker and Mike Darby voted nay.

7.    Discussion and possible decision regarding adoption of Pahrump Veteran’s Memorial Standard Operating Procedures, 2009. (Action)
This item was removed.

8.    Discussion and possible decision regarding approval to co-sponsor teen/family nights in the park.  (Action)
Nicole Shupp explained that this is being brought before the Board as being a co-sponsor the Town would be providing the insurance coverage.  

Matt Luis explained that each sponsor would not be required to get their own insurance; that it would be covered by the Town’s insurance as a co-sponsor.

Mike Darby asked for an explanation regarding cultural and ethnic.
Elona Skadberg, Pool Manager, explained that they are opening sponsorship to the whole community through organizations within the community.  This is to bring children together in a positive environment.  It will be open to families to see how other families work as a networking situation.  There was more discussion on what would be affected by these events, such as policies and procedures, guidelines, family values, and fiscal impact on the Town.

Vicky Parker liked the proposal but it should be changed to specify pool, not including the park.  

Frank Maurizio stated that as liaison to Nye Community Coalition, he would discuss this with them and fine tune it.  Bill Dolan noted that the liability issue has to be covered.

Frank Maurizio motioned to table the item.  Vicky Parker seconded the motion.

After a recommendation by Rick Campbell to table for a specific date, Vicky Parker withdrew he second and Mr. Maurizio withdrew his motion.

Frank Maurizio restated his motion that he will get together with Nye Communities Coalition and the other parties and work on guidelines and liability and bring back to the next meeting with guidelines.  Vicky Parker seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 1.  Nicole Shupp voted nay.

9.    Discussion and possible decision to approve purchase of aluminum bleachers for Simkins Park from Payment Equal to Taxes (PETT) funds. (Action)
Matt Luis explained his reason for purchasing bleachers from Highland for Simkins Park and will challenge Highland to meet the lower bidder.  Vicky Parker spoke favorably of the Highland tables and their durability.

Mike Darby motioned to approve the purchase of aluminum bleachers for Simkins Park.  Bill Dolan seconded the motion.

Dave Stevens commented they should be anchored.

Vote passed 5 – 0.  

10.    Discussion and possible decision to approve the purchase of picnic tables from PETT funds. (Action)
Frank Maurizio confirmed that the straight tables would be purchased.  Matt Luis agreed.  Vicky Parker commented that the current tables are quite sturdy.

Vicky Parker motioned to approve the purchase of picnic tables with PETT funds.  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

11.    Discussion and possible decision to approve the purchase of sail type fabric shade structure for Simkins Park from PETT funds. (Action)
Matt Luis noted that the shades at the schools are more expensive than those he chose.  Mr. Luis explained it would be a three sail system.  If one sail was damaged they would only have to replace one instead of the whole area.  They will not cover the entire play area at one time, as the sun moves throughout the day it will be covered.  Mr. Luis recommended Great Western.

Mr. Maurizio asked if the sun would affect the material of the shade.  Matt Luis explained they hold up very well, although red is effected more so than the other colors.  Bill Dolan asked about guarantees.  Matt Luis said he recalled ten years on the fabric.  Vicky Parker commented about the wind load of 90 mph and asked what colors were chosen.  Mr. Luis explained it would be to match the playground equipment at the park.

Bill Dolan motioned to approve the purchase of sail type fabric shade structures for Simkins Park from PETT funds not to exceed $33,000.  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.

Comments were heard from Bruce Calley who suggested silver or white for the color and commented about vandalism.  Matt Luis stated that vandalism has dropped.  Bill Dolan asked if the fabric was fireproof.  Matt Luis replied yes.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

12.    Discussion and possible decision on entering into a communications site lease agreement with GWRC-LLC to lease and manage the Town’s TV tower.  (Action)
Rick Campbell explained that the agreement has been reviewed and all changes have been agreed to by GWRC.  Nicole Shupp explained that this is the same company that provided the work to replace the TV tower that was damaged in 2007.  Rick Campbell explained that the tower would be leased to GWRC and they would be able to sublease to other tenants with a piece sharing agreement in the town lease.

George Richardson, owner of GWRC, stated the proposed maintenance contract of $1,200 per month to maintain the site once a month, be available for emergency service, and would include the transmitter monitoring.  Instead of a maintenance contract he suggested going into a contract covering maintenance and would also manage the site for rentals and other operators.  A proposed lease agreement with tenants has been provided to Mr. Kohbarger.  Mr. Richardson noted the leasing is not a big revenue maker and would be a 40/40/20 split.  The 20% is a contingency fee that would be used for upgrades and major repairs on the site.  George Richardson explained his relationship with the town previous to the tower mishap and following with the new installation.  The rental rate would vary by wind load and elevation.  There was more discussion with regards to rentals.

Frank Maurizio motioned to enter into a contract and site lease agreement with GWRC to lease and manage the Town TV tower.  Bill Dolan seconded the motion.

Vern Van Winkle of KPVM-TV discussed the town entering into a commercial enterprise business.  Mr. Van Winkle was concerned about the competitiveness with the same individuals for rent on his tower.  Rick Campbell said he would look into whether a site lease agreement makes a commercial enterprise.  

Bob Irving, Tony Lloyd, Donna Cox, Karen Jackson and Dave Stevens commented. George Richardson responded to several questions.

Mike Darby asked where the money was coming from in the budget.  Bill Kohbarger said he would check with Michael Sullivan to be sure, but no contract has yet been signed.

Bill Dolan motioned to postpone consideration of this item until the second meeting in August (8/25) until such time some of the questions brought up by the public can be brought back to the Board in significant form.  Frank Maurizio seconded the motion.

Mr. Dolan noted that under Robert’s Rules of Order #14 a move to postpone consideration of an agenda item can be made and if a motion is already on the table, the motion to postpone has priority.

Vote passed 4 – 1.  Vicky Parker voted nay.

13.    Discussion and possible decision regarding expending funds, not to exceed $8,000.00, for the purchasing of and installing of an antenna for the Fire Department to be placed on the Town of Pahrump TV tower. (Action)
Mr. Maurizio asked if the old antenna is working.  Bill Kohbarger explained that the old antenna was destroyed and are currently renting from KPVM.  

Frank Maurizio motioned to purchase and install an antenna for the Fire Department to be placed on the Town of Pahrump TV tower not to exceed $8,000.  Bill Dolan seconded the motioned.

Tony Lloyd asked if the price included the antenna and all equipment.  George Richardson replied that it included the antenna, transmission line and all hardware attributed to it.  Mr. Richardson explained that this may be covered by the insurance carrier and has been in contact with them. Mr. Richardson said the cost could be less than $7,000 or may be paid for through the insurance.

Frank Maurizio asked what the current amount was being paid for rent with KPVM.  Bill Kohbarger replied $350 per month.

Public comments were made by Dave Stevens, Tony Lloyd, Donna Cox, Dean Bosen, Vern Van Winkle, Karen Jackson, and Deanna O’Donnell.  George Richardson responded to some questions and comments.  Mrs. Parker confirmed that if approved and the insurance decides that it is to be covered several months later the Town would be covered.  Mr. Campbell explained if it is covered, it is covered.

Vote passed 5 – 0.  
14.    Discussion and possible decision regarding establishing a yearly Town Board Member evaluation form. (Action)
Bill Dolan explained that to enhance the government’s effectiveness they suggest that each governing body have an evaluation by staff to determine if the Board is being effective in helping staff move forward with their goals and objectives to move the Town forward.  Nicole Shupp asked when this should be done.  Mike Darby asked if this should also be given to the general public.  Frank Maurizio also commented on employee evaluating employers.  Vicky Parker commented that the Board is evaluated at the ballot box.

Bill Dolan motioned to establish a yearly Town Board Member evaluation.  

Motion died for lack of second.

15.    Discussion and possible decision regarding request for posting on public buildings a sign reading “no smoking within 20 feet of building entrance”. (Action)
Mike Darby asked if a designated area with a shade cover be provided.  

John Pawlak, Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Board, explained that there are smoke free laws for the protection of individuals of the effects of second hand smoke which include an increased risk of heart disease and emphysema.

Bill Dolan asked who would be paying for the installation of signs.  John Pawlak suggested the cost would be minimal.  

Vicky Parker commented that at the risk of continuing to add the various laws and regulations and limiting the rights of smokers, Mrs. Parker stated she has been contacted by people that are offended by walking through all the smoke at the entrance.  Moving 20 feet away is not unreasonable.  Vicky Parker noted that it should not be a large cost to the Town.  

Vicky Parker motioned that there be no smoking within 20 feet of a building entrance.  

Motion died for lack of a second.

16.    Discussion and possible decision Consent agenda items: (Action)

a.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
b.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of June 4, 2009
c.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of July 14, 2009
d.    Action – approval of 72-Hour Liquor Permit for the Marine Corp League for Pahrump Fall Festival September 25-27, 2009 at Petrack Park.

Frank Maurizio motioned to accept consent agenda items a through d.  Mike Darby seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

17.    Future Meetings/Workshops: Date, Time and Location. (Action)
There was nothing at this time.

18.    Public Comment. Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item – NRS241.020 (2)(C)(3). (Non-Action)
Bob Irving commented regarding tabling of an item and generators.
Vern Van Winkle commented about the Bridal Expo scheduled for August 1.
Pamela Mason commented about the Town Mission Statement and her support for Mr. Kohbarger.
John Koenig commented regarding public comment at the end of the meeting.
Donna Cox commented about Mr. Kohbarger’s statement regarding saving the Town on the TV tower and said she was turning in another 150 signatures.
Bruce Calley commented about the goals and objectives, and working on incorporation.
Harold Gramauld commented about an arrest.
Stephanie Lopez commented that she will continue to do what she has been doing.
Robert Smith had questions regarding CFR and a terrorist cell.

19.    Adjournment.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicky Parker, Clerk
Pahrump Town Board




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