Agendas & Minutes

June 8, 2004 - Closed Session

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
JUNE 8, 2004



1.    Call to order.

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion regarding agenda items.

3.    Announcements.

4.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

5.    Discussion, action and decision regarding acceptance of renewal proposal from Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (POOL) and approval of invoice for payment from fiscal year 2004-05 funds.  Wayne Carlson

6.    “Good News” regarding people, events, awards, celebrations or occasions that reflects positively for those within the community.

7.    Third reading and discussion, action and decision of third amendment to Pahrump Town Ordinance #35 – Business License Ordinance - issues as stated in the amendment.    Town Board

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Capital Improvements Plan and Indebtedness.  Town Manager

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding subsidy from Nye County for ambulance service operations.  Town Manager

10.    Town Manager’s Report.   

11.    Advisory Board Reports.

12.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Town Mission Statement.  Town Board

13.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Pahrump Valley Fire Rescue Service and possible creation of a Community Task Force. Paula Glidden

14.    Discussion, action and decision regarding bid for water rights and other related matters.  Town Manager

15.    Discussion, action and decision regarding letter from Pacific Coast Civil regarding fee estimate to design roads at fairgrounds.  Town Manager

16.    Discussion, action and decision regarding quote for electrical work (light timers) at Petrack Park and Honeysuckle Park.  Matt Luis

17.    First Reading of Pahrump Town Ordinance – PTO # 45  - Portions of the Uniform Fire Code concerning fires, hazardous materials, and explosions.  

18.    Discussion, action and decision regarding purchase of trust property from Nye County.  Town Manager

19.    Discussion, action and decision regarding employee health care insurance.  Town Manager

20.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers.
B.    Action – approval of Special Town Board meeting minutes of May 18, 2004.  
C.    Action – approval of Final Budget Hearing minuets of May 20, 2004
D.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting of May 25, 2004

21.    Discussion, action and decision regarding closure of meeting pursuant to NRS 241.030 and 241.033 and 288.220(1-4) and 241-015.2(b)(2) for purposes of conferring with Town’s legal counsel regarding pending litigation.

22.    Closed meeting pursuant to NRS 241.030, NRS 241.015(b)(2) and NRS 288.220(4).

23.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Calvada 14 and related matters.  Town Board

24.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.




Jeff Pettigoff – ….. because I think that agendizing this item was completely inappropriate.  
Jeanna Howard – Related to closes session?
Jeff Pettigoff – No. Relating to litigation.  Dealing with the Richards case and the Calvada 14 issues.  We are in the midst of litigation.  If you agendize this and  get public comment on it, and then the Board says something that we discussed in a private session, you are jeopardizing a lot of, well, let’s just say your coverage issues, and you are subjecting yourself to individual liability.  It’s a huge mistake.  Huge.  If you have question about this litigation you can call me.  I have never refused to talk to anybody, at any time.  I have made this trip, I don’t know how many times, at your request.  I’ve come hear to discuss a lot of issues.  I can tell you right now that I am prepared to discuss after having a ton, because I only got notice of this within a few days, of conferences with a number of different entities, to find out whether or not a resolution can be obtained in the Richards litigation.  I’m not about to go over this I think on a public record because I think this is too privileged.  So I don’t want to discuss those matter right not.  But I am certainly prepared to meet with the Board in a proper closed session meeting where I think litigation should be discussed.  And, like I’ve indicated, my office, my staff, the people from Nevada Insurance entities and the people from Nye County and their attorneys have gone over this resolution and have come up with a number of different, well let’s just say, we have a number of concerns.  And I will tell you publicly at least in the sense of this closed session, that we have not found any resolution that will work to resolve this case at this time based on what this Judge is telling us.  So, with that said, I’ve pretty much said my peace and I’m telling you to invite me back so we can talk about this litigation in what I would consider a more appropriate forum.  
Cristina Hinds – Technically, it’s not a closed session, it is just a non meeting for purposes of attorney/client information.  That is why it is not agengized.  
Jeff Pettigoff – I don’t care how you do it, but I think it is inappropriate to have anything recorded that deals with the litigation.  
Paula Glidden – And that’s your advise, so therefore, regarding item #23.
Jeff Pettigoff – I don’t know what it is that you guys want to discuss on item #23.  
Charlotte LeVar – When we, when, at the last meeting that we had, you had said that you were going to get back to us in a couple of weeks in order to, in order to get this finalized one way or the other.  We have made mention at that point in time that there was a general consensus that we wanted closure to this.  And you had said that you were going to come back in a couple weeks and you were going to do that.  
Jeff Pettigoff – This is a complicated matter.
Charlotte LeVar – I understand how complicated it is.
Jeff Pettigoff – I don’t think you do.
Charlotte LeVar – Well maybe I don’t.  
Jeff Pettigoff – And I’m prepared to talk to you about those complexities but not now.  
Paula Glidden – I think we need to call this meeting and go back out there and just table this matter until we can talk to you on a further…..
Charlotte LeVar – When are we going to hear something then.   
Jeff Pettigoff – I’m prepared to discuss it, well I was prepared to discuss it tonight until I realized that this was a different type of setting.  
Richard Billman – Well actually, he’s here and he’s made this trip, we can conclude this meeting, conclude that meeting and walk right back in here.
Jeff Pettigoff – I’m fine to talk about it.  
Charlotte LeVar – We can do that then.  
Richard Billman – It seems simpler that way.  
Charlotte LeVar – Then all we have to say is upon … there is nothing to discuss as far as the item is concerned and we will just pull it.  And just take it off and remove it from the agenda.  
Jeanna Howard – Mr. Pettigoff, is it true that we are still under direction that we are not, we’re not allowed to discuss anything we discuss with you related to this litigation or we are not suppose to be supposedly.
Jeff Pettigoff – You are under instructions from me not to talk about this litigation.  Because if you do talk about this litigation you could waive your litigation privilege, work product, attorney/client privilege and it is extremely dangerous for you to do that.
Jeanna Howard – Well I’ll put it on the record somehow it is getting out.  Because it is amazing what people are privy to.  And it is unfortunate because especially when one of them calls me the other night and wants to verify something that was stated in our closed session over at the Town Office.  
Jeff Pettigoff – Well I can’t speak for what other people
Jeanna Howard – No and it could have been someone heard something through the wall.  I’m not, who knows, but you have plenty of people out there sitting and waiting to hear exactly what this is about.  And then they start the calls.  I mean I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets them.  What’s going on with Joe Richards and so on.
Jeff Pettigoff – The only thing that you can state is anything that happened publicly.  I mean we held, I was bombarded with Judge Davis and his questions for almost an hour.  So we have a pretty large record of what our position is in the public record, the public domain.  That information is clearly assessable to the public.   Now commenting on it in terms of stategy, in terms of what we are going to do, that is going to be inappropriate.  
Jeanna Howard – Cristina, did you give us this copy of this brothel ordinance?
Jeff Pettigoff – Oh, is that the one I asked for?
Jeanna Howard – It was in our backup and I’m not sure why.
C. Westphal – It was in the back up as requested by Mrs. LeVar.
Charlotte LeVar – Yea, it was requested because it had to do with the brothel.
Richard Billman – Not to belabor the point, but why don’t we go ahead and do what I suggested.  Go out there, let’s adjourn it.
Paula Glidden – OK.  Let’s adjourn it.




Paula Glidden
Richard Billman
Charlotte LeVar
Jeanna Howard
Ed Bishop
Cristina Hinds, Attorney


Chairman Paula Glidden called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  Ms. Glidden asked for a moment of silence in memory of former President Ronald Reagan.  Paula Glidden welcomed all those in attendance.  


Paula Glidden asked that Item #19 (Discussion, action and decision regarding employee health care insurance.) be moved following Item #6.  Ms. Glidden asked that Item #14 ( Discussion, action and decision regarding bid for water rights and other related matters.) and Item #15 (Discussion, action and decision regarding letter from Pacific Coast Civil regarding fee estimate to design roads at fairgrounds.) be removed from the agenda.  Paula Glidden stated that Item #13 (Discussion, action and decision regarding Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service and possible creation of a Community Task Force) will be moved to be heard at approximately 8:15 p.m.

Mike McInerney commented that Item #23 concerning Calvada 14 is scheduled after the closed session.  Mr. McInerney asked if there was a particular reason for this or can this item be moved up.  Paula Glidden noted that item would be a part of the closed session and could not be moved up.  

There were no other objections to these changes or other comments.


Charlotte LeVar announced the following events:

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Pahrump Regional Planning Commission will meet on June 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Hall;
Tourism Advisory Board will meet on June 10 at 8:00 a.m. in the Town Annex;
Commissioners Cox and Trummell will hold their pre agenda workshop on June 12 at 9:00 a.m. in Room B;
Sheriff Tony DeMeo will hold an open forum on June 13 at 1:30 in the Hall;
Regional Transportation Commission will meet at 6:00 p.m. on June 14 in Room A;
Fall Festival Executive Committee will meet on June 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the Annex;
County Commissioners will meet on June 15 at 8:30 a.m. in the Hall;
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board special meeting is scheduled for June 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the Annex;
The Commissioners will be meeting on June 16 at 1:00 p.m. in the Hall for a meeting concerning air quality.  The will meet again at 5:30 p.m. concerning zoning;
Fall Festival Entertainment Committee will meet on June 16 at 6:00 p.m. in Room B;
 Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board will meet on June 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the Annex;
Fairgrounds Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on June 16 at 7:00 p.m. in Room A;
Fall Festival Parade Committee has scheduled a meeting for June 17 at noon in the Annex;
The RPC have scheduled a special meeting on June 17 at 6:00 p.m. in the Hall;
A Town Board special meeting is schedule d for June 21 at 6:00 p.m. concerning Yucca Mountain.

Sally Devlin announced the Ms Senior Pahrump is being held June 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Saddle West and that the Toastmaster will meet June 16 at 6:30 at Dr. Deuk’s office.

Lisa Holeman announced that Pahrump Grad Night 2004 will be held June 10 at the Community Center.  The Hall will be open to the public on June 10 from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. for viewing before the event.  It is free for the kids and more than 100 businesses have contributed to this event by donating gifts or made other contributions.  Mrs. Holeman thanked the Town for the use of the Community Center and park.  


Mike McInerney commented on excerpts from the Pahrump Valley Times concerning the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service such as NRS violations, hiring, and income loss. Mr. McInerney also commented on the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and how the NRS reads regarding laying off of personnel.  Mike McInerney also commented on the reduction
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

of vehicles.  Mr. McInerney suggested that the Town Board tighten down on the flow of red ink out of the ambulance service.  

Nancy Worthsbaugh, a member of the Oasis Writer’s Guild, commented on the fee for non-profit groups would be charged in the new Pahrump Town Ordinance #35 and asked that the Board consider changing the fee from $50 to $5 for non-profit organizations.  


Carol Ingles explained that although the insurance premiums actually went down, although the Board opted to increase their deductibles to $200,000 for property and $300,000 for liability.  Ms. Ingles noted that when deductibles go up the insurance goes down so there was a reduction in the actual insurance costs.  By viewing the information provided some of the exposures that the premium is based on, have increased.  Most notably the increase was in total payroll and in the number of emergency calls for last year as well as the number of emergency vehicles.  Carol Ingles explained that the actual costs for insurance went down by 2%, the lost fund contribution increased by 10%, and the net cost is 1% over last year.  Ms. Ingles quoted the cost at $74,262.

Richard Billman Motioned to accept the renewal proposal from the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool for 2004/2005.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.

Cristina Hinds pointed out that they were also asking for approval for the invoice for payment.  

Richard Billman amended his motion to include approving the invoice for payment.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the amendment.

Paula Glidden said she is pleased that the increase was only 1%.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.  


Paula Glidden mentioned that Pahrump was listed in the Wall Street Journal on June 3 as a Boomtown.

Art Jones reported that the Veterans Coalition had a ceremony on May 29 to honor all of the World War II veterans that lived through the war.  Mr. Jones noted that there was a big turnout and thanked the Town officials that participated at that gathering.  One hundred and sixty-eight certificates were given out to the veterans living in the valley.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Mr. Jones also commented on the ceremony for the World War II veterans that received their high school diploma that they did not receive before joining the military to fight for our county.  
The ceremony was held at the Pahrump Valley High School on June 4.  


Dave Richards explained that the Employee Health Care Insurance Committee, made up of employees and department heads, with Terry Bostwick serving as the Secretary for the committee.  Mr. Richards noted that the committee reviewed at least 35 different proposals for insurance coverages and was narrowed down to four.  Presentations were provided from four different agents regarding 10 or 11 policies.  Dave Richards reported that the Committee is making a recommendation based on those presentation and review of the policies.  The recommendation is that the Town Board approves HPN/Sierra and Sierra/PPO plan.  Mr. Richards explained the agent for this plan was present and is the agent of record, Cynthia Throm of Employer Benefits Design, Inc.  Dave Richards said that Ms. Throm has made presentations to the employees in the town office and has answered questions that they had.  Mr. Richards noted that the objective of the committee was to find a policy that would maximize the benefits and did not exceed the premium that was being proposed for the current provider (Principal) and stay within the Town approved budget.  The Committee did achieve those objectives.  Many hours were spent by the Committee to come up with this recommendation.  

Dave Richards stated that the Committee is recommending that the Board approve the HPN/Sierra POSXV and the Sierra PPO insurance plan for the Town employees with a maximum Town contribution of 41% for dependent coverages and approve designating Cynthia Throm of EBD, Inc. as the agent of record.  

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to approve the HPN/Sierra by the recommendation by the staff as well a have Cynthia Throm as our agent.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Dave Richards said that the motion needed to include the 41% dependent coverage as well.

Charlotte LeVar amended her motion to include the 41% as stated.  Richard Billman seconded the amendment.

Paula Glidden asked what the previous maximum was for last year.  Dave Richards asked if she meant to the employer contribution.  Paula Glidden replied affirmatively.  Mr. Richards said it was 35%.  And it is a maximum contribution of 41% and explained that some of the groups, the percentage required to meet the premium expense that was paid last year will total somewhere between 35% and 41%.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Mr. Richards noted that Terry Bostwick was present to be recognized for her effort put into this by keeping all of the information in an understandable format.


Charlotte LeVar read the title of the amendment as required.


Richard Billman Motioned to amend Pahrump Town Ordinance #35 as stated.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.

Dave Richards noted that there is a $5.00 fee for nonprofits and not a $50.00 fee as previously mentioned.

Mike McInerney commented that he feels the Town does not need this business license ordinance.  Mr. McInerney pointed out this ordinance refers to businesses listed in paragraph 35.270 incorrectly.  It should be referring to paragraph 35.260.  Another error referring to paragraph 220 should be 210(E).  Mike McInerney was unsure if it was legal to change these typos.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.


Dave Richards explained that the Nevada Department of Taxation requires that the Town Board annually approve the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and the Indebtedness Report and the Debt Management Policy.  The CIP was approved with the 2004/05 budget and the Indebtedness Report and the Debt Management Policy for this fiscal year have been prepared in compliance with the Debt Management Commission Act.   Mr. Richard recommends that the Town Board approve Resolution #2004-11 which approves the filing of the CIP and the Indebtedness report and the Debt Management Policy for fiscal year 2004-05 with the State Department of Taxation.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Richard Billman Motioned to approve Resolution #2004-11.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.  


Dave Richards noted that the recently approved budget projects a net operating loss of in excess of $423,000 in the Ambulance Enterprise Fund.  Mr. Richards said that in an attempt to reduce that deficit, PETT (Payment Equal to Taxes) were requested from Nye County in the amount of $400,000 for ambulances and operations.  Dave Richards stated that it appears from recent correspondence that this funding will not be available until later this year when the County Commissioners determine their priorities and it is necessary for the Town Board to make a formal request to the Commissioners for an annual subsidy for ambulance operations.  Dave Richards said he would be please to make that presentation, but did not think it was within his authority to make that presentation without the Board’s approval.  Mr. Richards stated that he is recommending that the Board approve the proposed request for subsidy from Nye County for PVFRS ambulance operations for 2004-05.

Richard Billman Motioned to request the $400,000 as a subsidy from the Board of County Commissioners.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.  

Richard Billman said he agrees with Mr. McInerney that if there is any way to make cuts, he would certainly make them.  Mr. Billman stated that $400,000 plus are cuts beyond capacity.  Richard Billman said he cannot see making it through the fiscal year without the $400,000 subsidy.  

Jeanna Howard asked Mr. Richards if the motion was in accordance with what he is requesting.  Dave Richards replied that he would say up to $400,000.  

Paula Glidden asked if Mr. Billman wanted to amend his motion.  Mr. Billman did not reply.  
Ms. Glidden noted that the motion stands as stated.

Charlotte LeVar asked if the Town has received the brothel money yet.  Michael Sullivan replied that it has been the habit of the County to not transfer the money until the end of the fourth quarter.  

Candice Trummell, Nye County Commissioner, said she was not speaking on behalf of the Nye County Commission but as one Commissioner of five.  Ms. Trummell stated that when she found out about the request for funding she was concerned because the County is facing a $4.3 million shortfall itself.  Ms. Trummell said she understands that this request is for PETT funds but it was recently discussed possible priorities and the Board prioritized into three categories: A. meaning
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

the Commissioners will fund the project if they can; B. meaning more information is needed and; C. we cannot do it.  Ms. Trummell said they were anticipating a possible request for funding and the Board decided to put the request for operational funding from Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue on the C list.  Candice Trummell stated that she is fairly confident that unless the Board changes their mind from the May meeting, this will not be a solution that meets the Town’s problem.  Ms Trummell said she realizes that there is an issue that needs to be resolved before the fiscal year beginning if possible. Therefore, Candice Trummell said she tried to call a joint meeting after speaking with Mr. Billman to see if a meeting could be held prior to the meeting on June 15, but due to notice requirements and the publication deadline with the Pahrump Valley Times it was unable to be published in time.  Candice Trummell said she did place on the Commissioner’s agenda, an item on The June 15 meeting for possible action, including but not limited to a subsidy of the County resuming the service, possibly contracting out the service or taking no action.  Ms Trummell requested that the Town Board agendize another meeting where the Town can consider other options as she does not believe this option will solve the problem.  It would not make a difference if the motion was for $400,000 or up to $400,000.  

Jeanna Howard asked if the Ms. Trummell made mention of assuming the service.  Candice Trummell replied affirmatively.  Ms. Howard clarified that the County is considering taking back the ambulance service.  Ms. Trummell said she put on the agenda an option to take back the service.  Ms. Howard said she had heard that rumor and can now validate it.  

Mike McInerney asked if the $400,000 is received from the County will the Board not transfer the $200,000 from the General Fund.  Dave Richards said the Town would consider not transferring the $200,000 at that time.  Mr. McInerney said there is a statutory and regulatory requirement for the Town of Pahrump to have a fire department.  Mike McInerney said there is no statutory or regulatory requirement for the unincorporated Town of Pahrump to have an ambulance service.   Mr. McInerney continued that there is a statutory and regulatory requirement for the County to provide ambulance services.  

Jeanna Howard asked that Cristina verify for her regarding a requirement that fire service be provided within the Pahrump Township.  Ms. Howard asked if it has to be the Pahrump Township or can it be the County as a whole.  Jeanna Howard said some dialogue is needed within the Town Board before the Commission makes a decision on behalf of the Town if they are going to give it back and it should be opened up to all the departments.

Harley Kulkin commented that the County Commissioners place trips to Washington D.C. to lobby about things they know nothing about and seem to thing they are more important than the health, welfare and safety of our County and need to get their priorities in order.  

Charlie Gronda commented that Candice Trummell stated that this is on the agenda for the County Commissioners and asked where the County is planning on getting the money if they are going to take the ambulance service over from the Town.  The money will be coming from the

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

same pocket.  Mr. Gronda said that the problem is not who is running the ambulance service and must find a way to fund it.  

Henry Neth, County Commissioner, commented that the ten or eleven cents going to the Hospital District that no longer exists.  Mr. Neth said that a formation of a Fire District is a very simple thing.  Henry Neth said to get a ballot question on and the Board of County Commissioners can form a Fire District.  The Town Board members can sit on the district.  The ten or eleven cents can come from the Hospital District that no longer exists and ask the County Commissioners to retire the debt on the hospital which would be more palatable than funding operations with PETT money.  The Fire District could be funded and create approximately $600,000 to $700,000 a year for ambulance and fire.  It is at least worth looking into.

Vote passed 3 – 2.  Richard Billman, Jeanna Howard, Ed Bishop voted aye.  Charlotte LeVar and Paula Glidden voted nay.


Dave Richards reported that there is an action item on the agenda tonight to consider a task force for the fire and ambulance service.  Mr. Richards said he has mentioned on several occasions that a community survey to determine the communities desires regarding the fire and ambulance service might be a good idea and have requested a quote.  This quote was received by fax today and will be sharing with the Town Board members after reviewing the quote.  Dave Richards said he feels it to be a comprehensive quote and one that the task force can take into consideration.  

Mr. Richards reported that IAFF negotiations continue with a meeting that was held today and one is scheduled for June 15.  There have been four or five meetings so far.  Those negotiations continue.  

Dave Richards explained that the Town Office mold investigation continues at a snail’s pace.  A consultant came today with instruments to collect samples to give a definitive answer regarding whether mold exists or not.  These results should come within the next couple of weeks.  A quote can then be completed as to what needs to be cleaned or repaired.  

Mr. Richards noted that the Taxation Workshop with Carole Vilardo was held June 7 and felt it to be beneficial.  A second meeting is scheduled for August 10.

Dave Richards reported that he has received specifications from one of the stations regarding the television facility.  Both stations in question have approved the specifications proposed and will be coming to the Board to request authorization to pursue bids for replacement of the translators.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Charlotte LeVar asked Mr. Richards to work with the Town Attorney for an employment agreement.  Dave Richards is coming up on six months and would like to have something submitted for the Board’s consideration.  


Charlotte LeVar said she has received documents from Mr. Ralph Landers regarding his resignation.  The Public Lands Advisory Board now consists of two members.  Mrs. LeVar asked that an item be placed on the next agenda regarding the possibility of Public Land combining with Parks and Recreation or something of that nature.  

Paula Glidden suggested that there be another joint meeting with the Town Board and the Advisory Boards as the last one was held in January.  Ms. Glidden suggested another one in late July to discuss their definition, future plans and make some final decisions.  Ms. Glidden asked that the combining of Public Lands and Parks and Recreation Board be delayed until that time.  Paula Glidden asked that Mr. Richards set up this meeting.  

Charlotte LeVar said she has a problem currently is that Public Lands does not have a quorum with only two people.  No decisions or actions can be taken at this time.  Paula Glidden asked if they are working on anything right now.  Mrs. LeVar said they have very important projects that they have been working on and is afraid it will fall by the wayside.  This project is too important not to have someone pick it up.  Paula Glidden asked that an item be placed on the next Town Board agenda.  

Paula Glidden announced that Ed Bishop will replace Richard Billman as the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board liaison.  

Paula Glidden reported that the Emergency Services Advisory Board has their draft of the Emergency Plan and they will be reviewing it at their next meeting.  


Dave Richards explained that the Board met with Ann Silver of Beller and Associates to develop a Town Mission Statement.  The Mission Statement reads as follows:

“Our mission is to balance our history as a rural community with our need to
provide appropriate and sustainable services to our citizens and those
who visit our community.  We will do this by demonstrating honest,
responsive leadership and partnering, when appropriate, to augment our resources.”

Mr. Richards recommended that the Board approve the proposed Town of Pahrump Mission Statement.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Richard Billman Motioned to approve the Mission Statement.  Ed Bishop seconded the motion.  

Paula Glidden commented that she felt the statement to be boxy, but says what the participants wanted to say.

Vote passed 5 – 0.  


Dave Richards reported that the sum of $6,377.54 was being requested for digital time clocks for the ball fields at Honeysuckle Park and Petrack Park fields A and B.  Mr. Richards noted that funds were budgeted in the Buildings and Grounds Capital Outlay.  The project will take about ten days to complete installation of the timers at all 6 ball fields.

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to approve the project for $6,377.54 to Collett Electric.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Mrs. LeVar asked if the Town would have any warranties with this electrical system or timers.  Matt Luis responded that the clocks will come with their own manufacturer warranty and Collett a contractor is guaranteed.  Charlotte LeVar asked if there was a service agreement of some nature as to how long they are guaranteed.  Matt Luis said they have done other project with Collett have worked well with the Town.  Charlotte LeVar asked if any money savings value had been determined.  Mr. Luis said it would be hard to do as the lights are used at various times right now.  Matt Luis stated it will definitely cut down on the hours of use.  Lights will be off at 10:00 p.m. and will not come on earlier than 30 minutes before sundown and this will help control use of the lights.  Mrs. LeVar clarified that this was for all the fields at Honeysuckle Park and at Petrack Park.  Mr. Luis replied that it will do all the lights with the exception of the arena.  

Harley Kulkin commented that he can see the value of having time clocks but digital things do not last that long.  Mr. Kulkin explained that the cost seems to be high and anyone on Town maintenance should be able to do these themselves.  Matt Luis noted that it is not just putting in time clocks and a sequence has to be created for the lights to some on as the voltage requirements are limited.  Mr. Luis said this should make a major difference.  Matt Luis explained the reason for digital is because of the dust problems.  The digital timers are a dust closed unit and should hold up well.

Vote passed 5 – 0.


Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Paula Glidden explained that there have been two workshops for the fire department and the ambulance service.  Ms. Glidden said it was previously discussed that this is an excellent opportunity as a community to come together.  Paula Glidden stated that the Abaris Report was very enlightening and to take that to the next step to form a committee that shows the Town Board, and shows the Town and everybody what is needed for the years to come.  Ms. Glidden said those items would be personnel, capital improvement, etc.  Paula Glidden explained that there is a Capital Improvement Plan for the next five years prepared by the Fire Chief but it needs to be looked into where this money will come from.  

Paula Glidden opened up the discussion for a motion and discussion by the Board.  

Charlotte LeVar stated that this is something that she feels that going into a committee that staff should put together some guidelines first.  How many people are going to be on the committee and so forth?  Mrs. LeVar suggested waiting a week or two for staff to work on this.  Paula Glidden said she thought that guidelines would come from the committee.  

Jeanna Howard Motioned to establish a working committee to establish the guidelines of the working committee with parties of about nine.  Recommendation: Executive Management, Town Manger, two Board members, Chief Lewis and a minimum of one personnel from Fire-Rescue with two citizens of the community, with the goal of doing a needs assessment and evaluation of what revenue is needed to meet the needs of the community.  Paula Glidden seconded the motion for discussion.  

Dave Richards recommended that any committee being created include the Town’s Finance Director.  Jeanna Howard clarified that her motion included executive management.  

Mike McInerney commented that it has been his experience that the easiest way to kill a bad idea is to form a committee to study it.  Mr. McInerney stated that a committee is not solution and an outside, independent consultant is what is needed to canvas this town.  Paula Glidden explained that an outside report has been done by Abaris who did an overview of the fire department and ambulance service.  

Jeanna Howard noted that this committee is a compliment to the Abaris report to bring up resolution options for resolution instead of continuing with dialogue.  Ms. Howard stated that there has been a lot of dialogue and would now like to expand on it.  

Mike McInerney said that committees have been formed in the past and have gotten nowhere with them and hope that if this committee happens that some good comes out of it.  Mr. McInerney stated that building a hospital here will not solve the commute distance as there will still be those.  Mike McInerney said we must recognize that for the foreseeable future there will be a continuous loss in the ambulance service because fire department is funded from the tax money and not user fees.  Mr. McInerney questioned the commingling of firefighter/Paramedics and would like to see a distinct break between fire and ambulance departments.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Paula Glidden said that Fire-Rescue has been a dust devil that keeps on spinning as there is no resolution or a forward plan.  Ms. Glidden stated that the workshops brought out some information and problems.  

Candice Trummell applauded the idea of getting community involvement in a more organized fashion rather than in workshops.  Ms. Trummell said her concern is that the only resolution she heard mentioned in the motion is to look for additional revenue sources instead of looking at possible other alternatives.  Candice Trummell responded to the concern of Mr. Gronda from earlier, the reason she would look at contracting out the ambulance service is because the difference between your request to the County and how much it would cost the county to contract it out is $200,000 over what the subsidy to the Town would be.  Ms. Trummell encouraged an open mind and that the committee use diversity.  Ms. Trummell suggested that Chuck Patti might be considered for this committee.  

Paula Glidden said the basis for this committee is to look at all the options and the future of the whole department.  Ms. Glidden stated that this department is our future and without a fire department and without an ambulance service there is no Town.  

Ed Bishop asked Dave Richards if in his Manager’s Reports he said he had a quote for a survey to determine the needs concerning the fire and rescue service.  Mr. Richards said the survey would be to determine the community’s desires toward the fire department and ambulance service.  Mr. Bishop asked when it would be available.  Dave Richards said he anticipated that this committee would meet to discuss issues related to the survey.  Mr. Richards said he only had one quote for the purpose of budgeting and to show what can be compiled in the form of a survey.  Dave Richards explained that it takes a while to get surveys done; approximately 90 days.  Mr. Bishop said that the motion was, where we are going to get money, and not to do with where we want to go, or what we need or what the community wants.  

Jeanna Howard said she did state a needs assessment and said that would be part of it.  If consolidating is an aspect then it is an aspect of it.  Until planning is done Ms. Howard felt that condensing it was proper.  Ed Bishop said we need to know where we are going to go before we figure out what it is going to cost to get there.  Ms. Howard said she it is not know until we have this committee and do the planning.  Jeanna Howard said her objective is to look at the whole picture.  

Richard Billman asked to clarify if this is a committee or a task force.  Mr. Billman said a task force has a definite end goal in sight and is not sure what we are looking to do as a task force.  

Ms. Glidden said as discussed in the workshop it was suggested to have a group come together to look at all the aspects of the department to see where the needs are.  What will the community need in the next five years as it pertains to fire and ambulance?  If expansion is needed, what will the cost be?  The committee would come back and present options and the Board would decide if they want all or part of it and how they will achieve this goal.  
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Charlie Gronda commented that the committee of nine is too many people and that the Town Board should not be included on this committee.  Mr. Gronda said the committee should be citizens and the Finance Director should be a liaison to the Board to give them the information.  Charlie Gronda said the Board should lay out exactly what they want recommended such as what type of income the Town will have and how big of a fire department will be needed.  

Richard Billman asked who Mr. Gronda thought should make up this committee.  Mr. Gronda suggested volunteers from the community.  Richard Billman asked how many people and who they would be.  Charlie Gronda suggested there not be more than seven members and volunteers would be sought through and advertisement and the Board could appoint those.

Jeanna Howard suggested that Dave Richards give his input based on their previous conversations.  Dave Richards stated that he thought a committee would include residents as well as Town Board members and administrative staff.  Mr. Richards said he does not disagree with Mr. Gronda and suggested that the committee be of some balance with regard to residents.  Dave Richards said that a smaller committee of five to seven people is preferable.  Mr. Richards stated that if the administrative staff is not included to serve on the committee that it is important that they do attend the meeting to provide support.  

Richard Billman asked if there could be expertise from the fire department itself.  Dave Richards said that when he discussed this with Ms. Howard that representation from the fire and ambulance service should be included.  Mr. Richards said he feels smaller is better and there is merit at having only residents on the committee if it can be assured there is balance.  

Paula Glidden said this is such a huge item and the several people will be needed as there may be several subcommittees formed from the committee.  Ms. Glidden said she wants this done in a timely manner and not dragged out for six months.  Paula Glidden suggested that the committee work diligently for two months coming back with recommendations at that point.  Ms. Glidden said she would like some definition by the end of August.  

Jeanna Howard said she does not see a committee smaller than eight being feasible if all of the components were included.  Those would be Town Manager, Mr. Sullivan, two Town Board members, Chief Lewis, the suggestion of one additional staff member and two citizens.  More people would convolute the situation as everything will be brought before the public so there will be no secrecy.  The gathering of the information and doing a needs assessment of the community will be based on the experts.    

Richard Billman said that Mr. Richards’ suggestion of staff not being on the task force and just being there taking notes and having the majority of people being citizens along with the Chief or his designate sounds appropriate and has not been tried before.  

Charlotte LeVar stated that there are advisory boards that are made up of all volunteers made up of people of this community.  These people make some pretty important decisions.  Mrs. LeVar
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

said that now she hears that the people cannot come up with a projection concerning the assessment with regard to fire.  

Paula Glidden said she would like to take the politics out of this issue.  

George Gingell commented that with all the new developments coming in and the manpower of the fire department currently it equals each person per shift would be responsible for 4000 people.   Mr. Gingell asked if the Board thought a private company would come in and do this service without a subsidy.  

Lorayne Murray said she has submitted her name to be a participant in the task force.  Mrs. Murray said she has participated hundreds of task forces and has led dozens as a trained facilitator.  Lorayne Murray noted that those suggested to sit on this task force are the same people that have been working on the problem in the past.  Those are the resources the task force will need to have available to call on as they have the information.  Mrs. Murray said we need to find out what is going to work the best for the community and how to fund it, to get the highest quality for the least quantity.  Lorayne Murray said that 7 or 8 people is a good size as there will be a lot of work to do with research.  Mrs. Murray suggested getting people with a detachment of any kind personal agenda or any commitment to any plan of the past and looking at it with a clean page.  

Ken Grubb said he has found out that you cannot make the Town people do all the work without the help of the citizens.  Mr. Grubb noted that the Town Board members should not be used as liaisons as they do not show up or help the organizations.  

Carla Perkins commented that the fire services uses an incident command system and is set up to handle emergencies whether it be a one person incident or a mass casualty, multi-jurisdictional fire.  The system is broken down in components to the bottom line of seven people, one commander for seven people.  Ms. Perkins said that six to eight people is the ideal for a committee.  Carla Perkins said she has spoken to the medical community and they would like to be involved in this task force.  Ms. Perkins stated that she feels that decisions are made without asking the people those decisions affect.  Carla Perkins said she would like to see two people from the fire department, those working with the people on the committee.  Ms. Perkins said she would also like to see one or two members of the medical community on the task force as well. Carla Perkins suggested using the town administrators and the Town Board as administrative tools to the committee for resources.  Ms. Perkins said she would like to include more community people at large working with the fire/medic people and the medical community.  

Toni Glines made the point that much of the deficit in the revenues was an issue.  Ms. Glines stated that each month she submits a report regarding write offs and asked that the public be made aware that the Billing Office will accept payments on ambulance bills.  Many accounts go to collections because the public thinks they will not accept small payments.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Paul Willis commented that he likes the idea of a committee as a task force sounds like someone that will be implementing strategy and plans.  Mr. Willis said he does not see a clear cut plan and asked how a strategy can be implemented when you do not have a clear cut plan.  Paul Willis said there is software available for tracking trends and locations, etc.  

Jeanna Howard explained that the one deficiency the Town does not have is what he is referring to.  Ms. Howard said thee is an excellent five year Capital Improvement Plan that projects where fire stations need to be and the equipment needed as the citizen base increases.  Jeanna Howard noted that it is now a situation of having personnel and money to provide for it.  

Lucy Ivens commented that she is in favor of forming this task force or committee and encourages the Board to move forward on it.  Ms. Ivens said the most important thing to do is for the Board to come to a decision as to what it is the Board is expecting the outcome of the committee to be.  It would then be up to the committee to form the strategy of how they will get there.  Lucy Ivens commented that it is the Board’s job to create and articulate a vision for the Town by using the resources from within the community.  Ms. Ivens said she would like to volunteer for this committee.  Lucy Ivens suggested that Mr. Richards put an outline together and the Board needs to decide how many people is almost irrelevant.  The titled people named earlier need to be a part of this committee no matter the number.  The number could be determined by the outline.  

Nancy Johnson suggested that whatever document a committee comes up with is going to be discoverable and the committee needs to be thinking about what kind of evidence will be created within the committee.  Ms. Johnson said she would hate to see a roadmap created by the committee for a plaintiff’s attorney to use when there is an accident and the ambulance does not get there in time.  It might be better to have a committee not to decide what needs to be done but how to get the money to get it.  Ms. Johnson suggested a fund raising committee.

Sally Devlin commented that the results are terrifying because if we cannot afford to have fire insurance and homes burn down because of the ISO rating.  Ms. Devlin suggested the goal of the committee is for the people to get lower fire insurance because there is proper coverage.  

Art Jones commented that the Town Manager makes the big buck to make decisions.  We should abide by his decisions.  Mr. Jones suggested that no one with ties to the fire or ambulance should be on this committee.  

Paula Glidden said that after attending the tax workshop she found out that the State and County paint a grim picture and there is not a whole lot to grasp on to.  This fire and ambulance dilemma that we are in really needs to be looked at and find a way as the Town fold to get behind it, to get the town to recognize what we want, what we need and how we are going to get to it.  Ms. Glidden stated that she would like this committee to be an independent committee with the resources to go to such as Mr. Richards and the Chief.  The committee should be able to make recommendations to the Board for their vote after looking at all the facts.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Jeanna Howard restated her motion to establish a working committee comprised of Executive Management, two Board members, two members of PVFRS, and two citizens of the community.  

Vote failed 1 – 4.  Jeanna Howard voted aye.  All others voted nay.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Richard Billman Motioned to establish a committee consisting of citizens of the community, no number specified, to look into PVFRS problems and come up with suggested solutions and that the committee has access to the Town Board and any of the executive staff that they find necessary, as well as anyone on PVFRS.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.  

Paula Glidden asked if a motion was necessary to submit letters of interest or will people be picked at random. Ms. Glidden suggested that letters be submitted.  

Jeanna Howard clarified that the committee would consist of citizens in the community which in itself is wonderful and to make sure there is absolutely no involvement of the Town Board on a formal level and not involvement of executive management on any level and no involvement of PVFRS on any level.  Is that correct?  Ms. Howard clarified that by formal level she means sitting on the committee.  Paula Glidden said they can attend all the meetings as they will be open meetings.  

Paula Glidden said that she would like to formalize into the motion, the number and set a date to pick the committee at the next meeting.  Charlotte LeVar suggested continuing on with the current motion and then make another motion.

Vote passed 4 – l.  Jeanna Howard voted nay.  

Ed Bishop Motioned that the afore approved committee be limited in number to eight members of the community and that Town staff be directed to advertise for letters of interest from members of the community for a ten day time period and the names and recommendations for these people be brought back to the Town Board at the next meeting.  Ed Bishop said that Friday, June 18 would be the last day for applications.  

Cristina Hinds suggested that the committee be an odd number as to not create a deadlock.  

Ed Bishop amended his Motion to seven members.  

Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004


Richard Billman motioned to close the meeting.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004



Charlotte the following title of PTO #45:


There were no comments at this time.


Dave Richards explained that a list of tax delinquent properties was received in May in Pahrump.  Staff has gone through the list and noted that most of the properties were small pieces of different Calvada units.  However, one piece of 3.2 acres was identified and located at the corner of Barney and Tonya.  Mr. Richards said he believes it will be a benefit to the residents as potential future park for picnics and barbeques and possible children’s playground equipment.  The tax on this property amount to $4,348 and is what it would take to obtain the property.  There is no guarantee that this property will remain in the possession of the Town.  There is a redemption period.  Mr. Richards noted that in order to obtain this property, it is necessary to place the request on the Commissioners agenda for their approval no later than July 6.  Dave Richards stated it was his recommendation that the Board approve the purchase of this property.

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to take the recommendation from staff in purchasing this piece of property for $4,348.00.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Sergeant First Class Alan Bigalow commented that he cannot see the Town spending money on property for a park when you cannot fund an ambulance company.  

Paula Glidden replied that what it is used for or what it is sold for in the future is a good investment the way property is going currently.  It is a good idea to purchase anything.  Ms. Glidden admittedly said the town cannot fund another park at this time due to water rights issues.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.


A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers.
B.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of May 18, 2004
C.    Action – approval of Final Budget Hearing minutes of May 20, 2004
D.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting of May 25, 2004

Ed Bishop Motioned to approve consent agenda items A, B, C and D.  Jeanna Howard seconded the motion.

Vote passed 5 – 0.


Cristina Hinds advised that the item could fail for lack of motion.

Jeanna Howard Motioned to remove this item from the agenda.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Ken Grubb commented that this has been put away long enough and feels that block 14 needs to be squared away as this was the first area surveyed for the Town of Pahrump.  The rest of the area was Johnnie.  

Vote passed 3 – 2.  Paula Glidden, Richard Billman and Jeanna Howard voted aye.  Charlotte LeVar and Ed Bishop voted nay.  


Paula Glidden adjourned the meeting.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte LeVar, Clerk

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