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March 26, 27, 28, 2008 - PRELIMINARY BUDGET HEARING

1, Call to order

2. Public comment.

3. Discussion, action and decision regarding fiscal year 2008-2009 preliminary Town of Pahrump and Pahrump Swimming Pool District budget. Town Board

4. Adjournment.


A quorum of Nye County Commissioners may be present at any Town Board meeting but they will not take any formal action.

Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writhing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting. Assisted listening devices are available at Town board meetings upon request.



WEDNESDAY – March 26, 2008
THURSDAY – March 27, 2008
FRIDAY – MARCH 28, 2008
7:00 P.M.


PRESENT:                    ABSENT;
Laurayne Murray                Don Rust
John McDonald                Dan Sprouse
Nicole Shupp
Michael Sullivan

Also present: Chief Scott Lewis, Matt Luis, Toni Glines, and Al Balloqui

1,    Call to order

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman Laurayne Murray

2.    Public comment.
    There was no public comment.

3.    Discussion, action and decision regarding fiscal year 2008-2009 preliminary Town of     Pahrump and Pahrump Swimming Pool District budget.   Town Board

Discussion regarding the preliminary budget began with page 10, the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service (PVFRS) General Fund.  Michael Sullivan noted that any questions could be answered by Chief Lewis and/or Toni Glines.  Mr. Sullivan noted that the wages and benefits were worked on by Mrs. Glines.  Michael Sullivan went to page 11, Budget Notes which refers to dispatch services.  It is recommended discontinuing carrying the dispatch services and suggested that the amount be used for Professional Services as they may be needed there for legal fees.  It was noted that the fire truck being ordered will probably come from the Fiscal Year (FY) budget 08/09 depending on its delivery date.

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

Chief Lewis noted that the ordered truck could be available next week as the new fleet in Delaware has been received.  

Scott Lewis explained that PVFRS is currently in negotiations with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) so numbers could change once the negotiations have been reached and ratified by the union and the Town Board.  Numbers for employees and benefits associated with that may change based on historic information.  Chief Lewis said the numbers could go up but it is part of the negotiations as to what the numbers will be.  Laurayne Murray asked how many regular employees there are presently.  Chief Lewis replied 13.  Operational figures for expenses are anticipated to change based on the negotiations as well.  
Scott Lewis stated that vehicle fuel line item has been increased due to fuel prices going up.  The Board was reminded that this is for fire equipment only and not ambulances which is in another area of the budget.   

Chief Lewis continued with the line items and any changes that may occur based on negotiations.  

Scott Lewis explained that due to the current market conditions the fire station previously agreed to with Focus Group may be postponed for at least one year.  The needs at Station 3 will have to be acclimated to accommodate 24 hour crews.  A proposal is being worked on with Building and Grounds using existing funds.  

In the Proposed Capital Projects there is an inclusion of $130,000 as discussed.

Chief Lewis proposed a new organizational chart which would exclude an Assistant Fire Chief and would allow for that salary to be used for additional personnel for PVFRS. The positions proposed are a Training Coordinator, a proposed Captain’s position, a Volunteer Coordinator and, an Administrative Director.   Scott Lewis explained how these changes would create a better flow from an operational standpoint.  Chief Lewis said he could achieve this by using the salary of the Assistant Fire Chief position.  He asked for input from the Board on this proposal.  

John McDonald questioned the revised plan that there would be eight personnel in all Platoons and the old plan showed 7, 6, and 6 listed personnel on the Platoons.  Scott Lewis replied that there are actually 9 slated positions per Platoon.  It was stated that there is an open issue in arbitration, at this time.  

There was discussion regarding manned stations and current manpower, goals, training operations and other budgeted manpower and additional needs for the new budget and staffing issues.  
Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

John McDonald asked when the preliminary budget needed to be completed and approved and sent to Carson City.  Mr. Sullivan replied that the preliminary does not require any action goes to Carson City April 15.  A required public hearing will be held in May for the Final Budget which must be filed by June 1.  This preliminary will be sent following these preliminary meetings.   Changes can be made from the preliminary to the final budget if need be.

Laurayne Murray stated that unless there is decision from the Town Board in regard to increasing funding, the concern voiced last year is that more people need to respond to calls.  Mrs. Murray said she has no comment on to organize the rest of the department.  Chief Lewis explained how this would create better flexibility.  

John McDonald stated his concerns are with understaffing.  What the Chief could do is provide a staffing report that would show how many additional fire fighters would make a significant difference.  There are no guarantees it would be accepted.  Mr. McDonald said Chief Lewis should propose what is needed and let the Board do the cutting.  

Chief Lewis stated that challenges are with having Station 3 available for housing and needing a Lieutenant per Platoon to bring the numbers higher.  Station 1 is already at capacity. Toni Glines added that by adding the Captain position there would still have a Lieutenant and eight firefighters.  

The discussion turned to page 15, Ambulance Enterprise Fund.  Chief Lewis explained the Operating Disbursements (page 16) will be affected by union negotiations.  Postage will be increased as well as Vehicle Fuel.  Increases will be needed in Paramedic Supplies due to durable equipment costs.  Uniform budget amount was increased pending results of negotiations.  

Toni Glines explained that there is legislation being considered pertaining to non-emergency medical transports with Medicaid.  Also, there is a Medicare HMO that does not allow billing for durable equipment.  As people use this new HMO it will make the revenue go down.  With regard to collections, the Town is collecting more on their own rather than sending them to collections and paying the agency 25%-30% on collections.

John McDonald said he has requested Carl Joerger to look at the item in Dan McArthur’s management letter referring to writing off bad accounts. It appears Mr. McArthur is saying we are not following state law.  There is a possibility that bad debt collections may be impacted based on his findings.  

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

The discussion continued with page 8 (General Fund – Building & Grounds).  Michael Sullivan noted there was not much change from the current budget other than in the Wages and Benefits area.  Page 9 shows Proposed Capital Projects within the department.  One adjustment is a steel building will be postponed, adding a pavilion for Simkins Park outside of the PETT fund project.  An attempt is made each year to replace one vehicle in the department.  Electrical service at Petrack Park is still struggling with regard to upgrading the service.  

Matt Luis pointed out that some of the hold up on the Petrack Park electrical service is the engineering issue.  Before putting it in it must be engineered. Laurayne Murray asked Mr. Luis if he was still waiting on WilDan.  Mr. Luis replied yes.  Mrs. Murray asked if there was an estimated timeline.  Mr. Sullivan said a meeting was held and WilDan assured him they were on top of things.  

Mr. Sullivan moved on to the General Fund Arena (page 12) explaining that work is done by Building and Grounds with Operating Supplies and Utilities being the only expenses.  Larger items would come from another fund.

Moving on to the General Fund Television (page 13), Michael Sullivan reported that an RFP in out for the tower replacement.  Some costs were maintained in this fund for moving to digital as required by law.  If not needed, the money would go back to the General Fund.

Parks Impact Fee Fund (page 22) was discussed.  Mr. Sullivan stated that there is no good news.  The number of impact fees collected has dropped substantially.  John McDonald noted that Impact Fee collections have dropped by 90% and asked if someone has verified the numbers indicated.  Michael Sullivan replied that the number is what he received just days ago from Dan McArthur.  The $21,526 is the audited number. There was discussion regarding the County and how the funds were allocated.  Mr. Sullivan explained that Charles Abbott & Associates (Pahrump Building and Safety) collects the fees and their monthly accounting is a good starting point to audit with the number of occupancy permits issued.  There was discussion regarding development agreements versus impact fees through the County.  John McDonald suggested that the Town should have Carl Joerger look into the impact/development fees based on a County Ordinance.  

Michael Sullivan moved to the Parks Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 32) explaining that room tax revenues appear to be lower than the projects based on the poor economy.  The proposed projects from this fund are place savers projects.  Last Chance Park is moving along.  Public Lands Advisory Board will be reporting on this soon.  

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

Arena Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 37) is a stable fund, saving for an arena at the fairgrounds.  Matt Luis noted that there are improvements that can be made at the arena but are not at this time, waiting for information regarding the fairgrounds.  

The General Fund Capital Projects Fund (page 50), Mr. Sullivan explained that in order to fund more PVFRS, approximately 2 years ago an annual contribution has been forwarded from this fund.  This is an allocation of the same money.  Projects from this fund are listed on page 51.  Place savers have been placed due to the impact fees for some items which require a share from the Town.  

The discussion moved on the Swimming Pool Special Revenue Fund (page 26).  Michael Sullivan explained that this is a stand alone fund as a district with the Board acting as their Board.  It is funded by property taxes and small fees.  Under the Proposed Projects is decking replacement.  Mr. Sullivan said it will not be done this year due to not receiving information from WilDan.  This project can be done in the fall.

John McDonald said he has looked at the deck and is unclear why it needed replacing.  Matt Luis explained that the deck continues to crack.  All around the pool has been patched and repaired in many places.  Staff has been doing the fixing which gets them through the year.  With usage and drainage problems the health department expressed concerns with standing water which eats away at the deck repairs.  By the end of the summer the deck is deteriorating.  

Laurayne Murray asked about the consolidated tax for the pool.  Mr. Sullivan said he would look at that again when the new numbers arrive.

Al Balloqui asked if there is a contract with WilDan for all engineering.  Michael Sullivan stated there is a general services contract with them.  There was more discussion regarding WilDan with regard to their contract and timeliness.  

The meeting moved on to Economic Development Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 34).  Mr. Sullivan noted that there are adequate funds for the proposed projects.  Michael Sullivan explained that they are proposing an increase to Room Tax for Economic Development of 2% which will take a step through the Department of Taxation.  Al Balloqui said the local hotels support the raising the Room Tax.  Mr. Balloqui suggested some sort of enforcement of the Room Tax. John McDonald asked if there were any way to audit the occupancy rates of the hotels and the rates charged.  Laurayne Murray mentioned the RV parks should be included in the audit as well.  Mr. Balloqui recommended another increase to the Room Tax in a year and a half going to the Airport.  
Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

Laurayne Murray explained that in the past they have gone to the people that have the rooms and asked them if an increase would impact their business.  Al Balloqui explained that there has been a shift in ownership since the last increase and it appears they may be more cooperative.  

Laurayne Murray asked if the meeting scheduled for Friday was going to take place.  The decision was to see how far they got through the information today and decide at the conclusion of this meeting whether a meeting on Friday would be necessary.  Mr. Sullivan said he could meet with the absent Board members to go over the information from this meeting.  

Going to General Fund Summary (page 3) Michael Sullivan noted that the property tax was better than expected.  But he cautioned everyone that this will be like the impact fees next year.  There is an artificial growth as there is a reassessment of the property even if it is not going up.  We will probably see a deflation in the numbers next year due to the mortgage market.  Laurayne Murray asked how much the Town is below the cap of allowable percent allowed.  Michael Sullivan replied that there is approximately .30 below the allowable.  Mrs. Murray stated that until we go to the maximum the County will punish the Town because the other communities are at the maximum already.  In order to raise the taxable percentage, it would have to go on the ballot for a vote.  

In this fund, Mr. Sullivan pointed out; the Intergovernmental Tax (Consolidated Taxes) is less than anticipated.  It is expected that we will lose another $100,000 next year as well. There was discussion about how this tax is distributed and collected, and employment issues and economic concerns.  

Michael Sullivan explained that page 4 has some statistical information and is not part of the budget.  

Page 5 is the Summary of the General Fund uses by department funds.  

The General Fund for Administration (page 6) was reviewed.  Mr. Sullivan noted very little change.  Two increases went to Professional Services and Insurance.  Page 7 reflects Capital Replacements. Conversion of IT Services from the County has been completed with regard to the servers and routers.  Some hardware and software may be needed in the next year.  Financial Management Software is still considered but may not happen.  Software for Cemetery Management was discussed.  Professional Services was increased as discussed earlier.  Water issues have become more critical as well as planning issues.  Mr. Sullivan said he would like to have a Planning Attorney retained.  

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

Laurayne Murray questioned the Salary and Wages and Retirement Contributions.  Mrs. Murray noted that there is a vacancy and asked if this was budgeted at the same rate as before.  Is the Retirement contribution just PERS.  Michael Sullivan replied that it is PERS.  The former 457 contribution was in the model as wages.  Mrs. Murray asked if that amount was still included.  Mr. Sullivan said it was still included.  

Going to General Fund Transfers (page 14) Michael Sullivan noted that this is part of the required filing.  There is a place saver for the cemetery.  The Debt Service Transfers are the two notes outstanding.

The Summary of Special Revenue Funds (page 19) has been talked about and others will be discussed as the discussion progresses.  Some funds from the Fire Impact Fee Fund have been allocated to the Kellogg Station.  This does not appear to be going forward.  

Business License Special Revenue Fund (page 24) was discussed.  Mr. Sullivan recommended informally that he would like to add one more Full Time Employee (FTE) to Business Licensing.  Two people at the front are usually adequate but with time off and training, sick leave and vacation, it leaves a hole.  Michael Sullivan suggested adding another Technician.  Mr. Sullivan also suggested raising the fee for business licensing.  

Laurayne Murray noted that the adopted budget last year had two Business License Technicians in the budget.  There was also an Ordinance Enforcement Officer and an Ordinance Enforcement Manager.  Mr. Sullivan recalled only having three.  Mrs. Murray clarified that there is no Ordinance Enforcement Manager.  Michael Sullivan said they do have that as that was a title change.  Laurayne Murray noted that there were separate positions for the Officer and the Manager.  Mr. Sullivan said he only budgeted for three people and thought it was a name change and a description change.  Laurayne Murray stated that the Board never approved a description change and that the vacancy was approved in the budget for a manager and approved the pay raise for the Ordinance Enforcement Officer.  Mrs. Murray stated that there is no Manager for what was in the budget.  Mr. Sullivan said there were only three; the two Technicians and the Code Enforcement Officer.  Laurayne Murray clarified that the two Technicians and the Code Enforcement Officer and she understands Mr. Sullivan is requesting another Technician.  Mr. Sullivan agreed.  Chairman Murray clarified that the base salary if $50,000 with no benefits and the current budgeted amount includes an additional person plus an estimated increase for the current three personnel.  

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

John McDonald suggested the need for a $75 business license fee.  Mr. Sullivan agreed that it could be accomplished in two steps.  Michael Sullivan suggested an increase of $10 a year for three years.  Permission must be requested from the Department of Taxation to raise the fees.  Laurayne Murray explained that Taxes must be approved through the County while fees can be done by the Town through the Department of Taxation as an unincorporated Town.  

Tourism Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 28) was explained by Mr. Sullivan.  The Tourism Advisory Board has developed a good grant process system and they are constantly improving the process.  They are thinking about policies and how they approach them.  Page 29 lists event grants with place savers that have been given in the past.  They are looked at each year.  They are looking at a phase out of the grant money over time as the events get more self-sufficient.  We are writing the checks and they do not do anything to improve their own sponsorship or gate fees.  The Tourism Room Tax also covers some marketing initiatives and the signage projects they have launched over time.  

State Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 30) is a smaller fund used for cultural activities Michael Sullivan explained.  Many of the grants are listed on page 31 that are supported by this fund.  

Fairgrounds Room Tax Special Revenue Fund (page 38) is accumulating funds for the fairgrounds.  Page 39 shows some place savers for infrastructure that Al Balloqui has been working on with respect to effluent water system.  PETT money was received.  Mr. Sullivan noted that one million dollars were allocated for water out of the eye acquisition and bonding proceeds.  Michael Sullivan said he would be drawing those down before July 1st as there are some water purchases this year.  There are intergovernmental grants listed that we hope to activate.  There are series of Unfunded Capital Projects that date back to 2006 (page 41). This will all change when LARC finishes their project.   

Cemetery Special Revenue Fund (page 42) noted that there is no staff assigned so no wages and salaries are budgeted.  This fund shows basic line items and the purchase of vaults as needed.

The Cemetery Perpetual Fund (page 44) is taken from the cemetery charges and placed in this fund for the continuation of the cemetery.  Nothing is spent from this fund and is accumulating fees for taking care of the cemetery when it closes.  

Road Special Revenue Fund (page 45) shows revenues from the state tax which is given to us and passed back to the County.  

Special Town Board Meeting
Preliminary Budget Hearing
March 27, 2008

The Airport Grant Fund (page 46) is a flow through fund.  Grant money is placed here and then the consultants are paid from this money.  

Fall Festival Special Revenue Fund (page 47) shows proceed of estimates that will be taken in and what will be spent.  This fund is stabilizing.  This money was supposed to be split between the Parks and Fairgrounds but for the last three years the transfers were not made as the last two years there was very little to be transferred and needed to keep the capital going.  There was discussion on how this money was to go toward the development of the fairgrounds which would eventually home the Fall Festival in the future.

Page 49 shows the Summary of Capital Project Funds.  

The General Fund Special Ad Valorem Capital Fund (page 52) comes from Nye County based on an archaic formula of $32,000 a year.  This fund is accumulated with hopes of using it.  At this time it has been designated for the remodeling of the Community Center.  

Arena Capital Projects was covered earlier (page 53).  This is a recycling of the fees they collect and pointed out that this fund does not raise the kind of revenue it appears they are receiving.  

TV Construction Capital Projects fund (page 54) may be used this year to complete the federal digital requirements. There may be some added expense that the insurance won’t cover from the downed tower incident.  Laurayne Murray asked if the Capital Outlay of $25,000 was projected for the upgrading to digital.  Mr. Sullivan replied if need be.  Engineers have indicted that it is a nominal fee to convert to digital.  

Fire Vehicle Capital Fund (page 56) is a fund that was going to be closed which collects donations from the community.  Mr. Sullivan said this will be merged and will be kept as a line item in the General Fund.  

Debt Service Fund (page 58) is a breakout of where the debt service payments are going. This must be kept in a separate fund and shows principal and interest payments.  

Mr. Sullivan pointed out that the PETT requests were included (page 60) in case anyone had questions.

Laurayne Murray referred to page 6 and the number of employees included in the budget for Administration.  Mrs. Murray counted 6 employees.  Michael Sullivan said there were two vacancies.  

Chief Lewis asked about one of the PETT requests that were not listed on page 60.  Mr. Sullivan said he would correct it to include the SCBA for $300,000.

Laurayne Murray counted the number of employees referred to above; Town Manager, Finance Director, Finance Director Assistance, HR Director, Customer Service Representative.  Mr. Sullivan said there was another Financial Assistant that was budgeted last year and an Administrative Assistant that was always there but never filled that was kept in the budget.  Mrs. Murray said there was no job title when the review of staff was done because they only did the people that were there at the time.  Mr. Sullivan explained that it was something that Dave Richards did.  

Chairman Murray noted that no action was taken at this meeting so there was no vote necessary.  There was a quorum and was conducted as a public meeting but no action was taken.

John McDonald asked when the next meeting would take place.  Mr. Sullivan said there would be another meeting on May 22.  Michael Sullivan said there would probably be a meeting before that if the labor negotiations are successful.  If any changes are to be made, Mr. Sullivan suggested he be emailed with any changes.  


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Rust, Clerk
Pahrump Town Board




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