Agendas & Minutes

March 9, 2004

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
MARCH 9, 2004



1.    Call to order.

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion regarding agenda items.

3.    Announcements.

4.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

5.    “Good News” regarding people, events, awards, celebrations or occasions that reflects positively for those within the community

6.    Discussion regarding our relationship with Beller and Associates and programs/services available to us.  Beller Representative

7.    Town Manager’s Report.   

8.    Advisory Board Reports.

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding name change from Emergency Services Advisory Board to Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board.  Paula Glidden/Sharon Wherly

10.    Discussion, action and decision regarding request to fund expenses for Town of Pahrump representatives to travel to Carlsbad, New Mexico for Sister City discussions.  Dale Schutte

11.    Discussion, action and decision regarding funds for Fairground Phase I of the development.  Paula Glidden

12.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers.
B.    Action – approval of Town Board minutes of February 9, 2004

13.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS 241.020(2)(C)(3).

14.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.



Paula Glidden
Charlotte LeVar
Jeanna Howard
Richard Billman
Cristina Hinds, Attorney


Vice Chairman Paula Glidden called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  Ms. Glidden thanked the audience for their attendance.


Paula Glidden asked that item #9 (Discussion, action and decision regarding name change from Emergency Services Advisory Board to Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board) be removed as that board is unable to attend this meeting.  This will be scheduled for the next meeting.  


Paula Glidden announced that Rick Ewing has resigned from the Town Board and that is why she is replacing him for this meeting.

Charlotte LeVar announced the following;

    The Pahrump Regional Planning Commission will meet on March 10 at 6:00 p.m.
    in the Community Center Hall;
There will be a Consensus Planning zoning workshop on March 11, beginning at 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the Hall;
Tourism Advisory Board will meet at 8:00 a.m. in the Town Annex on March 11;
Commissioners Cox and Trummell will hold their pre agenda workshop on March 13 at
2:30 p.m.
Sheriff Tony DeMeo will hold his open forum for the community on March 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the Hall;
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on March 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the Annex;

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

The Nye County Commissioners will meet in Pahrump on March 16 at 8:30 a.m. in the Community Center;
Emergency Services Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on March 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Annex;
Fall Festival Rodeo Committee will meet on March 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Shop;
Fall Festival Parade committee will meet on March 18 at noon in the Annex.
Fairgrounds Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on March 18 at 7:00 p.m. in Room A.

Jim Petell announced that the Tri Core zoning workshop will have presentations at noon and 5:00 p.m.  At 3:00 p.m. the steering committee and the technical advisory team will meet at the community center.  

Jim Petell also announced that on March 17 at 1:30 p.m. the Town Manager and the Advisory Board Chairmen will meet and discuss what the advisory boards are doing.  

Pat Watson announced that she is looking for volunteers for Christmas in April. Needed are a carpenter, roofer and materials for this project as well as food to feed the workers.  


Jim Petell commented that he has information to share with the Town in regards to a joint public meeting regarding the draft zoning ordinance.  This is to take place April 1, 2:00 p.m. in the community center.  Mr. Petell stated that this is unacceptable to the public to have this meeting at 2:00 p.m. It will be brought before the Regional Planning Commissioner and the Commissioners to help them understand that many of the constituents will not be able to voice their concerns.  


Sunny Vasquez, Chairman of the Pahrump Social Pow Wow Committee, presented a plaque to the Town, thanking them for their support and contribution for the Pow Wow 2003 and look forward to the continued support of the Town in 2004.  Ms. Vasquez also presented a check for $255 for the electricity that was charged to the vendors.  


Larry Beller of Beller and Associates explained the program of Beller and Associates and how the partnership with the Town was formed when the Town became part of the POOL/PACT group.  With him was Ann Silver a consultant to provide services on behalf of Larry Beller and Associates and the Cooperative for Human Resources Management to the Town of Pahrump and other organizations within Nye County.  As part of Pool/Pact’s loss control and risk management process they have taken a pro active stance in terms of addressing human resources management
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

issues.  The kinds of services that come to the Town as a result of their membership with the Pool/Pact a series of services come without additional cost to the Town.  These include three major categories, one of which is the structure for human resources management and personnel policies.  Beller assists organizations in the development and implementation of the appropriate types of personnel policies, personnel manuals, documents for recruiting and hiring and a whole lot of basic core of things that are needed to operate an effective human resources management system and to make sure everyone is treated fairly and appropriately.  The second area of activity is training which falls into several categories; that which focuses on development of managers and supervisors.  Also available is assistance in organizational development, strategic planning, vision statements, and mission.  The third area is the problem solving area.  The assistance comes in three levels.  The simple things can be answered by telephone, more complex areas may require research and assistance in preparation of a document, and then there is critical incident management. This is where a law suit is likely or immediate potential danger to employee or organization.  We will help with assistance in assessing the problem and identify the potential responses to the problem and coach the organization through its response.  In the past the CHRM has assisted the town with development of the personnel policies and provided different classes in the area of illegal harassment and work place violence.  

Paula Glidden noted that all four areas are needed in our town.  

Larry Beller explained that earlier today he met with management staff regarding what needs to be done with  the performance management and appraisal process and will continue to follow that process through.  Also available is a process for the Town to identify its values and assist in the development of a mission statement.  Beller can also assist with goal setting to assist the Town Board and department managers working together or the department managers working then reporting back to the Board with goals that support the mission statement adopted by the Town.  This requires commitment by members of the Town Board.  The process will take place over several months.  The recommended approach in most situations is a meeting with the Town Board, meeting with the Town Manager and the Town management department heads to identify values and then move to a mission statement.  The value identification process takes approximately two and a half hours as does the mission development statement.  It is a time commitment.  Another aspect of this is that it is done in public session for the community to observe but will be a dialogue between the Board and its managers to come up with the statement.  There is no additional charge for this process.  The Town Manager has asked that Beller to take a look at assisting in, whether it is appropriate for Beller, to make a proposal in terms of assisting with community meetings addressing the fire department/EMS service issues in the report previously delivered to the Town.  We will report back to the Town Manager later this week.  

Jeanna Howard asked for clarification that Beller and Associates does not act in lieu of a Human Resources department in that the procedure is not that staff contacts Beller it should go through the town manager or chain of command management.  Is this correct?  Mr. Beller replied that they work in different roles and the typical role is that there is a CHRM contact that is the
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

primary liaison.  We do not substitute for the Human Resources manager on site.  Beller has no authority.  

Charlotte LeVar said she would like the Board to entertain the idea of meeting with the managerial department heads and as suggested to go forward with the various workshops.  Mr. Richards can set it up or we can place it on the next agenda for a vote.
Paula thanked Beller and Associates as they have been helpful in the past and we can look forward to working with them in the future.  We will place this on a future agenda and talk about it some more.  

Jeanna Howard asked if there is a need to have this on an agenda and does the board need to take any action related to this or is Beller updating the Board on services.  Mr. Richards replied that they are updating on the services and then mentioned two different workshop sessions that the Board could avail itself.  There was the visioning process for the Town in general and another process addressing the Abaris report and the questions that were raised by the community and another visioning process to bring a consensus to the level of service and the type of service that would be provided to the ambulance and fire service.  Dave Richards said he believes neither of those sessions would require Town Board action at this time.  Mr. Richards said we can propose some dates and schedule the meetings that are necessary.  

Richard Billman asked if this poses any problems with the open meeting law.  Cristina Hinds replied that assuming it would be with a majority of the Board we would have to notice it.  No action can be taken at this time but can be added to a future agenda.  

Bill Green asked if the Town has been paying Beller and Associates for a while.  Paula Glidden replied that this is a service offered through our insurance pool.  


Dave Richards clarified some items in his report provided to the Board.  The first issue is that the ambulance billing oversight was not transferred to the Finance Director as discussions are being planned with ambulance billing staff the Fire Chief and Finance Director this month and expect that in April there should be a transition to the Finance Director.  Also the ambulance billing practices and procedures are under review including the potential to engage another collection agency if necessary for delinquent accounts.  We will be reviewing the practices of the current agency.  If necessary, a recommendation will be made to request proposals.  The budget preparation for fiscal year 2005 continues with a March 29 deadline rather than March 19.  A schedule was provided to the Town Board indicating the budget work sessions for the end of March.  The budget is due to be filed with the state on June 1, 2004.  

Mr. Richards noted that the HTE installation continues.  A meeting will be held with the County and the HTE people on March 10 and 11.  This will be to discuss the current status of the HTE system and any problems we are having and to develop a plan of action to fully implement the
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

system.  If there is a representative from the Town Board that would like to attend the meeting will take place on March 11 beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Dave Richards explained that the skate park project is going to have an extended deadline.  The latest deadline was March 15.  There has been some filing issues, failure to file, mailing problems, and another date will be set and we will keep the Board updated.  We are still working on getting the contractor to return or respond to let us know what their intent is with regard to needed repairs.  


Paula Glidden reported that the Tourism Advisory Board has a long agenda on Thursday morning.

Jim Petell reported that that there is a time table for the development of the Last Chance Park.  This is the park that Noel and Dorothy Smithers have been working on in conjunction with the Town, Town Manager and the Public Lands Advisory Board and hopefully the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.  In the first year there will be the annual rental cost of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land of approximately 480 acres at $2 per acres.  The first year there will be added a circle drive, four foot high round poles 1000 feet long along Simkins Road to identify the boundary of the park. There will be approximately 10 small signs inside the park, trash cans near the entry way, a large sign at the entrance of the park off Simkins Road.  Volunteers will pick up trash on the proposed acreage and some clearing for future picnic tables.  The second year there would again be the annual rental cost, rest rooms, bike rack, horse trail, benches and more trash cans.  The third year timetable includes the annual rental cost, development costs for three picnic tables with benches, sunshades, small signs, barbeques, and trash cans.  Volunteers will do most of the installing.  The fourth year the annual cost, development costs for jogging trails, four-wheeled motorcycle and dirt bike road, putting up marking boundaries on the far side of the park and some small signs.  The fifth year there will be the annual rental cost, picnic tables, sunshades, barbeques, trash cans and again volunteers will do most of the work.  Mr. Petell stated that this is a 5 year plan which will commence at the lease of the land.  Prior to the end of the five year lease, construction will be completed and purchase of the BLM lands will be requested.  


Dale Schutte explained that at the last meeting a request was presented to become a sister city with Carlsbad, New Mexico due to their similarity of their location to WIPP and ours to Yucca Mountain.  We have been working with the County Commissioners and June 24-27, 2004 the Nye County Federal Impact Advisory Board and all five commissioners are going to Carlsbad for a scoping trip to find out what benefits and services they received through the Department of
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

Energy from the WIPP program, what lessons they learned to do and what not to do.  We would like to have a couple of Town Board members attend with this group.  Twenty people already are going and it will be funded through the County.  The cost is approximately $600 per person and includes transportation, lodging and meals.  Mr. Schutte stated they feel this would be a good opportunity for public relations with the City of Carlsbad on the sister city project. Dale Schutte said he feels it would be beneficial to the Town Board to learn some of what the county will learn from this trip.

Jeanna Howard noted that there was an agenda request with some back up that was a little more of a breakdown, and asked Mr. Schutte if he knew what happened to it.  Mr. Schutte replied he does not know.  What is the amount you are asking for Ms. Howard asked?  Dale Schutte said it is $600 for each Board member you would like to send.  Ms. Howard asked for clarification of “board member.”  Mr. Schutte replied he was referring to the Town of Pahrump Board.  

Charlotte LeVar asked if the other Town Boards from Nye County being invited.  Mr. Schutte replied that at the present time they are not.  Mrs. LeVar said she was asking this question because due to a cooperative effort with Beatty.  And with this coming from the County Commissioners will the other town boards be notified of this.  Dale Schutte said if Mrs. LeVar would like him to contact the other town boards he will be glad to do so.  Mr. Schutte stated he was unaware of his authority to do that.  

Patricia Cox explained that when this was before the Commissioners it was to fund for the Nye County Federal Impact Advisory Board (NCFIAB) and the five County Commissioners to go to Carlsbad.  There is representation on the NCFIAB from the other communities.  The reason it is being asked if the Pahrump Town Board is interested is because it approved to become a sister city and the other towns have not taken that approach yet.  This will be a group effort and save some revenues for the Town of Pahrump by joining this group on this trip.

Jeanna Howard clarified that some members of the NCFIAB are also on the Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Board (NWEAB) and representation from throughout the County on that Board.  Patricia Cox explained that Dale Schutte is asking if any of the Pahrump Town Board would like to attend because they are not funded by the County funds for this trip and if any of the Board would like to go.  Paula Glidden asked if there is still funding available to pay for two Town Board members.  Patricia Cox replied that the Town would have to pay for their own travel.  

Dale Schutte noted that there are a few other members of the NWEAB that are not on the NCFIAB that the town might want to send also.  

Paula Glidden asked how many from the NWEAB will be attending.  Mr. Schutte replied that four will be attending

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

Richard Billman asked if there is anyone on the Town Board that would like to attend this trip and can go in June.

Jeanna Howard as liaison to the NWEAB would like to attend and asked for clarification of her position on the NCFIAB.  Patricia Cox replied that Ms. Howard is a liaison and would not be included within the funding from Nye County.  

Jeanna Howard Motioned to approve two members of the Pahrump Town Board to be discussed with up to $2000 to come from Travel funds as recommended by the Town Manager.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Bill Green commented that he believes this is well worth it and would be money well spent and suggested the Town Manager should go as well.  

Dale Schutte explained that very little has been received from DOE.  Mr. Schutte noted that we have received some emergency response funding and some equipment.

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Charlotte LeVar asked if a decision would be made as to who will go later.  Paula Glidden responded that it can be decided later but understands that Ms. Howard, as liaison to NWEAB would make sense and the Board could decide later who will be the second person to go.


Paula Glidden explained that this is in regards to the Room Tax money that the Town has for the fairgrounds.  It has already been voted on previously regarding the money that was given by the County Commissioners to move forward.  Fairgrounds Advisory Board has a plan that they would like to present and possibly the Board will adopt.  

Lou Holveck explained that the Fairgrounds Advisory Board is at the point where the Town Board has approved and gone to bid for 30 acre feet of water rights to begin the first project at the fairgrounds site.  The status of that is the Town is waiting to resolve some issues with those water rights.  The cost of the water rights was approximately $60,000 that the Town Board has funded.  The Town Board has also funded some money to do the engineering study for the Fox Road interchange.  The Advisory Board, at this time, have identified for Phase I, including the funds just mentioned, of $536,400.  This amount includes $20,000 for engineering services, $60,000 for the water rights, and $68,000 for construction of a well, $159,400 for 2 miles of interior roads and $230,000 for 1 mile of potable water line.  The budget will require both potable and non potable water and the advisory board is now asking the Town Board to approve going out and taking the necessary action to put forth the contracts to do the activities at such time as the Fairgrounds Advisory Board is ready to go forward on each of the mentioned
Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

projects.  Once they get started, Mr. Holveck stated, these projects will have to be coordinated to work together.  These funds will come from the estimated $255,000 Room Tax Fairgrounds monies that are available and the $300,000 from Nye County.  

Jeanna Howard asked what the exact number is needed for approval tonight.  Lou Holveck said it was for the remainder of the $255,000 now in the Room Tax money, minus the $60,000 for the water rights and $3,000 for engineering.  The $255,000 is an estimated number.  

Charlotte LeVar Motioned to approve the balance of the funds.  Paula Glidden seconded the motions.  

Paula Glidden asked that if this passes that Mr. Holveck maintain quarterly reports to the Board so the progress can be reported to the Board.

Charlotte LeVar asked if this would include ball fields at that location.  Mr. Holveck replied that it does not.  It is only for the basic infrastructure so they can plan the interior parcels.  This does not do the arena either.  Ms. Glidden asked that Mr. Holveck submit a copy of his figures and plans as they were read to the Board.  

Bill Green asked with the $255,000 coming out of the Room Tax what is the balance.  Paula Glidden explained that this is just from Room Tax Fairgrounds funds.  Richard Billman said it was from Fairgrounds and leaves the balance at about zero.  Bill Green asked how much they plan on recouping each year from Room Tax as the $255,000 was a build of up many years.  Richard Billman explained that the Town is planning on securing some grants.  Paula Glidden commented that we cannot get anything done until we get something started.

Ralph Landers asked who would be supplying the sewerage disposal for the fairgrounds.  Lou Holveck responded that there is no sewerage disposal requirements planned in the first phase.  Mr. Landers said he has a suspicion that Tim Hafen is going to supply the sewer disposal and is expanding his sewer disposal plant and had just raised his rates by 38%.  Richard Billman responded that this has nothing to do with this particular project.  Lou Holveck said that that statement is not correct as the fairgrounds property will be within the Utilities Inc. service territory.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.


A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers

Richard Billman Motioned to approve Town vouchers for payment.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.

Pahrump Town Board Meeting
March 9, 2004

Bill Green asked if the voucher for Ewing Irrigation is any relationship to Rick Ewing.  Richard Billman said he does not think so and Jeanna Howard said he does not.  Paula Glidden asked Dave Richards if he knows.  Dave Richards said he does not believe Rick Ewing does.  

Bill Green asked about the logo wear on the fire/ambulance bills.  Mr. Green asked how many shirts were purchased for $1,200.  Dave Richard said he would get the answer for Mr. Green.  

Jeanna Howard asked for clarification if the amount paid to Top Dollar Auction is or is not coming from the money raised through the auction.  Dave Richards said he was not sure and would get the answer for Ms. Howard.  Michael Sullivan explained that the fixed assets have to be posted to the fixed asset.  The proceeds have to be posted to the fixed assets liabilities and assets account.  The check for Top Dollar Auction will be written from Operating Expenses as suggested by Dan McArthur the Town auditor.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.

B.    Action – approval of Town Board minutes of February 9, 2004
Paula Glidden Motioned to approve the minutes of February 9, 2004.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  


There were no public comments at this time.


Charlotte LeVar Motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Richard Billman seconded the motion.

Vote passed 4 – 0.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte LeVar, Clerk

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There is no backup posted for this meeting.