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May 20, 2004

THURSDAY – 7:00 P.M.
MAY 20, 2004



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PRESENT:                                                                          ABSENT:
Richard Billman    Paula Glidden
Charlotte LeVar
Jeanna Howard
Ed Bishop


Vice Chairman Richard Billman called the meeting to order and led in the pledge of allegiance.  


Sally Devlin announced that the Pahrump Senior Pageant will be held June 12, at Saddle West.  

Ms. Devlin announced the there will be a meeting on May 27 with Citizens Alert from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the Community Center.

Sally Devlin announced that on May 25, at Wulfy’s, from 9:00 a.m. until Noon there will be discussion regarding dust in the community.  


Sally Devlin commented on a covered swimming pool complex for Pahrump plan.  Ms. Devlin explained that several people worked on this plan and will require many committees working with the County Commission.  Ms. Devlin stated that their mission and goal is to establish committees to facilitate the building of an Olympic size pool and Jacuzzi and other facilities for the handicapped that is covered for all year round use.  Sally Devlin said she expects someone from the Board to get this project started as there should be surplus funding in the Swimming Pool budget.  

Paul Willis commented that the Commissioners are anticipating a $4.3 million short fall in revenue this year.  Mr. Willis noted that the Town will be in competition for any available revenues this year.  Paul Willis said he would like to see these go to the Town before the County gets it.

Special Town Board Meeting
Final Budget Hearing
May 20, 2004

Mike McInerney commented on the proposed budget and gave his concerns regarding the tax rate of .2280 and stated this was an increase of .0146 per $100 of assessed valuation.  Mr. McInerney continued his comments regarding each page of the budget.

Richard Billman stated that many of his concerns will be answered when the Board reviews this budget and may raise other questions in the process.

Mr. McInerney commented on the interest earned as being approximately 1.2%. Mike McInerney pointed out that 4.5% is being paid on the USDA loan and proved comment that past Boards have said the loan needs to be kept to establish a credit rating.  Mr. McInerney suggested the Town take money from the unreserved balance and pay off the loan.  


Dave Richards gave a background statement regarding the tentative budget meetings held in March at which time the Board approved the tentative budget.  All expenses are covered by corresponding revenues in each fund which include some transfers from the General Fund totaling $649,910.  Mr. Richards explained that a significant excess of expenditures over revenues is projected for the General Fund and in response the General Fund is balanced utilizing General Fund reserves.  Dave Richards stated that the figures utilized in the proposed budget represent the best estimate of both revenues and expenses that can be predicted at this time.  Mr. Richards said that some changes will be required as the year progresses in particular funds like the Ambulance Enterprise Fund.  Dave Richards stated that this administration is committed to going beyond providing average service levels and maximizing the residents’ return on their tax dollars and fees paid for services.  

Mr. Richards explained that the final budget contains the following provisions:

Revisions to Tourism and Fairgrounds Funds that were commented on at the March work sessions;
Minor corrections to the Ambulance Fund and Fire Department pages of the budget;
Changes recommended by the Department of Taxation;
Increased General Fund Fire budget to accommodate the transfer of six current full time fire fighters from the Ambulance Fund;
Transfer of $200,000 from the General Fund to the Ambulance Enterprise Fund;
General Fund Capital Outlay of $1,280,000 for Building and Grounds, and Fire Department;
General Fund Capital Projects Fund projects in the amount of $740,000; and
Ambulance Capital Projects Fund - $195,000 for the purchase of two ambulances.

Special Town Board Meeting
Final Budget Hearing
May 20, 2004

Dave Richards noted that the Town of Pahrump tax rate is .2280 which is the maximum allowed by state law.  Currently the General Fund Ad Valorem Revenue is $1,483,541.  The General Fund revenues are $2,564,510 and the General Fund Expenses equal $3,492,392.  

Mr. Richards confirmed that the Swimming Pool Ad Valorem Revenue is $48,131 with Pool Revenues expected of $289,576.  Expenses that are expected equal $289,576.

Dave Richards provided a break down of the Ambulance Fund and a projection of the anticipated status of the Ambulance Enterprise Fund.  There is operating revenue anticipated at $2,077,000.  Operating Expenses are estimated to be $2,502,195.  There is an operating loss estimated to be $425,195.  There are non-operating revenues of $2,000 and a net loss before transfers of $423,195.  Operating transfers in to the fund are estimated to be $200,000 resulting in a net loss of $223,195.  

Mr. Richards noted that this public hearing and special meeting has been properly noticed as required by law and the Board is to consider any public comment and answer any public questions prior to filing the final budget with the State by the June 1 deadline.  The proposed budget has been on file for public review at the Town Office for the past month.  If the Board approves this budget tonight the Board’s signatures will be required on the two set of state budget forms as provided.  

Dave Richards’ recommendation is to conduct the required public hearing and to consider adopting the final 2004-05 budget.  Mr. Richards also recommends adopting Resolution 2004-10 authorizing submittal to the State Department of Taxation.  

Mr. Richards said he did not anticipate reviewing the budget line item by line item as was done in the work sessions.  Dave Richards stated that he and Michael Sullivan would answer questions from the Board and public as well.  

Jeanna Howard asked for a clarification of the ten employees for public safety and are these six taken from the Enterprise Fund and calling it Public Safety.  Michael Sullivan noted that the original Fire Department budget for this year is a four person staffing.  

Ms. Howard asked if on page 9, the Workman’s Compensation, employees’ benefits, how this is figured to expense $11,000 this year and the projection is $6,000 for next year.  Jeanna Howard asked why this was dropping.  Michael Sullivan explained that if the full $11,000 is not used he would expect it to be around the $6,000.  Mr. Sullivan said there were some adopted budget numbers that may have been expected.  

Jeanna Howard asked about Social Security as referred to on the same page.  Ms. Howard noted that last year $80,000 was expensed and the new projection is $1,000 for the new budget year.
Special Town Board Meeting
Final Budget Hearing
May 20, 2004

Michael Sullivan explained that in order to get the State forms, which are not broken out by line item, all of the benefits must be dropped into one of those lines for benefits.  Under the Social Security was just a place to put it in the budget to make it balance.  

Ms. Howard asked about the $130,000 in Professional Fees.  Jeanna Howard explained that the Board eliminated Mike Cox and asked why this was not reflected in the budget.  Michael Sullivan stated that the increase has nothing to do with the continuation of Mike Cox and he is not in that number.  Mr. Sullivan explained that the legal costs have increased and for the same expenses other than Mike Cox this year for services.  Ms. Howard clarified that there is not change in the numbers and we do not have Mike Cox either.  Michael Sullivan said that primarily the legal area increased.  Ms. Howard said she was disappointed.

Sally Devlin said she has a high opinion of the Board but said let’s get organized is her motto.  Ms. Devlin noted that on page 14 regarding the Swimming Pool Fund are the figures.  Ms. Devlin noted that there is a large number for Capital Outlay and said she would like to know how that was spent.  Sally Devlin asked if the surplus funding can be used to get a complex or covered swimming pool facility for the entire town.  Richard Billman said he was not sure the question was appropriate under the budget hearing.  

Dave Richards said this is not a difficult question to answer.  Mr. Richards responded that the $169,000 referred to is what was adopted and not what was spent.  There was not $169,000 worth of projects attempted.  Dave Richards said he would have to research what the money can be spent on, review the authorization for the district and see if the Town is allowed to build a new pool.  Mr. Richards said he would get that answer.  

Jeanna Howard noted that there is an area under the Fire Capital Fund for $150,000.  Ms. Howard noted that the budget year is up next month and nothing has been expensed from the Capital Fund.  There are some line items that Dave Richards is addressing that we have not expensed because of trying to be thrifty.  

Ms. Howard asked Michael Sullivan if he was able to confirm or find out if the fire grant from Nye County has been received.  Mr. Sullivan replied that we get it every year and the transfer is typically made near the end of the fiscal year.  

Jeanna Howard asked if the Town has been able to confirm Fines and Forfeitures of $10,000.  Ms Howard explained that they are writing citations on NRS’s and not PTO’s and the Town loses a lot of money.  Mr. Sullivan noted that the amount has decreased substantially from 2003 and 2004 and the miscellaneous revenue.  Ms. Howard asked if we have received most of the $10,000.  Michael Sullivan explained that we have received close to $8,000 or so when this budget was first drafted.   

Special Town Board Meeting
Final Budget Hearing
May 20, 2004

Ms. Howard asked if there is an idea of total depreciation on anything and everything written into the budget.  Mr. Sullivan replied that it has never been calculated and will be included under the Gazby 34 implementation for next year.  Jeanna Howard asked if it is documented on any other line item other than Fire.  Michael Sullivan said governments do not depreciate except on the Enterprise Fund.  Ms. Howard clarified that the $465,000 short fall is actually around $200,000 because approximately $200,000 is depreciation.  Michael Sullivan said that they are projecting approximately $190,000 in depreciation.  

Jeanna Howard Motioned to adopt Resolution 2004-10.  Charlotte LeVar seconded the motion.

Mike McInerney said he still objects to raising his taxes.  

Vote passed 4 – 0.  Paula Glidden was absent.


Richard Billman adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte LeVar, Clerk

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