Agendas & Minutes

May 24, 2005

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
MAY 24, 2005



1.    Call to order

A.    Pledge of allegiance
B.    Welcome

2.    Discussion, action and decision regarding agenda items.  

3.    Announcements.

4.    Public Comment (Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS241.020(2)(C)(3).

5.    Presentation by U.S. Metronets, and possible discussion, action and decision concerning fiber optic facilities and no cost assessment.  Scott Crowley/Town Manager

6.    Discussion, action and decision regarding prioritization of PETT request.  Town Manager

7.    Discussion, action and decision regarding constructing a Visitor’s Center kiosk adjacent to marquee at Bob Ruud Community Center.  Karen Spalding/Ed Bishop

8.    Discussion, action and decision regarding hiring lifeguards and pool employee wages.  Town Manager

9.    Discussion, action and decision regarding pool policy and pool schedule for 2005.  Town Manager

10.    Discussion, action and decision to accept the appraisal on Town properties.  Town Manager

11.    Discussion, action and decision regarding rejecting bids received for backhoe on Bid 2005-03 and re-advertising for same.  Mat Luis/Town Manager

12.    Discussion, action and decision regarding purchase of replacement vehicle for Administration for $13,725.   Mat Luis/Town Manager

13.    Discussion, action and decision regarding Resolution #2005-20 – A resolution to request Nye County Commissioners approve a referendum for a tax levy to benefit Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service.   Fire Chief/Town Manager

14.    Town Manager’s Report

15.    Discussion, action and decision regarding forming a Town Board committee to perform Town Manager evaluation.  Town Manager

16.    Advisory Board Reports

17.    Consent Agenda Items:

A.    Action – approval of Town vouchers
B.    Action – approval of Town Board meeting minutes of  May 10, 2005

18.    Adjournment.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town Board meetings upon request.



PRESENT:                        ABSENT:
Richard Billman                    Ed Bishop
Laurayne Murray    
Paul Willis
Ron Johnson


Chairman Richard Billman called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mr. Billman welcomed all those in attendance.


Chairman Billman:  Are there any agenda items that you would like to remove Mr. Richards or change around?  

Dave Richards:  Yes, number 5 should be deleted.  After the agenda was, moments after the agenda was published we were informed that the Metronets people would not be here, they will be available, they’ve promised on the 14th of June, 2005, this year.  And other than that if you could please just make note of the letter that we received, I think it’s noteworthy.

Laurayne Murray:  I am going to do that in the announcements, it that okay?

Dave Richards:  Okay, as long as it’s not passed.  

Chairman Billman: No other comments or changes?  

Dave Richards:  No

Chairman Billman:  Moving on to item #3 announcements, Mrs. Murray.


Laurayne Murray announced the following:
*The Regional Planning Commission meets in the Community Center Hall on Wednesday, May 25th at 6pm
*PVFRS Task Force meets at the Community Center, Room A on Wednesday, May 25ath at 6pm.
*NARFE will meet in Room B from 1-3pm on Thursday, May 26th
*Fall Festival Rodeo Committee will be at the Town Shop at 7pm on Thursday, May 26th
*Fall Festival Vendor Committee will meet at 9am on Friday, May 27th at the Town Annex
*Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day, Town offices will be closed
*BOCC will meet in the Community Center Hall on Wednesday, June 1st at 8:30am
*There will also be a Commissioners workshop in the Hall at 6pm on June 1st at 6pm
*Public lands Advisory Board will meet on Wednesday, June 1st at 7pm in Room B
*Pahrump Tourism A.B. will meet at 8am on Thursday, June 2nd at the Town Annex
*The Nuclear Waste A.B. will meet at 7pm on Thursday, June 2nd in the Community Center
*Guns and Hoses will be in the Community Center on Friday and Saturday, June 3rd from 4-8pm and June 4th from 8-4pm
*Commissioners Cox and Trummel will conduct Open Forum in Room B at 10am on Saturday, June 4th
*Fall Festival Executive Committee meets at 6:30pm in the Annex on Monday, June 6th
*Commissioners teleconference will begin at 8:30am on Tuesday, June 7th in the Hall

Chairman Billman:  One announcement which I’m sure I will just make and introduce you to our appointment to the town board, Mr. Ron Johnson.  I will ask Mr. Johnson if he will please, at least say a few words about who he is and where he is from.

Ron Johnson:  Probably most of you haven’t seen my face, but I’m a Pahrumpian and I am proud to say that.  I have been here in town for two years, my wife a retired school teacher, master teacher.  We are enjoying the town tremendously, we have got a lot of wonderful friends and we certainly look forward to the various functions that occur in town and all the rest of it.  We are enjoying Pahrump and we want to make a contribution and we want to meet even more folks just like you.  So it’s a pleasure to be here, and thank you.  I appreciate the opportunity.  

Chairman Billman:  Thank you Mr. Johnson.  Are there other announcements?  

Candice Trummel:  Candice Trummel, Nye County Commissioner I got a call today from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and they asked that I inform everyone that on June 6th I believe at the ambulance bay they will be holding their quarterly meeting with the department of energy and from 4-7pm they are also going to be saying to open it up for any one from the public or the Town Board or the County Commission who wishes to ask them specific questions, so that’s my announcement.  

Sally Devlin:  Thank you I just attended the D.O.E. and R.C. meeting last Thursday in Las Vegas and it should be a very boring meeting, but very interesting and the group that’s smaller…and I will announce this they said the word if regarding Yucca Mountain as to pertaining to the licensing, so that was very good to hear.  Anyway what I do want to tell you is the Friends will meet on June the 4th it will be the final meeting for the season and will be having a pot luck, so you will hear more about that.  And also on the 11th if anybody wants tickets to the Miss Senior Pahrump Pageant that is Saturday night the 11th, 10 bucks a head, and I will be happy to sell you a ticket.  And it’s going to be better than ever, this is the third annual and it’s such fun and you will all enjoy it, watching us seniors make idiots of ourselves.  Thank you.  

Chairman Billman:  Thank you.

Arthur Jones:  Yes my name is Arthur Jones; I’m working with the Veteran’s Coalition.  May the 3rd we will have our Veteran’s Day Memorial service over at Tecopa Cemetery at 10 O’clock in the morning.  All the public is welcome, all the coalitions of different organizations will be over there and we will like for the Town to participate, the Town Board, and also the Town Office.  Thank you very much.

Chairman Billman:  What time was that Art, I’m sorry?  

Arthur Jones:  That will be 10 O’clock in the morning.  

Chairman Billman:  Okay, thank you.  Are there any further announcements?  

Karen Spalding:  Karen Spalding; on behalf of United Way we want to thank the Town for their contribution for our Cinco Day Mayo, I hope there were people here that went to it, it was outstanding.  We had a dance troop from Chicago and changed six times, gave a little history on Mexico and music all through the day, and it was very successful.  Thank you so much.

Chairman Billman:  Are there any more announcements?

Laurayne Murray:  I have a letter of acknowledgement that I would like to read.  It was a letter that was also written to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times.  Dear Editor, There are Angles among us!  On the evening of May 10th, 2005 I attended a softball game at Petrack Park.  I did not notice my wallet was missing until late that night.  The next morning I obtained a new driver’s license and was on my way into the bank when my cell phone rang.  A groundskeeper had found my wallet and turned it into the Town Office.  Everything was still there including the cash!  I am heartened to know that we had such honorable people working in Pahrump and yes, even looking out for us.  So you see there really are Angles among us and one goes by the name, Jimmy Martinez!  Thank you, Jimmy.

Chairman Billman:  Thank you very much.  If there are no further announcements, move on to item # 4, public comment.  Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item.              


Larry Baker:  Good evening Town Board members and staff, my name is Larry Baker I’m the secretary of the Nye County Well Owner Association.  I’m not speaking on behalf of them, I’m speaking on behalf of myself and a few other people in the town that don’t want to get up and say anything, but I am planning a lawsuit against the individual, Channel 62 that made scurrilous against me and a few of my friends that are fairly active in trying to get things done in the county and the town.  I had a prepared comment that I was going to make, my attorney told me not to do it.  He said the answers I had in my comment would possibly bring another lawsuit, but the individual knows who he is and I think everybody who watched last Friday, Thursday or Friday’s broadcast knows who he is.  Thank you.

Harley Kulkin:  Harley Kulkin, I have something to say, and I will try to be as tactful as I can.  It boils down to, on Monday I was having lunch talking to somebody at Archie’s restaurant and Mr. Petell over there that represents the Town on the public lands committee got involved with our conversation.  He wasn’t invited, he kept sticking his nose in and before long a lot of vulgar profanity started coming out of his mouth.  When I told him he had a mouth like a toilet, his answer to that was to move his lips but not say anything.  So I walked out and I started thinking about this and I started thinking about other things he does.  As an example apparently he

Chairman Billman:  I’m not really sure where you are going with this Harley.  

Harley Kulkin:  Well I appreciate it, if you give me a moment I’ll try to get to it right away.  The point is that he represents this town and apparently he just recently went up to Carson City and if I’m not mistaken he had a town vehicle and lodging and gas paid for by the Town.  Thus he took on a responsibility to represent the Town.  A County Commissioner told me that she received a complaint from one of the offices that he went to wondering who the heck this guy is.  There is a lot of other things this person does and the bottom line is I’m asking, I’m making a formal request that at your next meeting or as soon as you can that you have a private meeting where we can go into this in more depth because I have a problem with somebody that behaves like this going out of this community.  Is this, the kind of person and that will be determined, that we want to represent our community outside of this community.  I think it, I don’t think that he is bringing the proper image that’s my opinion and I would hope that you would have a private meeting and we’ll determine whether or not he should continue resenting this town or not.           

Chairman Billman:  Okay, thank you.

Harley Kulkin:  So I’m making a formal request for that and I would like it on the next agenda if that’s possible.  Thank you.

Tim Hafen:  Good evening Mr. Chairman and Town Board members, my name is Tim Hafen I have two reasons for being up here tonight.  What I would like to do is read you just an article that appeared in the RJ today which gives us a little hope as far as the Community College building and it’s…a panel of law makers cut about $45,000,000 out of governor Kenny Guinn’s proposed two year building program on Monday and will now use the savings to fund other construction priorities.  These other priorities will likely include some of the $94,000,000 worth of unfunded projects out by the University and Community College system of Nevada, including $10,000,000 for an automotive tech building for Community College of Southern Nevada and 5.3 million for the colleges proposed Pahrump Educational complex.  We’re still alive, so that’s good news.  The other thing I just have to keep harping on the same old subject the amendment to the brothel ordnance was postponed tell next meeting June 14th I believe.  I want to tell you have strongly opposed I am again.  That does nothing more than allow brothels inside the Town boundaries, doesn’t alter the Town boundaries if there were a large subdivision to take place down in the south end of the valley outside the town boundaries still wouldn’t raise any income so I just want, especially with what’s been happening the last few days with Heidi Flice I just, I just can’t imagine allowing brothels in Pahrump.  Thank you.  

Chairman Billman:  Thank you.

Sally Devlin:  Thank you Tim, as the oldest student at the Community College both literally and figuratively I really hope we do get a four year college.  I’ll have lots of courses to take then and I hope everybody will join with me.  This is my 13th year in college.  It took me 7 and ½ years to graduate.

Chairman Billman:  You should graduate soon Sally.

Sally Devlin:  I did, it took me 7 and ½ years.  I graduated in 2000 anyway thank you Mr. Board Chairman Members of the Board and staff and the public.  I brought with me the article that was in the Mirror, which is Joe Richards paper regarding Pahrump power brokers and super heroes.  This article written by Peter Liocupolus, I believe he is on Channel 62, too as well as the newspaper is one of the worst I have ever read.  The reason is because it is very much against Jim Petell, but what he literally does, he said this would be funny and he calls him Mr. Camera man etc, but what is really scary is obviously Mr. Liocupolus doesn’t understand government for the people by the people, and people being able to express themselves and Jim is one of the most respected people in the community and works very hard and whenever you need information and their he is, he is taking the photographs of the meeting so you have a physical reliable source to get any information that you need, and what he calls us that come to these meetings, and I want the public to know because I think he has political ambitions and I hope they go right out the window because he calls us all fools for coming to these meetings.  Therefore I, it’s in the article you read it and what I am saying is that I am requesting the Town Board to write a letter to every Pahrumpian and perspective Pahrumpian, and say we welcome you to all of our meetings these are the committees we have and please volunteer, what would you like to see here in Pahrump, what are your needs, and thanking all the people on every group in Pahrump.  No to Abuse, all these wonderful people who serve hour after hour for not being fools, who are really wonderful participants in our local government.  I am going to say something that Gina Howard said it would be a cold day in hell until we got a covered swimming pool.  Well there are hundreds of thousands in our swimming pool fund and that is a special district that can only be spent for swimming pools.  Okay I will be very quick.  And so the only thing I am going to request is I want our attorney to look into it and see if some of that swimming pool money cannot be used because I am tired of being in a building that is a fire trap build in 1972 without an architect and I think it is a disgrace that we are settled here for too many years.  I would like to see a covered swimming pool built around a convention center with all the arts and all the rest of it, here in Pahrump and I am so glad you’re looking into the land.  So my suggestion is….

Laurayne Murray:  Time.

Sally Devlin:  I’m looking to the attorney that she can look into the funding to get the world built around a covered swimming pool that will do with all the other necessities that we need here in town, and remember the state has $600,000,000 surplus.

Chairman Billman:  Thanks Sally.

Fran Bens:  Good evening, my name is Fran Bens and I just want you to know I am definitely opposed to this amendment and if I might add I would like for just everyone to either standup or give me a clap of hands that agree with me.  Thank you.

Chairman Billman:  Thank you. Is there any further public comment?  Moving along to item # 6, discussion, action and decision regarding prioritization of PETT request.  Mr. Richards.                    


Dave Richards:  At one of the most recent County budget meetings the PETT requests were considered and Pahrump’s request of course were included with those and we have a rather lengthily list of items that the County has asked us to take back and to Prioritize and a couple of you responded to an e-mail, but it was difficult to prioritize what only two of you provided and then because you didn’t agree it’s even more difficult to prioritize.  I don’t know how you want to go about doing this, if you want to create a committee to prioritize or do it here tonight by some method.  It’s up to you, but we’ve got to prioritize these and then return them to the County.  

Chairman Billman:  Why don’t we quickly weed it down to 5 and then we have a, I mean a top 5.  How quickly do you need them?  Can we do this by e-mail and

Dave Richards:  Yeah, I believe so.  I mean we have to get it done but there, these are funding requests for 2006 so they don’t get money till then so but I suspect they would like to make a decision themselves in short order.

Chairman Billman:  Sure, and I think we should.  

Laurayne Murray:  Mr. Chairman, I didn’t respond to the e-mail for the prioritization because the e-mail offered us a choice of either sending back a list through e-mail or having it discussed at a public meeting and my choice was to have us discuss it a public meeting.  So that’s why I was waiting for it to be on the agenda.  I think there is a lot of issues that have to be considered in the prioritization besides just PETT projects so that’s why I would prefer it that we actually have the citizens here and have an open discussion and get all of our questions answered and make an informed decision.

Chairman Billman:  Well do we have a motion on the floor?  

Ron Johnson:  Are you suggesting that we, it just seems to me that an ordering is some what difficult in an open meeting.  I don’t know, I have no objections to attempting the task at any rate.  We have eleven items that Mr. Richards had suggested, so if that is your wish then we would entertain a motion to…. It would be nice if we had an overhead, we could project it and you know people could be more involved, but I think in the absence of that it seems kind of difficult here.  I might ask, I’m not sure, my presumption is that obviously this is not going to be, I mean there is eleven items and I really don’t think that all of them will be approved.  Would I be correct in that assumption?  That’s just an assumption.

Chairman Billman:  There are things that we need as a community.  The question is in what order do we want to prioritize these to present to the County for them to look at and determine what’s feasible to them?

Laurayne Murray:  Might I ask a couple of questions of Mike Sullivan since he is our financial director.  This is all for the sake of having a public conversation about this decision because I think it is obviously a very important one.  This is a big amount of money that we are talking about and it is going to be discussed at the Commissioners meeting also, so people need to understand what our input was to that so they can understand what the Commissioners decide.  One of the questions I have is, is there a particular formula that guaranties a certain amount of the PETT money coming to Pahrump.  For example PETT money is acquired by the County based on public lands that are within our jurisdiction that we get money for or how do they decide what,     

Mike Sullivan:  Candice might be able to answer that directly

Laurayne Murray:  Good, we’ll ask Candice that.

Candice Trummel:  Commissioner Candice Trummel, PETT is a payment that we receive pursuant to the Nuclear Waste policy act for Yucca Mountain, PELT is the money that we receive for public lands and all of our PELT payments go to our general fund at this point.  When the Commission was considering PETT we first took the County requests for lets say a GIS system was one of the requests from the County and we first looked at the County requests when we were all done we had $400,000 left.  We will get another payment of over $10,000,000 in January and none of that has been allocated at this point so from now until January we have $400,000 left to consider projects from other communities.  We also set aside $750,000 for miscellaneous expenditures that might come up throughout the year that weren’t anticipated.  Also I believe the fair grounds are on your list, I wanted to make sure the board knows that we did receive $400,000 worth of appropriations for the Pahrump fair grounds last year.  We have received an application for slightly less than $200,000 of it all the appropriations received a cut due to the war and the activities over seas so we are still trying to find where we are going to get the application for the other $200,000 but you do have $400,000 for that and we are lobbying currently to get the remainder of our request which was almost $600,000 so I just wanted to give you that information.  Do you have any questions for me?

Paul Willis:  Nothing is guaranteed right?

Candice Trummel:  Nothing is guaranteed, except for the other $200,000.  We got that in appropriation, we just have to find the paper work so….

Laurayne Murray:  That’s fairgrounds money.

Candice Trummel:  That’s fairgrounds.

Laurayne Murray:  Thank you.  Also since this is for the time frame 2005-2006 budget and Candice is looking at $10,000,000 that won’t be until January do we have, do you have any feeling about a possible date when we might be collecting funds from developer agreements and or impact fee revenue, what might be the earliest date that, that might be coming in?  

Mike Sullivan:  We’ve got notice today that next Wednesday June 1st will be the CIP continuing meeting.  Looks like their DADing on that, the recommendation from the CIP committee to the County Commissioners and so at that point it will go to the Commissioners for their consideration.  My best guess probably September 1st would be just what I am thinking.  It would probably end up on the last meeting of June or the last meeting of July and then it would probably take 30 or 60 days to get the mechanisms in place, it could happen faster.  Then it’s really predicated on how many homes are actually drawing from this.

Laurayne Murray:  So the effective date of being able to collect them could be with in this coming quarter

Mike Sullivan:  My hope is this fiscal year.  

Laurayne Murray:  And then depending on when the houses start getting built, it will be dripping in, and that money is going to cover only capital, except for Parks and Recreation which can be spent on anything, but fire would be only on buildings.  

Mike Sullivan:  I believe parks is the same way only capital improvements, no operations.  

Laurayne Murray:  I’m sorry capital improvement, but

Mike Sullivan:  Right and just the draft recommendations currently are $156 per roof top on single family for fire and about $350 per roof top for parks.  There are fees connected with multi-family and commercial, but those are the main ones.

Laurayne Murray:  So getting…

Mike Sullivan:  Roughly $500.

Laurayne Murray:  Yeah, twice as much on parks as on fire, but still a little bit.  Not none of it good enough.  Also we have developer agreements that are still going to come in probably prior to the impact fees and we will still be negotiating something on those for Parks and Recreation and Fire and those could be used for anything.  I’m just trying to get a handle on all the various different sources including this one because it would help me prioritize what to do with this money if I know how it fits into the big pool of other funds.  

Mike Sullivan:  The other pool that you are going to mention is that there is a capital account that we have that’s been built up and which we have commitments or place savers for now we did have to reduce it last Thursday because of the change in the tax cap legislation reduced our amount of future revenues.  So that’s another pool.

Laurayne Murray:  Right, we have our existing capital budget which we have projects for so, I just want to make sure that we are not duplicating our requests and that we are looking for money to go to the things that we haven’t got funding from for, from other sources.  I think that’s all I have questions about, do you think of any thing I should know that…

Mike Sullivan:  I think Candice said pretty much all of it, and one more thing not to dampen her enthusiasm for the 10 or 11 million that comes in January, but it’s my understanding and I’m sure she knew this that there are some commitments that will come out of that 10 or 11 million since they’ve embarked on some financing for the fire trucks that we all received and certain other committed expenses that they are financing, so out of that 10 or 11 million dollars there is a chunk of about $4,000,000 that they are using for the next few years to make those payments.  

Laurayne Murray:  And that will go to the whole County so part of it, only part of its Pahrump.

Chairman Billman:  Thank you Mr. Sullivan.  

Laurayne Murray:  I would like to ask some questions of Matt Luis since he is in charge of the building and grounds and that’s most of the items that we have on here.   Did anybody else have questions for Mike?  I feel that the Town Board responsibility is health and safety of the community utmost, so I know that there are some issues in some of these and I would just like your explanation about what’s going on with Honeysuckle with the lights.  

Matt Luis:  Honeysuckle Park was built about 8 years ago, most of it was volunteer and this is just mainly on fields 1 and 2.  At that time they put up wooden poles, wooden braces, a lot of donated efforts.  It wasn’t put together say, to spec, and these poles are starting to wear in the cross braces and it’s getting to the point you go out on a windy day, we check them every year, but you go out on a windy day and you can see them moving.  So that you know, that’s, kind of puts that on a priority.  

Laurayne Murray:  So that’s a real safety issue for us as far as you see right now.

Matt Luis:  It’s getting very close.  

Laurayne Murray:  What other, in this list would you prioritize as projects that you would like to see the Town Board put at the top of the list?  What about the Community Center repairs, is that a safety issue at this point?    
Matt Luis:  The Community Center repairs, were working on that now, me and Dave have been working on it.  We are trying to get a price on having an engineer come in and do plans.  I mean there are so many issues with the building, we really need to look into it deep before we spend, that’s why that 75 has been kind of dying there.  Again it make is tough to call until it’s really looked into.  Simkins Park soccer field, right now we have got a project going on, we are trying to get completed, about putting sidewalks, basketball courts etc. The park right now isn’t not completely developed on the acreage we have there is a big piece that can be added on, and if we add that on we can put out there another soccer field and Pop Warner football field.  So that, and at that time if we completed the part what we have going on now with the improvements plus the soccer field, once you put in lights that park would almost be complete.  It’s tough, it’s a tough call.  You know then we have again, we have Kellogg/Squaw valley Park over there where we have nothing on the south end.  Do we want to take that $300,000 what was there, yes the $300,000 and again start looking into that, really laying it out, engineering.  I look at the list the same way; there are a dozen different ways you can look at it.  It is really tough to call and I mean everybody has got their little part they would like to see, and it’s hard for me to prioritize.

Laurayne Murray:  We do have a safety issue Honeysuckle which should probably be, when it falls into health safety, welfare etc. that helps me to prioritize it.  Simpkins I see less immediate income from developer agreements or impact fees and we might have other sources in the south end because that’s where most of the growth has already begun.

Matt Luis:  And if I understand correctly too, the impact fees can be applied to new growth, but not to repair, like that type of thing.

Laurayne Murray:  Right, so that’s why I am thinking that at Kellogg we may have, that’s not existent so we can use some of the money to go there so it’s another source to consider.  Okay thank you.  

Paul Willis:  Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Billman:  Yes Mr. Willis.

Paul Willis:  I would just like to go down my list for, you know, for just, for the record.  On my list

Laurayne Murray:  Isn’t that on the backup material?  

Paul Willis:  Yes it was on the back page, or one of the pages.  I’m just saying this for the public, because I don’t know if they all have it.  My #1 priority was the Community Center repairs.  I get so many people telling me this place is a dump; it’s going to fall down, there tired of all the pit falls that are around here.  The Fairgrounds engineering, water rights, and streets was my second because where were involved in that right now and we need to take that further.  The Town Property Sanitary Sewer Project, I put that as third because if there is a problem there I think we need to address it, that’s definitely on a needs assessment, if it was in there I just thought it must be needed to tie all this in.  My 4th pick was Honeysuckle Park Soccer fields.  5th was Honeysuckle passive park lights.  6th was Simkins Park soccer fields.  7th was Last Chance park tortoise mitigation because we are involved with that.  On my number 8th was the Kellogg/Squaw Valley Park and #9 was Kellogg/Squaw Valley fire station.  My # 10 pick was water tender trucks, two of them and 11th was fairgrounds irrigation, lights, trees, and grass and just from the past we haven’t been able to move on very fast with that, even if we have had the money so we get the money for the fairground engineering, water rights, and streets and get that done and then look to getting the rest going.  So that’s my top 11.  Just to throw that out there.  

Chairman Billman:  And was yours in any order Mr. Richards when you sent it out?

Dave Richards:  No its not.  They just were listed for the Town Board to consider, they were not    prioritized.

Chairman Billman:  I can run through my list that I sent back to you.  I put the community center repairs first simply because what we don’t repair today will cost more to repair next year.  The fairgrounds engineering, water rights #2.  The Simkins Park soccer field #3 despite the fact that there is quite a bit of development out in the north end of Town, and the people in the north end of Town don’t have all these parks and quite frankly if I were on the north end of Town listening to this I would wonder if anybody notices me.  The Renovation of the Kellogg station, yes I inserted that as #4.  #5 Honeysuckle Park soccer field lights.  #6 the passive park lights for Honeysuckle.  The Last Chance Park #7, water tender trucks #8, fairground irrigation, lights, trees, and grass #9.  The Town Property Sanitary Sewer project I relegated to #10.  I am not certain, it seems we were going to connect to the sewer system a couple of years ago, three years maybe and we didn’t.  I am just unsure what the pros and cons are of waiting for example and leaving down at the bottom of the list or are we doing damage and it should closer to the top of the list, I just don’t know the answer to that one.  And the ambulance purchase at #11.   

Laurayne Murray:  Mr. Chairman, Dave do you have an answer to his concern because I have that same concern about the sewer project.  Is that an urgency, is there something that is malfunctioning or are we not operating with it, is it close to going bad, or is it just like an improvement we would like to make.

Dave Richards:  It would be the latter; it’s an improvement we would like to make.

Laurayne Murray:  And the other one, what’s the other one, oh that’s it.  Since the fire chief is here also and there is a few items on there from that, Scott could I ask you a few questions about it.  

Paula Glidden:  Mr. Chairman if I could just interject, I think, I would just like you as a Board to consider the face that the County only has limited funds it appears at this point, and I know you are trying to prioritize but really what you need to do, and I think, and my opinion is to grab one or two of them and get behind it and really lobby the commissioners based on one or two.  I realize you are trying to prioritize that but there is obvious and then there is wonderful wishes over here, and I would like to see us really try to go to the County this time, every time we go to the County we kind of give them a list of a hundred and then they have to pick and they don’t really know what we want, so maybe as the Town you need to just narrow that down to one or two and really just send that to them.  

Laurayne Murray:  That’s what we are trying to do now is to get the information to determine which are the best one or two.

Paula Glidden:  I know, I just haven’t heard any numbers associated with these projects either so it’s probably easier

Laurayne Murray:  It’s on the backup material, which should be back there, but, thanks.

Paul Willis:  Mr. Chairman that’s what we are trying to do right now is get the priority list down to something that we can sell to the commissioners, just we have to come to a coconscious between the five of us on those.  

Laurayne Murray:  Chief, we have two items on the list pertaining to Fire and Rescue Service and the two items are the water tender trucks, two water tender trucks, and two ambulance purchases.  So I guess kind of what I am getting is an opportunity for Matt and Dave and so on to lobby, you know like why this would be on the priority list.  We’ve been getting quite a bit of equipment, we have a capital improvement plan with money in it for these items, how would you prioritize those two items on your portion of the list and why they would be on their.

Scott Lewis:  The facilities have long been an outstanding issue within Pahrump.  The citizens want some manned stations on the outskirts of town, that being in the north and south side.  The Kellogg/Squaw Valley Fire Station is very important to our operation as far as the response times, considerations for the growth and development in that particular area and as you know there is a lot of growth that’s even slightly further down the line including some hotels and things like that.  So I think that is a top priority, however we have addressed that through the recent CIP meetings and we are working on that diligently.  The ambulance issue with the Town Board’s decision recently to acquire two ambulances out of the money that has been slated for the transfer to the general fund to the enterprise fund, I think we are going to be okay there for now.  So for this particular request for 2005 and 6 I think the Squaw Valley fire station would be an ideal choice, but I see a lot of other considerations here that merit the same type of attention.  

Laurayne Murray:  Actually what’s on the list from Mr. Richards is the Homestead/Gamebird Fire Station, brand new one built.

Scott Lewis:  I understand, but I think if I remember correctly the Town Board was undecided as to whether or not to utilize the same sight at Kellogg or in fact to consider moving that station to the Homestead area.  I’m not sure what the Board’s indulgence is with the particular issue.

Laurayne Murray:  And again that’s where my questions come in about developer agreement money, impact fees, etc. and you know, what can we collect and how soon and which priority because the most impacted development on the Homestead and Gamebird location would be Mountain Falls and that development agreement is already gone so the money is out the window.  We’ve got to find other funds for that one.  Kellogg we can find funds from developers and impact fees so, we’ll potentially have money coming in there from a different source so for this list I want to prioritize, well how can we get both of them?  

Chairman Billman:  It seemed to me that the Kellogg station will see more immediate need then the one on Gamebird.  Mountain Falls is no where close to….

Laurayne Murray:  Well actually, how are you impacted by the existing homes in Calvada and the homes that are already being built and sold, not just in the planning stages in the Mountain Falls area verse the developments that are maybe five years down the rode at south end?  

Scott Lewis:  I think there is a true argument for each of the cases the were just described with the growth down in the south end of town and then if you draw your concentric circles and use that for consideration and response times in the area covered there is also a great potential to have a fire station area of Homestead, but as we discussed I think it is just a matter of even prioritizing those particular stations and getting the boards consensus on what their pleasure is.  We had been working with a builder and an architect to try and get some projected costs for those fire stations, and I think the further we go along again and get an idea what the CIP’s are actually going to do for us.  We will be much more, in a better position to make a more educated decision.  

Laurayne Murray:  Because like you said I am thinking of what are the sources for the money, how soon will they be coming in, and where is the need today because Calvada and Mountain Falls are existing, the other ones are in the future.

Chairman Billman:  Mountain Falls have very little in the way of housing currently.  Mr. Hafen has built houses almost to the station, so quite logically as far as I can see right there is where that station, it’s where it should be.  

Paul Willis:  And in my opinion the impact fees and development agreements are going to fall way short of building a building there.

Laurayne Murray:  Oh absolutely, absolutely I agree.

Ron Johnson:  How have we made decisions relative to those locations there?  Is that based on call volume?  

Scott Lewis:  It’s based on a number of factors actually, it’s call volume, access routes, it’s also with the growth potential and also current properties owned by the Town of Pahrump.  

Ron Johnson:  Okay, you know when you look at the commitment that’s been made out there currently were not building because of water issues and some other issues, sewage as an example.  If you sort of plug that into the map, that can change that a little bit, maybe

Scott Lewis:  Calvada area, in the Calvada area?

Ron Johnson:  Well I mean, that’s where I am kind of concerned about how we have plotted the location, so in the near term it might work based on the numbers, but I am curious about the longer term.  We are up here talking a little about, you know what the impact is based on those who want to live here and we had a significant sell out of property as you are aware of obviously.  That’s going to effect those numbers, have you rolled that into the work you have been doing?  

Scott Lewis:  It’s all part of the consideration, and the most recent developments in the Calvada section were unpredicted.  We weren’t aware that, that was actually going to occur with regarding to the sewer and things like that, and the water connection.  The area specifically where were looking to place a fire station is outside that general area.  Historically there had been a fire station on Dandelion right near Calvada, that it actually now the 4-H club.  So that had actually been station #4 at one period of time.

Ron Johnson:  I’d like to see some of the numbers if I could, not right at the moment but the next couple of days or so, would that be okay?

Scott Lewis:  Sure, what ever numbers you would like to see.

Ron Johnson:  Very good.

Laurayne Murray:  Anybody else have any questions, thanks Chief.  I can, I had put down a tentative list but based on the information I have now, I have kind of noodled it around a little bit.  I would rather pass and let Ron see if he has any questions or comments or whatever before we make a motion.

Ron Johnson:  I am kind of starting out behind the curve a little bit, but I will give it a shot.  I really think the Community Center is something we ought to just underline because it’s been here for a while.  I think this area here seems to make quite a statement for the Town of Pahrump so I think there is probably structural issues, I kind of ended up with that impression and maybe some other upgrading that could make this look more appealing to people.  I think our citizenry is here during times like this and others, but certainly if there are structural kinds of issues and so on that’s important.  My suggesting is that we do what we have to do here.  It sounded like maybe that’s been thought about for quite a while, but we haven’t tackled it.  Maybe we ought to take this one on.  Anybody feel strong about that?  How many of you out there kind of like to have a place that sort of looks good for those who visit us, who drive down 160 and even who visit this.

Paul Willis:  If I may interject also the price tag on that is approximately $75,000.  Matt you said that might change depending on the engineering, was that, you just kind of

Matt Luis:  Correct there is in the roof of course you know we have to put like a pitch on it the flat roof is just not making it.  Once you tear it off and get into it, depending on how much water damage do we have, the watering could be an issue were not sure that’s something else we are checking into and this…the floor, you want to start on the floor what’s going to come our there, all the floor joists to build it back up, how far down you are going to have to go to build it up and this is something we are working in, looking into.  I mean

Ron Johnson:  We need to find that out though.

Matt Luis:  We are…it’s in process right now.

Ron Johnson:  When can we find that out?

Matt Luis:  Well the first thing I’ve got to do, I’m getting the costs on what it would cost for an engineer to come in a look at the whole building.  I’ll present that to you folks and then I’ll get the okay then we will go out and have somebody come in and go through the whole building and check it out and see what structure damage and… it will take bit of time.

Ron Johnson:  Well I think that’s a horse we need to get on.

Paul Willis:  In the scope of things, for the money of some of these price tags of some of these other things that’s a small consideration compared to some of the other things were talking about.  Like the fair grounds and engineering that’s a price tag of about $600,000 the sewer system is about $260,000.  The Honeysuckle Parks soccer field lights $200,000 but if they are in danger of falling while people are out there that’s pretty scary.

Matt Luis:  I didn’t say that, I said it’s getting close to that point, its something that has to be

Paul Willis:  Its not, you don’t feel real comfortable about there in a wind storm.

Matt Luis:  No I wouldn’t put a whole group underneath them.  They were checked, we had Yes Co. come out from Vegas we did all the checking on the lights, they retightened the bolts and its just every year, it’s just something that gets a little worse and a little worse.  So we can go to metal poles and just, then that park would be pretty much complete.

Paul Willis:  And as far as the fire station I don’t know if we should, since we haven’t made that decision get caught up exactly where the location is, but the price is about the same so you know depending on what priority the other Board Members thinks that’s in.  So the location we shouldn’t be caught up on it if it seems to be a pressing enough issue that it should be there we can, that’s to be decided later.  The price is pretty much the same, well depending on other than Mr. Billman’s …

Chairman Billman:  I’m telling you it won’t cost as much to renovate as it will to build new.

Laurayne Murray:  The Chief actually had some people come out and look at it; we’ll have numbers on that soon.

Chairman Billman:  But at any rate, see this is why I thought prioritization would probably be easier done by having five lists and …

Laurayne Murray:  Well I think as soon as Ron has a couple more comments, as soon as he’s done, it’s starting to narrow down to look like we have pretty much of a top five, and I would… getting ready to move that we follow what Paula said and kind of go forward with the most important one.

Chairman Billman:  Let’s continue.

Ron Johnson:  I’ll try to give it a go.  I understand that the sanitary sewer project is really not a need necessarily, but we would like to do it, would you say that?  Okay.  That would go to the bottom or at least in that direction.  On the parks there important, I’m looking at Honeysuckle Park $200,000 were talking field lights, do we not have lights there or are there areas that need to be lit that are not..

Laurayne Murray:  That’s what he was just talking about, that are falling down.

Matt Luis:  This is fields 1 and 2 that have the wooden poles they were the first fields completed there, and then later on we went to 3 and 4 and metal poles were put there, so were okay there.  It’s just going back now and trying to rap it up, and making it right.  

Ron Johnson:  Well I am just going to sort of free lance and say that the parks are reasonably important; I mean our kids play there and enjoy that and families particularly during the summer and I live up off of Simkins and that ball park was a nice attribute for the park and so you know in today’s world we need places for our young people go be able to go out and enjoy the various sports that they are engaged in.  I feel a bit strong about it, I’m not going to try to put numbers on them because this is my first meeting and I’m just kind of trying to get my act together.  As far as the fire station down here for instances I don’t think we are ready to make that decision.  There are some other things that we need to be doing first and you’ve got… what’s #11 fairgrounds, irrigation, lights, trees, and grass.  I don’t know where our commitment is on the fairground issue is, but I noticed up here on #2 on our list, on the one I am looking at I think maybe important which is fairgrounds, engineering, water rights, and streets.  What about you guys on that?  

Chairman Billman:  Well, I had indicated #2 on that simply on that because that’s the beginning.  We don’t proceed unless we’ve got the engineering and the water rights done and some kind of roads to do some construction with.  So without that…

Ron Johnson:  So I’m finished I think for the moment.

Laurayne Murray:  Mr. Chairman I would like to make a motion that we narrow the list down in volume and prioritize at this point the top 5 requests.  If we have an option closer to when the funds come in or when the time line is, if we need to look at additional projects we can do that again and at this point in time looking at the comments that have been made by the Board it appears that the Community Center repairs, the Honeysuckle Park lights, fairgrounds, engineering, water rights, and soccer field at Simkins Park.  Those four are pretty cut and dry.  We all put those in our top 5.  The 5th one, Mr. Willis has as a sewer treatment, or sewer sanitary sewer project.  Do we consider that with Dave’s…

Paul Willis:  No if its, it can be moved down on the priority list.  If it was on a needs basis that if… my only concern was that the longer we put that off on certain improvements like that it gets a lot more expensive in the future.  So if we are considering that we need to do it sooner than later, not immediately but sooner than later because sewers and sewer systems and stuff get quite a bit more expensive as time goes along.

Laurayne Murray:  So right now we have the top 4 for sure.  

Paul Willis:  Would you read that again, there was 1 community center, 2

Laurayne Murray:  Do you want to go with 4 tonight and table the rest of them for another meeting.  Are you tired of all of this discussion?  Community center repairs, fairgrounds, engineering, water rights, Honeysuckle Park, and Simkins Park.  You know I lumped the Honeysuckle park together because they are both lights and there both at Honeysuckle Park and if we can do that as one project and the Simkins Park soccer field.

Paul Willis:  Can we throw in the passive park lights for #5 its

Laurayne Murray:  Well that’s what I said, well I guess we could do it that way.  

Paul Willis:  As a 5th, I mean if they work it down priority, that way we will get those projects done and then….

Laurayne Murray:  So I move that we approve PETT requests forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for the five items I just listed, do you need me to repeat them again?  Would it have to be a separate motion to move additional discussion on the PETT requests to another meeting?  

Dave Richards:  No.

Chairman Billman:  Is there a second?

Paul Willis:  I’ll second that.

Chairman Billman:  Discussion on the motion?  

Paul Willis:  Yes I have a question, on the price tag of that, is that low balling it or high balling it for a request to the Commissioners, I mean is that…

Dave Richards:  No I think they are fairly accurate.

Paul Willis:  No I mean for that five, I mean if we are prioritizing for the top 5 is it feasible that we can get at least that from them.

Dave Richards:  No.

Paul Willis:  Okay, that was my…going into 6-11 is an exercise in futility?

Dave Richards:  I believe so.

Paul Willis:  Okay, because I would rather not exercise my futility tonight.  

Chairman Billman:  Any other comments, I see, oh Christina.

Christian Hinds:  Mrs. Murray was that list that you said, was that in order of priority or that was just a list of, because if we send it to the County Commission I didn’t know if the way you stated it was the priority that you had mentioned or that was in no particular order.

Paul Willis:  I was good for the priority if that’s was what Mrs. Murray intended.

Laurayne Murray:  It sounds good to me.  We had Community Center repairs, fairgrounds, Honeysuckle Park, Honeysuckle Park, and Simkins Park.

Christina Hinds:  But is that in order of priority according the motion?

Laurayne Murray:  Well actually I would prefer to have the Honeysuckle Park items, myself second on the list because of the safety and, safety and health issue concerns.  I no it’s not an alarm there not going to fall on anybody, but I think if we are not going to get some of the funds at all, those we would want to be sure that we got.  So if you would like me to list them in priority…

Christina Hinds:  No I was just wondering for purposes of the motion.

Laurayne Murray:  I would move that they be in the priority, Community Center repairs, and then Honeysuckle park lights and then fairgrounds, and then Simkins Park.  

Paul Willis:  I amend my second to reflect that.

Chairman Billman:  Any discussion from staff, from the public, Commissioner?  

Candice Trummel:  I’m sorry I’m up here again.  Candice Trummel Nye County Commissioner, I wanted to give you a couple more possible thoughts.  I believe the County manager mentioned to us that there might be some money left in the emergency equipment bond that we had gone out for.  I’m not positive of that but and I don’t even know if there is money left, if it would be enough to pay for one tender, but it might be something that you have your staff get together with our staff to see if there is any money available, and if you have a need for that money.  Also I wanted to make you aware that the County due to the past were we often obligate money funds and then they are not drawn down in a timely manner, the County is going to start recapturing unspent funds, so we are going to have a drop dead day were if you don’t draw down the money then it disappears so make sure, and I think these projects probably you could spend the money in a reasonable amount of time, but I just wanted to make you aware of that.  That also could mean that we have other funding available even later this year if we set a date and there is other projects out there that aren’t, that money’s not spent on and I also just if I was in you position I would be lobbying the Commission once we do, if we do sell the 12 acres near PMC for you to get a large portion of that funding because was all paid for by tax payers here in Pahrump so I just wanted to throw that out there as well.  

Chairman Billman:  Is there any further comment or questions from the public?  Alright if there is no further questions I would like to call for, please…

Vickie Parker:  Actually I do have a comment.  Vickie Parker I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated you having this discussion here, rather than doing it anonymously with e-mail where we weren’t apart of it.  Thank you.

Chairman Billman:  You’re welcome.  If there is no further comment I’d like to call for the question, all those in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.  Opposed?  Motion carries 4-0.  Item #7 Discussion, action and decision regarding constructing a visitor’s center kiosk adjacent to marquee at the Bob Ruud Community Center.     


Karen Spalding:  Karen Spalding, Tourism Board.  Our Chamber of Commerce member Kari Frilot, that’s on our board wrote the grant just for those that are new here and we were funded the grant, or awarded the grant in May of 2004.  May 12th, we need to start paying for it, or start the construction by May 31st.  We first had a commitment from the, oh and by the way we received a grant for $12,700 then we went to the Town and didn’t get a matching grant, but we got a portion of the grant.  The Town voted to give us $5,000 so that’s sitting aside.  So now we need to get going on this project.  Saddle West had committed to allow us to put it on their property.  First we went to the Nugget because that was our #1 spot that we wanted because it was at the highway.  They declined at the time, it wasn’t enough time, then we went to Saddle West and as it got closer they said no.  Then we went back to the Nugget because we heard that they were interested again and they formally said that they were not interested.  So now were are coming before the Town.  We are on crunch time or we are going to lose all that money and we now what to put it right out here between the Community sign and the trees and I can’t tell you exactly how many feet between, but Matt will be working with us on that.  In the back up you’ve got a design of it.  So what we are projecting is we’ve got $17,700 I think allocated for this project.  We believe it will cost around $14,000.  We are going, we want all the bills paid out of that grant first, then we will go to the Town and what is not used just stays back into the Tourism account.  So we need permission, this voted on.

Chairman Billman:  Thank you.

Ron Johnson:  I have a question.  I’m looking at the rendering of the, now do I understand this is what we are talking about?

Karen Spalding:  This is what we are talking about.  It’s open, it’s protected it will have a display cards or the kind of a clear display like many communities use and then we will be putting tourist attractions all around you know with in a two hour drive from Pahrump.  People coming in here will know what they can stay here, but they can go off for a days travel.  

Laurayne Murray:  Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Billman:  Mrs. Murray.

Laurayne Murray:  I’d like to make a motion that we approve the Tourism Advisory Board request for grant to build the tourist information center kiosk at the, adjacent to the marquee at the Bob Ruud Community Center.

Paul Willis:  I’ll second that for discussion.

Chairman Billman:  Motion is made and seconded by, Mr. Willis.

Paul Willis:  Yes Mr. Chairman, so to get this right the Town Board have already approved $5,000 on it, but they didn’t approve the project?  

Karen Spalding:  No they approved the project, the approved the grant, they approved their $5,000 to us.  Now we are coming to you and just, plans have changed now we need to put it on this location.

Paul Willis:  Okay just for location. Okay.

Laurayne Murray:  What took you so long to get here?

Karen Spalding:  Because we were going to, you know we had a priority list and we were working down and you’re just like the last on the list.  

Laurayne Murray:  I love it in front of our Community Center and next to the park and right where the Town property is and that’s where it should be.

Paul Willis:  Was there any reasons why the other parties declined to become involved with it?  It just…

Karen Spalding:  I don’t have the information.  

Paul Willis:  That doesn’t mean anything, I’m just curious.

Karen Spalding:  But this is a, we need a location where a motor home could pull in.  They certainly can pull in here.

Chairman Billman:  Everybody knows this location too so,

Paul Willis:  Once we redo the Community Center all nice and pretty we will have the kiosk out front.

Chairman Billman:  It’s a nice location for it.

Karen Spalding:  We had to think the process out.  It just took us a while.  

Ron Johnson:  What construction materials do you see being used?

Karen Spading:  I don’t know if that’s in the back up material, I did not get that, and I don’t certainly have that here.

Dave Richards:  I understand that it’s a shed being prepared, wood construction.

Chairman Billman:  I am sure it will look similar to the kiosks that they have all over southern Nevada, I mean…

Karen Spalding:  It’s going to be a Pahrump kiosk; it’s not going to be exactly…

Chairman Billman:  So it will look different than right.

Karen Spalding:  Don’t have your expectations up here, this is not Las Vegas, this is rural.

Paul Willis:  Mr. Chairman there is some fabulous materials out there that are comparable or the same price as wood that look like wood that could with stand the temperatures and the weathers that we have, that I hope that we will be looking into using on some of the composite

Chairman Billman:  I think Mrs. Spalding really just wants a location authorized, not…

Karen Spalding:  Right, that’s all I want from you, give me the money.

Chairman Billman:  If I might all those in favor signify by saying aye.  Motion carries 4-0.

Karen Spalding:  Thank you and your welcome to come to our next meeting and bring your ideas if you have any conce



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