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May 24, 2008

SATURDAY – 1:00 P.M.
MAY 24, 2008



1.    Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome.

2.    Discussion and decision regarding agenda items.

3.    Public Comment. Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item (NRS241.020 (2) (C) (3).

Timed Items:

1:00 p.m.    Town Manager Candidate Interview

4.    Discussion and decision regarding Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board and moving the development and implementation of the Town EmergencyManagement Plan to be assumed by Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service.   Dan Sprouse

5.    Discussion and decision regarding consideration of Town Manager Position.  Town Board

6.    Adjournment.

A quorum of Nye County Commissioners may be present at any Town Board meeting but they will not take any formal action.

Any member of the public who is disabled and requires accommodations or assistance at this meeting is requested to notify the Pahrump Town Office in writhing, or call 775-727-5107 prior to the meeting.  Assisted listening devices are available at Town board meetings upon request.




Laurayne Murray
John McDonald
Don Rust
Nicole Shupp
Dan Sprouse

1.    Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome.
Chairman Laurayne Murray called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m. and led in the pledge of allegiance.

2.    Discussion and decision regarding agenda items.
There were no changes to the agenda.

3.    Public Comment.
There was no public comment under this item.

Timed Items:

1:00 p.m.    Town Manager Candidate Interview
Laurayne Murray explained the process of the selection for interviews.  Mrs. Murray noted that one other candidate had pulled his name for consideration leaving one candidate, William (Bill) Kohbarger.

The Town Board members asked Mr. Kohbarger a variety of questions regarding incorporation, airport, economic development, when he would be able to begin working, his opinions of Pahrump, why he was leaving Carlin, his most successful achievement while Carlin City Manager, his relationships with other government agencies, how he will interact with advisory boards and staff members, fire department issues, and what he sees happening to Pahrump in the future.

Don Rust Motioned to offer Mr. Kohbarger the position of Pahrump Town Manager to start as soon as feasible based on salary negotiations and other details necessary to have him start.  Nicole Shupp seconded the motion.
Special Town Board Meeting
May 24, 2008

John McDonald noted a concern regarding compensation.  Mr. McDonald said something should be done with regard to the negotiation.  Laurayne Murray said consideration should be given to what has happened in the past.  

Dan Sprouse clarified that the motion was to make an offer.  Mrs. Murray added that a motion can be made on how the process would be implemented.

Vote passed 5 – 0.

The Board went on to Item #5 (Discussion and decision regarding consideration of Town Manager Position.)  
4.    Discussion and decision regarding Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board and moving the development and implementation of the Town Emergency Management Plan to be assumed by Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service.  Dan Sprouse

Dan Sprouse, liaison to the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board (EM&HS AB), explained that the board was created many years ago as the Emergency Services Advisory Board to develop an emergency management plan for Pahrump.  This was created and is on the website.  Since that time this advisory board has been creating modules in addition to the existing plan.  The people on this board have conflicts both personally and professionally with the Fire Chief.  Mr. Sprouse stated their ideas of where this board should go and his ideas are not the same.  Dan Sprouse stated he feels emergency management needs to be spearheaded through Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service (PVFRS); the reason being that when there is an emergency in the community the PVFRS will be there and on the front lines.  Dan Sprouse said he had a meeting with Chief Scott Lewis and he has agreed to take on the role of emergency management effective immediately and sees no major changes.  

Mr. Sprouse said he has had conversations and have come to an agreement to create a community emergency response team, funneled through and headed by PVFRS.  This would involve department members and community members as well.  

Dan Sprouse said he has been in contact with the chairman of EM&HS AB and have agreed to disagree.  The members have agreed to step down and allow PVFRS to take care of emergency management, both planning and within the community.  Mr. Sprouse pointed out that there is a plan and the Town still stands under Nye County.  Once the Town incorporates the City will be required by the Federal government to have emergency management under the City.  

Mr. Rust asked how the Sheriff would fit in.  Dan Sprouse there is a local emergency management plan that involves the Sheriff’s department on the County level, not the Town level.  With incorporation something will have to happen with the police protection with emergency planning.  It is not being addressed at this time as we are still unincorporated.  Don Rust suggested that they be working with the Sheriff’s office from day one.  
Special Town Board Meeting
May 24, 2008

John McDonald understood that EM&HS AB was preparing modules in case of a disaster; an organization would be completed and a prompt application could be made to FEMA.  Dan Sprouse explained that as an unincorporated town the application would have to go through the County.  John McDonald said it appeared that they were making sure all the paperwork would be done for submission to FEMA.  Mr. McDonald asked if Mr. Sprouse wanted to disband this advisory board.  Mr. Sprouse said he was asking that this board be disbanded and the emergency response team that is to be created will be headed by Fire Chief Scott Lewis and will take over all the planning and emergency management functions and planning so when the Town incorporates it will be taken over and spearheaded from PVFRS.  

Mr. McDonald asked what EM&HS AB has been doing.  Dan Sprouse explained they have created the document on the website which was completed in 2004.  Since that time they have been working on modules.  Looking at their agendas and minutes they are repeatedly the same.  Mr. Sprouse said he did not see the work taking place and the scope of what the advisory board should be doing should fall under the PVFRS.  

Nicole Shupp asked if they have done anything the past three years.  Dan Sprouse replied no.

Don Rust noted that they had insisted that at least two Town Board Members take specific training and stated that they never came to the Board through an agenda item.

Dan Sprouse talked about what happened at the advisory board meetings he attended and determined there was not a following connection between the board and the fire department.  

John McDonald asked about the plan that was put in place.  Dan Sprouse explained that the plan is not being used because the Town is not incorporated.  The plan of this advisory board was to create the plan and disband.  Instead, they kept the board going and changed the name from Emergency Services to Homeland Security and the modules starting to come out.  Mr. McDonald asked if Mr. Sprouse was considering replacing the current advisory board with another kind of board turning the plan over to the Fire Chief.  Dan Sprouse agreed and said the Fire Chief would involve some of the businesses and community members being a team and not an advisory board.  John McDonald added that he has no problem disbanding them if the advisory board is not being productive but would like to see this item specifically on an agenda allowing the advisory board members an opportunity to dispute the allegations.

Laurayne Murray stated that there is a letter of resignation signed by all of the EM&HS AB members in her mailbox at the office.  Mrs. Murray stated she had a conversation with the Chairman of the advisory board.  Chairman Murray said she agreed with what Mr. Sprouse expanded on regarding forms and procedures from the government.  There is a plan under the County and this would be creating something for the Town’s emergency plan.  

Special Town Board Meeting
May 24, 2008

Mrs. Murray noted that Stephen Stoll was asked to do an audit of the EM&HS AB plan.  Mr. Stoll had a report to present to the Town Board.  The presentation will not take place due to circumstances of a message not being received in time by Mrs. Murray.  The advisory board has been waiting to come to the Town Board to develop and incorporate their module that being the incident command and emergency response team module that goes into the federal program.  Whatever plan is put into effect will be lead by the County Sheriff.  The letter of resignation was based on their opinion that the Town did not care what they did and were not interested in them.

John McDonald confirmed that the EM&HS AB has disbanded themselves.  Laurayne Murray said she did not have the letter in hand.  Mr. Stoll would be available the last weekend in June to make the presentation.  Mr. McDonald suggested putting the disbanding of the advisory board on the consent agenda as they self dissolved.  Mrs. Murray suggested getting the presentation of the audit and the document to determine if this move to disband them and questioned whether their work has been completed or is there more work to be done; will the move and creation of an emergency management response team fulfill what needs to be done to have an emergency management plan.  

Don Rust suggested it be possible to accept the resignations but make the invitation to Mr. Stoll to make his presentation.  Mr. McDonald agreed.  Dan Sprouse stated in his discussion with Sharon Wherly that their intent would be that Mr. Stoll provide a presentation under the premise that the Town would start paying him and he would head Emergency Management.  Mr. Sprouse said he replied that there is a Fire Chief for that purpose and that the Town would not be paying for an outside agency.  The response from Ms. Wherly was that the Fire Chief could never be responsible for emergency management.  

Nicole Shupp requested that Mr. Stoll come in July as she would not be available in June.  Mr. McDonald noted that in the back up they were pitching a consultant agreement.  Laurayne Murray said she would like the audit report anyway.

Don Rust Motioned to make an offer to Mr. Stoll to appear before the Town Board at a special meeting, date to be determined, to make his presentation of the audit he performed and to proceed from that point.  

There was no second to this motion.

Dan Sprouse Motioned to move all responsibilities for Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisory Board and the development and implementation of the Emergency Management Plan over to Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Service.  John McDonald seconded this motion.  

Al Balloqui asked if this would put any undo burden on the Fire Chief.  Dan Sprouse replied that it would not as he is taking on the responsibility now and there are others in the department willing to step up to assist.
Special Town Board Meeting
May 24, 2008

Vote passed 3 – 2.  Laurayne Murray and Don Rust voted nay.

5.    Discussion and decision regarding consideration of Town Manager Position.  Town Board

Don Rust Motioned that it be established that Michael Sullivan and one person of the Board  (Don Rust) negotiate with Mr. Kohbarger regarding the salary and benefits of the Town Manager position subject to approval by the Town Board:  negotiations to begin as soon as all parties agree to meet.  John McDonald seconded the motion.

Dan Sprouse asked about a probationary period and how it was handled in the past.  Laurayne Murray replied that there normally is a probationary period.  

Vote passed 5 – 0.

Chairman Murray noted that there is an item on the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday at which time the Board would be able to take action if the negotiations are successful.

Michael Sullivan asked that the Board members communicate ranges of pay which can be negotiated.  Laurayne Murray noted that the probationary amount would be different than a contracted amount after the probation period.  

5.    Adjournment.

Adjournment at 2:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Rust, Clerk
Pahrump Town Board




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