Agendas & Minutes

November 8, 2011

TUESDAY – 7:00 P.M.
November 08, 2011



1.      Call to Order, Moment of Silence, and Pledge of Allegiance.

2.      Discussion and Possible Decision regarding Moving the Order of or Deleting an Agenda Item(s). (For Possible Action)

3.      Presentation by Dr. Nancy Yu, Southwest Medical on the services they offer in Pahrump. (Non-Action Item)

4.      Presentation by Mr. Ken Shockley, Director of Veteran Services Nye & Esmeralda Co. Veterans Services on Veteran Services within the Town of Pahrump and other matters related to Veterans living in and around the Town of Pahrump. (Non-Action Item)

5.      Announcements (Non-Action Item)

6.      Public Comment: Action may not be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item – NRS241.020(2)(c)(3). (Non-Action Item)


7.      Advisory Board Reports from Advisory Board Chairpersons and/or Town Board Liaisons on theStatus of Advisory Boards. (Non-Action Item)

8.      Discussion on Town of Pahrump Economic Development Report. (Non-Action Item)

9.      Discussion and Possible Decision to Approve Scope of Work for GC Wallace to provide for Engineering & Surveying Services for the Petrack Park Lighting Design (Field C) not to Exceed $15,000 payable from Park Impact Fees. (For Possible Action)

10.  Discussion and Possible Decision to Select, Award, and Approve Funding for RFP#2011-04, New Roof for the Bob Ruud Community Center. (For Possible Action)

11.  Discussion and Possible Decision to Approve Funding for the Interior Restoration of the Bob Ruud Community Center. (For Possible Action)

12.  Discussion and Possible Decision to Approve Resolution #2011-10, A Resolution Supporting Completion of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Review of the Yucca Mountain License Application. (For Possible Action)

13.  Discussion and Possible Decision Consent agenda items:(For Possible Action)

a.       Action – Approval of Town Vouchers.
b.      Action – Approval of Town Board Minutes for October 25, 2011.
c.       Action – Approval to Accept Mr. Nick Moore’s resignation from the Pahrump Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

14.  Future Meetings/Workshops: Date, Time and Location (Non-Action Item)

a.       January 2012 Workshop – Town Board & Advisory Boards
b.      Town Board Retreat – TBD

     15.  Staff’s Comments (Non-Action Item)
             a.       Town Manager Report

16.  Town Board Member’s Comments (Non-Action Item)

17.  Adjournment

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