Agendas & Minutes

October 18, 2006

OCTOBER 18TH, 2006 – 7:00 PM



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Note: It is possible a quorum of the Town Board members may be present at this meeting.

1. Meeting called to order at 1910 in attendance were Sharon and Martha Wehrly, Warren Pawliuk, Fred Jones, Ron Daviau, Scott Lewis, Billy Toler, Oscar

2 Warren announced that he has been issued a key to the annex also that he had training certificates from himself and Fred Jones and himself and inquires were made of the chairperson on where these need to be out. It was decided that the secretary, Warren, would hold them until this information found. Motion was made by Warren and seconded by Fred to move agenda item number 9 up to follow item number 3 due to projected length of time for item 6, approved 5:0.

3. Freed made motion to approve minutes from August 11 and 16 seconded by Ron, approved 5:0.

9. Warren presented Mr. Billy Toler to the board and asked him to introduce himself and explain his interest in this board. Sharon described the functions of the board and a motion to accept Mr. Toler was made by Ron, seconded by Warren, approved 5:0.

4. Motion to table by Warren, seconded by Fred, approved 5:0.

5. Scot Lewis briefed the board on equipment progress.

7. Motion to table by Fred, seconded by Martha, approved 5:0.

8. Sharon discussed with Oscar whether the draft modules had been posted to the Town website and it wasn’t clear if they were Fred made motion see if they were and if so they be updated, seconded by Martha, approved 5:0.

6. Motion made to move this item to slot 9 by Sharon seconded by Fred, approved 5:0. Emergency Support Function (ESF) module was worked on and a motion was made by Fred to hold a workshop 26 October 2006 at 1800, seconded by Martha, approved 5:0. Fred agreed to assure the agenda would be into the Town office Thursday if Warren would email it to him.

10. Billy asked Scott some questions, which were answered

11. Motion to adjourn by Fred, seconded by Martha, approved 5:0. Adjourned at 2037.

Sharon Wehrly, Chairperson
______________________, 2006



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