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Browse our Town of Pahrump Photo Gallery  using our slide viewer, and be sure to enter the Photo of the Week for a chance to have your photograph featured on the Home Page of the Town of Pahrump website! Help promote our area by sending in your favorite original photograph today.

  • "Downtown" -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Kid in Pahrump"

    -Photo by Spencer K. Jones

  • "Joshua Trees" -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Desert Sparklers" Carpenter Canyon. 
    -Photo by Dan Harris

  • "Redrock Canyon in Snow."

    -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • Nevada Silver Tappers - Taken on 9/11 at the GI Store Guinness World Record attempt.

    -Photo by Ralph Goff

  • Jet Pack Pilot at Lake Spring Mountain Hydrofest 2016.

    -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • Big Horn Sheep in Spring Mountains.

    -Photo by Spencer K. Jones

  • Assemblyman James Oscarson and Superintendant Mike Francescado going over plans at the new VA Clinic presently under construction on Lola Avenue next to Desert View Hospital in Pahrump.

  • The Towering Peaks of Mt. Charleston From Pahrump, NV -Photo by John Pawlak

  • "Baby Bow" This small partial rainbow was taken around sunset near a microburst during Monsoon season.
    Wheelers Pass Rd. 4000 ft elevation.

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • “Smokey Sunrise” Take at the eastern end of Bell Vista.

    -Photo by Christin Nelson

  • Two week old hummingbirds.  -Photo by Toni Eirich

  • The Pahrump Valley Rough Riders' Reegan Van Engen running barrels with Dusty at McCullough Memorial Arena.

    - Photo by Ken Jones

  • "There's No Place Like Home" Mother Humming Bird.

    - Photo by Eino

  • "Callaway"

    It's another great day for golf in Pahrump!

    -Photo by Stacy Frick

  • "Longhorn"  -Photo by Stacy Frick

  • "Red-Naped Sap Sucker" -Photo by Len Warren

  • Lakeside Resort, Pahrump. -Photo by Claudia Shoemake

  • "Super Moon breaking through after the storm"

    -Photo by Patrick Kerby

  • "Pahrump Sunset"

    -Photo by Spencer K. Jones

  • "Oasis After Sunset"

    -Photo of Pahrump Nevada by George Trimmer

  • "Kingston Range"

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "QUACK..!"

    -Photo by Stacy Frick

  • 2 Ultralight aircraft join the balloons to kick off the first day of the 2014 Pahrump Balloon Festival in Petrack Park on Saturday. Event sponsored by the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce.

    -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • Nevada Treasure RV Resort.
    -Photo by Marina from Germany
    "Many greetings from Germany! I was lucky to be able to spend a few days holiday in this beautiful city and RV Resort. My heart has remained in Pahrump!" -Marina 

  • "Silo in Winter" Snow covered Mt. Charleston in the background.

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • Sanders Family Winery in the Sunset.

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Blazing Vista"

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Moonbow & Lightning"  A 25 sec. handheld exposure of a moonbow (rainbow caused by moon light) with car lights creating streaks, and a lightning strike to boot.

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Humming Bird in Mesquite Tree"

    -Photo by Spencer K. Jones

  • "Sunrise on the Nopahs" -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Baby Bow"

    This small partial rainbow photo was taken around sunset
    near a microburst during Monsoon season. Wheelers Pass Rd. 4000 ft elevation.

    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Abandoned Structure Fire"

    Pahrump Valley Fire & Rescue Chief Scott Lewis on the scene of an abandoned structure fire in Pahrump Nevada.

    -Photo by Lisa Beth Harrington

  • "As free as a bird in Pahrump" -Photo by James Davis

  • Another "Saturday in the park." Ian Deutch Park. -Photo by Vicky Parker

  • "Desert Sparklers" Carpenter Canyon. 
    -Photo by Dan Harris

  • Snow Cactus - Joshua Tree. -Photo by Kimberly McDonald.

  • "A Cold Day in Pahrump" -Photo by Mike Darby

  • Ice Cold January Morning in Pahrump - Calvada Fountain.
    -Photo by Claudia Shoemake

  • Sunset from Bell Vista Road. Pahrump, NV.
    -Photo by Patricia German

  • C. Eddie Jones & "Taz"  -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • "Coming Home." -Photo by Stacy Frick

  • Skatin' in Pahrump - "Photo by Stacy Frick"

  • Drama building over Pahrump -Photo by Joy Lipski

  • Back to School! -Photo by Stacy Frick

  • Pahrump Fire & Rescue provides some welcome relief from the heat at the Desert View Hospital Back to School Health Fair on Saturday. -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • "October Cactus Flower" Blooming in Artesia on the south side of Pahrump. -Photo submitted by Bill and Vicki Gladsjo.

  • A few buffalo relaxing at Lakeside awaiting the recent auction. -Photo by Roxie Kaczmare

  • A stunning sunset over Pahrump. -Photo by Amber Phillips

  • The Calvada Fountain in Pahrump. -Photo by John Brown

  • Blazing Winter Sunset over Pahrump. -Photo by Rebecca Calkins

  • Red Tailed Hawk resting near the Calvada Eye in Pahrump.
    -Photo by Kelci Parks

  • 5 wild burros watching very closely!   -Photo by David Ortiz

  • The narrows in Wheeler Wash. -Photo by John Brown

  • Town Christmas Tree 2011 - Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • Sanders Family Winery on Kellog Rd. in Pahrump.
    -Photo by George Trimmer

  • "Burrowing Owls" -Photo by Amy Bell

  • "Lightning in Pahrump Valley" -Photo by Patrick Duvall

  • "Joshua Trees" -Photo by George Trimmer

  • Seemoore's Ice Cream in Pahrump. -Photo by George Trimmer

  • The Back to School Health Fair at Desert View Hospital was a Huge Success! -Photo by Brian K Shoemake

  • Two well camouflaged jack rabbits relaxing in the shade. -Photo by Sandy Anderson

  • A Mustang fole rests with it's mother in Pahrump, NV.
    - Photo by James Davis

  • Pahrump Sunset. -Photo by Mike Miraglia

  • Sunrise over Pahrump. -Photo by Mark Duvall.

  • Snow Day in Pahrump. -Photo by Colleen Wallis

  • Happy New Year! Snowman by Daryl Des Jardin who is visiting from Florida, and Dylan Fortin & Denise Fortin of Pahrump.

  • Pahrump Fire & Rescue in action! Taken during our recent rain storms in Pahrump. -Photo by Dan Harris

  • Jingle Bells & Fireworks Shells 2010. Taken December 11th. -Photo by Beth Lee

  • Sunrise over Pahrump. Taken Nov. 19, 2010. -Photo by Horace Langford Jr.

  • Mountain Falls Golf Resort. Taken by Rachelle Ryba while on vacation in Pahrump.

  • Too hot to eat, and too darn hot to hop! A snake and a toad seek shelter from the sun near Terrible's Lakeside Casino. -Photo by Roy Ingram

  • The photographer calls this shot "Serenity." A lone mesquite tree against a threatening Nevada sky. -Photo by Kenny Hess

  • "The Four Amigos" A local band of  burros taken in the southern Nevada desert. -Photo by Guy L. Morrill Jr.

  • Buying tickets for a ride on a UFO! Pahrump Fair & Festival 2010   -Photo by Brian K. Shoemake

  • Echinocactus Polycephalus or better known as a "Barrel Cactus". One of the many species of Cacti found
    in and around Pahrump. -Photo by Monica McLean.

  • Nopah Mountains Sunset Pahrump, Nevada. 
    -Photo by Denise Fortin

  • Three against one and the Golden Eagle stands tough.  -Photo by James Davis

  • A friendly Carpenter Canyon resident enjoys a warm spring morning. -Photo by Dan Harris

  • Abandoned cattle ramp on Homestead Road, Pahrump -Photo by Pam Crawford

  • Mountain Falls Golf Resort  -Photo by Claudia Shoemake

  • Sunday afternoon skateboarding at Ian Deutch Memorial Park.
    -Staff Photo

  • Shooting hoops in Petrack Park.  -Staff Photo

  • The Sixth Annual Pahrump Pow Wow November 20,21,22, 2009. -Staff Photo

  • Veteran's Memorial

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